VIDEO: Watch William Shatner Do Wrestling Spoken Word & More From Monday’s WWE Raw

Last night William Shatner kicked some butt appearing on WWE Raw. The Shat smacked down in a number of segments during the show, including doing some new ‘spoken word’ of some of wrestling’s best entrance themes. Watch the videos below.



Shatner Gets RAW

Shatner did a few bits on the WWE Raw wrestling show last night, but the funniest was a commercial for his new ‘CD’ of spoken word based on wrestler’s entrance themes.

And there are two more videos of Shatner’s appearance at the WWE site, click images below to see them.

"Raw Match Negotiator"

"McMahon encounters famous Canadian"

UPDATE: Lawler Shatner Intro
One more video to add, here is Bill being introduced by Jerry “The King” Lawler (Shatner is just in the first couple of minutes).

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Smackdown on William Shatner’s Wrestling Past


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Shatner is the man!

I don’t care what people say, Shat in the man!!

Hahaha Wow nice

I watched it live as i am a Star Trek and Wrestling GEEK. Shatner had mostly Pre-tapes (non live) and his one live appearance was pretty cool too, playing on his interaction with Jerry Lawler from the previous link… The CD thing was absolutely the greatest thing Shatner has done since HAS BEEN (in that genre)

Shatner has been, and always will be one of the worst actors of all time…


Second that


and Second that.

Shatner could take down McMahon anyday.

The Shat is the BEST worst actor of all time!

As a life long Trekker, who spent a period of my misbegotten youth as a huge wrestling fan, I have to say Shatner doing ‘Sexy Boy’ is about the funniest thing I have seen in a long, long, long time.

Shatner is the Kevin Nash of the Sci-Fi world.

He has done the MOST with the LEAST

Got Bless You William Shatner!

I enjoyed seeing that first vid, because there’s a lot of CLASSIC KIRK in the delivery! Nice! :-)

great stuff!

‘Has Been’ is a classic. This is a close… fourth?

Anyway… Bill, you remain my hero. I hope I’m you when I grow up.

Gotta love the Shat!!!

5. Klingon

Yeh, that would explain such an enduring career, a legendary portrayal of Capt. Kirk, and a few Emmy’s for “Boston Legal.” My mom always said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.” You better not argue with my mom…

Thanks for posting this. My wife and I were laughing our heads off watching this last night.

WWE is soap opera for men, and Shatner’s classic line delivery is perfect for the “dramatic” scenes.

The man was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

sorry to rain on the SHATNER LOVE IN
He could have sent a nice message to Spock-Prime in ST09, instead he spends his time doing wrestling messages and makes excuses for not seeing the movie.

You guys may love him, and i did also, but now?
I personally think he’s an asshole

Ok, regardless of what your opinion is on Shatner…do you not think that SHATNER AND THE ROCK would be great in a skit together?

Vince turned into Ronald Reagan since the last time I saw him. Hope it’s that long before seeing him again. Shat as a mugatu in Trek 12-12.

Is it my imagination or has The Shat actually lost weight? He looks a lot thinner in that vid; almost Star Trek VI thin

It’s Shatner’s world, we just live in it.


In the last photo above, look how small bill and vince’s heads look compared to their bodies…:)

18. olley

tsk tsk tsk

18–How could he have sent a message to Spock Prime when they never offered him that scene and he never saw it? That scene never even left the writers’ room until after the movie came out.

Shatner may have kicked Apollo’s butt, but that doesn’t mean he IS a god. He can’t compel Abrams to actually offer him a role or talk to him about one. Orci was outvoted. Despite talk, does anyone seriously believe that Abrams actually is open to using Shatner in the next movie? It’s not Shatner’s call here. Never was.

I do have a minor complaint that’s on topic. How can you have a video from Raw, but not the video of Shatner’s in ring entrance with Jerry Lawler? That was one of the funnier moments.

26. How is this a complaint??? RTFA….

As Such… As Posted… IN THE ARTICLE…

Which has said video…. I’m sorry if the team didn’t wrap it up in a nice bow for you so you didn’t have to click a link.. They do a great job…

Also to all you complaining that he appeared on RAW and not in TREK 11….

He was promoting HIS projects… Raw Nerve and the Charity Horse show… it was a good cause… Trek 11 would just have been a paycheck… and he wasn’t even offered the role.

That is the best thing I’ve seen on WWE in years.

Now… how much will Shatner take to do a version of my entrance music?

Ack! I missed seeing it on t.v.. Oh, well… hope to see Bill at the UCLA animation awards ceremony in Los Angeles on Saturday.

27–that’s not the video I was talking about. That video from that article, which is AWESOME by the way, was from 15 years ago. While what happened on Monday with Lawler wasn’t as good as the one in the older article, it was hilarious. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen it online yet, not even on the WWE website.

Makes me think Lawler and Shatner could make a hell of a comedy team.

The Shat is the Best there is!. The Best there ever was! and the Best there ever will be!!!. and if you are not down with that I got 2 Words for ya!!!!!!. Suck It.!!!!!!!!!

31. Mitch –

My apologies, i was a little stressed at work yesterday. I assume you are talking about the pratfall before the Vince/Bret thing?

That was indeed AWESOME


Funny how you mixed Bret Hart and DX sayings… considering it was Shawn Michaels who was part of the screwjob that led to Bret leaving WWF

if there is another video we missed can someone post a link? I dont see any new lawler/shatner video online anywhere

FOUND IT!!! Here you go Anthony:

This is a 10 minute video, though the great William Shatner is only on it for the first 3 minutes or so.

I can see why this was missed. It’s not on the WWE website, and the youtube search doesn’t have Shatner’s name.

thanks, added to article. Although I am not sure how funny it is.

pratfalls are always funny. When a 79 year old man does it, it’s that much better.

Brett Heart Rocks!

Welcome back, Bret “The Hitman” Hart! My all-time favorite wrestler!! :D

As Cpt Kirk did in so many fight scenes when he did his flying kick into an enemy, he fit in to any WWF Smackdown. Now he (and I) would just reach for the phaser…much easier.

18. Second that.

36. Mitch wrote:

> FOUND IT!!! Here you go Anthony:


> This is a 10 minute video, though the great William Shatner is only on
> it for the first 3 minutes or so.

Excellent! Thanks for the link.

I can’t believe he gets paid to do that crap. Just take a dump bill….maybe they’ll pay you for it.

I miss the old sane Shat. Before the Mad Cow.

I think the Shatner is a great actor

His style is verytheatrical