Paramount Make June 2012 Star Trek Sequel Date Official + Spidey Reboot and Wolverine 2 Jump Into Summer 2012

On Friday we reported the breaking news that the decision had been made to set the release date for the Star Trek sequel to mid-summer 2012, and today it is now being officially confirmed by Paramount. Star Trek is back June 29, 2012. There has also been some activity on the Summer 2012 competition front in the last couple of days, including big news on the Spidey franchise. Details below


Trek to Summer 2012
Today Paramount Pictures is officially confirming news that was reported on Friday by TrekMovie and other sites. TrekMovie has confirmed this with Paramount directly today, and Variety is also reporting that the "untitled Star Trek sequel" is planned for June 29th, 2012.

Scripting on the film has not yet started in earnest, but there is now ample time. This time around Damon Lindelof will be working with Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman on the story, before Orci and Kurtzman break off to pen the screenplay. Bob and Alex handed in their script for the first Star Trek in January 2007, with production starting in November 2007 and post-production wrapped up (for the most part) by the end of 2008 (with the film kept on ice for the May 2009 release). Although Zoe Saldana recently commented that pre-production on the sequel would start in late 2010, they could still hit the target with an early 2011 kick-off. There will be less work to do this time around as much of the casting and design work has been completed.

The entire USS Enterprise main cast was originally signed for options on two additional films are expected to come back (Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, John Cho, and Anton Yelchin). Other Star Trek actors such as Bruce Greenwood (Pike), Ben Cross (Sarek), Jennifer Morrison (Winona Kirk), have expressed interest in returning as well, but their involvement would depend on the script.

The question of who will direct the film remains a question mark. As noted by Variety, although Abrams is on board as a producer, he has yet to ink any deal to direct. Abrams has said in interviews with TrekMovie and others that he is open and would likely be available to direct, but will make the decision once the script is done.

More 2012: Spidey Reboot + Wolverine 2, maybe Batman 3 and more
Paramount is on the early side for staking out a position for Summer 2012, and therefore got dibs on the coveted pre 4th of July weekend. Right now the only other confirmed dates are The Avengers (May 4) and Madagascar 3 (May 25).

Today there has also been a big announcement in the Spider-man world. The Spider-Man 4 film planned for Summer 2011 has been scrapped, with director Sam Raimi and star Tobey Maguire walking away from the franchise. This has prompted Sony to announce a full Spider-man reboot, focusing on the high school years of Peter Parker, to be released in the Summer of 2012. In addition, at last weeks People’s Choice Awards, Hugh Jackman announced that Wolverine 2 will be shooting in 2011, for a presumed Summer 2012. Release.

Other possible Summer 2012 films would be the Batman sequel to The Dark Knight, Iron Man 3 and maybe another Indiana Jones movie. Regardless of what shows up, like every summer, there will be a number of big movies and so it makes sense that Paramount stake out its territory now before all the prime spots get taken.


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Yeah! It’s official!! :D

FIrst? 83

Even with the upped competition, I’m sure Trek can hold it’s own. But I’d like to see it do even BETTER this time. $500 million methinks?

Honestly, I just want a new tv series, but the movies are fine for now.

That could be some big competition for Trek, but after the first round, it does seem like it might be able to hold its own.

No doubt, it’ll be better than all the others anyway. (Unless Batman 3 is another Nolan outing, of course. Even then, close….)

Yes! I finally post in a decent spot!

Cant WAIT for this next Star Trek, I’ve watched the new one about 10 times so far..

And on the heels of that announcement, I hear from my inside sources that Fox will be rebooting “Avatar” for a 2012 summer release. They want to “preemptively re-imagine” the film before the quality drops off with each successive sequel. I think Neil Blomkamp would be a great choice for director.

Wow. That Spider-Man news is kinda shocking to me. I never expected that to happen. The re-boot will suck for sure. The first two spider-man films were quite good.

Zachary Quinto twittered the news and also made an announcement on his fansite this morning.

“trek it out!”, he said.

It’ll be something to look forward to, that’s for sure.



Are they going to reboot Trek midway through the sequel?


Very exciting!!!

#6 I don’t think anyone was expecting a Spidey reboot, but I can’t blame them. If they can’t get a script everyone’s happy with, then I can’t blame Raimi for walking away, the same with Tobey Maguire.

Still, that’s good news for Trek, can’t wait for it. Unfortunately, it looks like we have to. =P

Spiderman: R.I.P.

I won’t waste two cents on a reboot.

And screw SONY Pictures for undermining Sam Raimi!

They deserve the resounding failure this next film is going to be.

In addidtion to the spiderman shock and Toby leaving the role…. I have always though the problem with any new star trek film series is the interest of the new actors in staying with it for a long period….

With the old cast…these characters were their lives….they embodied them and could never really walk away, they were icons because of these roles for the rest of their lives….

With the new films, the shelf life of them are some what limited to the interest of the large ensemble cast – sure they could recast but would that work with star trek? How long before say Pine moves on, do they just get another kirk?

I’m not hoping they do….but Its somthing I have thought about..there maybe much more of a limit how how long a new cast will stay together compared to the original cast

just a thought

I want Ben Cross to be in the ST 2. He is wonderful as Sarek.

The Spidey reboot sounds a little like Smallville, doesn’t it? Sorry, I think they’ve made a mistake by scrapping Spidey 4. Blech.

Winnona also was great,
I think from now on the writers have to stop killing characters.

Kirk, Amanda Grayson, etc enough already.
When they perform great then its hard to bring them back.

2012 for sure? I can wait. Its more then worth the wait. If quality is the result

@3 You are so right, I also want a TV series.
See the problem is that the new movie castis probably already too snobby to accept a TV series. With all the others, the TV series came first, then the movie.

I can’t believe they’re making another Spiderman movie. I mean, I loved the first and second ones (the newest ones) but the third was just not good. D: Did I mind the MJ x Parker subplot? No. I thought it was wonderful. It was all the other stuff that made it a tangled web…

I have a feeling that the producers and people are gonna regret making this new Spidey movie. The money could be better spent.

Big summer of 2012!!! My money’s on Star Trek sequel!

Paramount should announce if it will be IMAX, or IMAX 3D.

we have 30 months…plenty of time to announce film formats, director, guest stars, plot synopses, merchandise tie-ins and all the other myriad things related to the movie.

We are just at the beginning of the whole process and until they pick a director, no decision on IMAX could be made anyway

@22: I don’t if I am alone but I had not gone to the theatre in years. ST in IMAX got me to go back. I went 9 times (it may even be a bit more, I can’t remember) over the summer. The IMAX here in Montreal at the Paramount (now named Cineplex) is one of the original, larger ones. It is so amazing and immersive. I was sitting all over the place and the sound was surround all the time. And the picture was gorgeous (6 stories high I think).

In the final week, I had to go to a plain theatre and I could see a big difference in the quality.

IMAX for ST is a must if you ask me.

No Sam Raimi or Tobey Maguire ?? please tell me it’s a joke…..

For Spidey, maybe the actors asked for too much money.

Let’s hope this is the first step towards a new TV show. Trek has been off the air for FAR too long.

Time for a new Countdown Clock?

A new TV show is unlikely given the economics of TV versus blockbuster movies. The TV audience is too fragmented, and the current cast is also too deeply entrenched in film-making (Pine’s star is rising, Quinto already has a TV show, and Zoe has a bright future in movies)… so in order to get a new Trek show, it would be another cast, maybe another alternate universe/timeline, but the biggest stumbling block is that Paramount wouldn’t want to water down and newly revitalized franchise, and the subsequent revenue. TV revenue doesn’t match the earning power of these huge studio productions.

#8 – ditto.

XII in 2012. Can’t wait.

Spiderman Reboot. Gay

#28- A new animated series would certainly work in the years between the movies.

They seriously overestimate the public interest in Spider-Man.

12 and 14 you are both dead on.

#12 We already saw a Spider-Man the teen, high-school years , it was the Spider-man movie released in 2002.

What are they going to call it “Spider-Man Begins”

If Sony could not come up with a good script to make everyone happy, it is time to give rights back to marvel so that they can make a good movie.

# 14 Ben Cross only had a short time in the movie, but his time was well spent. Mark Lenard’s Sarek was so important to the prime universe.
The alternate universe needs Ben Cross’s Sarek now more than ever, with the loss of Vulcan. I think that they will come up with a good part for him to play in this sequel, besides someone has to stick around to keep this new Spock calm.”*I don’t want Spock going on a rampage in the next movie someone might get hurt permanently this time*”. (“*The last sentence was me being sarcastic)


9 or 10 years of Smallville is quite enough for me, I own every season, I have seen some of the episodes more than once.
We don’t need to go down that road again.

#28: I’ve been preaching the benefits of a Next Generation animated series for *years* now, since it wouldn’t conflict with the movie franchise. It’s on TV, it’s animated, and it’s TNG. And the cast (with the likely exception of Patrick Stewart) would jump at doing it.

#32: Agreed. The first Spider-Man was quality entertainment, Spider-Man 2 was top-notch superhero storytelling, and Spider-Man 3 was nothing more than a chick flick with action sequences. No more, please.


Well Wolverine 1 sucked and was no competition of Trek 09, so Wolverine 2 will flop too. Spiderman prequel, sounds stupid. we saw the Spiderman origin story, it rocked. I didn’t anticipate Disney screwing up the Marvel world so fast. Maybe they will reboot Hulk again for 2012?

Hollywood never ceases to amaze me…

How do you reboot a series of movies as recent as Spider Man?

Have they REALLY ran out of ideas completely?

The Spiderman reboot should be of no surprise considering the how long it’s been since the last film. It was just a matter of time. I’d be very surprised if the new film makes it for 2012. It probably won’t and will get stuck in development hell like superman etc.

Star Trek will probably go 3 to 4 films with film 4 being very costly if more than one of it’s stars really takes off. With 3 years inbetween films I would expect a ST reboot after the 4th film. Just imagine, yet another re-imaging with each one getting more creative. How long before we see Spock as a woman (like starbuck on Ron Moore’s BSG).

It just blows my mind. How many hundreds of Spiderman comic stories have their been…and yet they can’t figure out a decent script for a 4th movie?

Stan Lee, where are you now!

The Spiderman re-boot is a really bad idea.

I think Sony should do what Sam Raimi and Tobey Macguire have done and forget about “Spider Man 4”. Leave it be for another few years. And don’t even bother with “Venom”.

As for 2012 as the date for “Star Trek” 2, I’m all for it. If they do Khan, it would be appropriate since 2012 is the 45th anniversary of “Space Seed” and the 30th anniversary of “Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan”. So there definitely would be even more pressure on the writers if they do decide to feature Khan. Personally, I think the villian will either be Khan or the Klingons. Or both.

Spidey’s cancellation should allow Raimi to devote time to his $100m “World of Warcraft” film. It’s release date was hingeing on the outcome of Spidey 4.

Well, at least we got 2 1/2 good Spider-man movies!! Sony’s loss!!!

Now maybe Sam will be free to direct ST: Khan’s Something Something?!

hard to picture anyone other than Tobey as Spider-man…

young Spidey could be cool… but without Sam Raimi?

#43 “Well, at least we got 2 1/2 good Spider-man movies!! Sony’s loss!!!”

Yes, the first two were good, but which was the other 1/2 you speak of? :-)

spider-man will suck without the director and tobey

I always felt like the Spider-Man movies started off on the wrong track. A high school Spider-Man would be a much better movie in my opinion.

I’m surprised they went so far as to completely scrap Spider-Man 4. Last I heard it was simply entering rewrites. Not that I’m disappointed; the third film was rather stale.

Spider-Man as a character is bigger than any one director or set of actors. This is one of the most popular characters in the world (along with Batman)! The reboot won’t hurt things one bit, Spider-Man will ALWAYS be huge. Tobey Maguire will be near 40 in 2012! The recasting will work just fine.

All the complaining here is just typical knee-jerk reaction to change.

My main worry with having Star Trek “2” released in 2012 is that will the mainstream really remember or care about a sequel to a movie released in 2009 – Star Trek still has a rather large stigma attached to it, especially around the globe – this isn’t Batman, a character that has ALWAYS even during the Batman & Robin years been popular – Star Trek has not.

Anyway great news, it’s a pity its so far away and I’m also slightly worried that the possible sequel to TDK will really hurt it’s takings at the B.O. I can’t imagine any Star Trek sequel to top a Batman film.

If they want to keep people engaged with Star Trek i’d start work on an animated series as well as getting some big names to merchandise it – Hasbro over playmates any day, Hot Toys etc…

Siper-man should be laid to rest for a decade or so.

also tie in games that have the pull that GTA has or Batman: Arkem Asylum