Diamond Select Reveals New Star Trek Toys at Toy Fair 2010

Diamond Select Toys showed some of their planned Star Trek items for 2010 and 2011 at the New York Toy Fair this weekend. Reports coming from the show reveal a new ST: III new Klingon ship toy and disruptor, a Minimates vehicle, and new Retro-MEGO figures. More details and photos below 


New Star Trek toys coming from Diamond Select

New Ships & Props

As they did last year, Diamond Select is showing off a USS Enterprise NCC-1701 B, the latest in its line of Enterprise toy ships. But now they are showing a target date of November 2010 and a retail price of approximately $50. DST (and Art Asylum working in conjunction) have previously released the Enterprise in its NX-01, 1701, 1701 A, 1701 D, and mirror universe varieties. We should expect lights and sound effects on the Enterprise B, as with previous ships.

Enterprise B
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Also being shown at Toy Fair is a very detailed Klingon Bird of Prey from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. The card accompanying this ship has no specific date except 2011 and has an approximately retail price of $50. This looks to be an excellent ship and would represent the first ever non-Enterprise ship from Diamond Select Toys.

Klingon Bird of Prey
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Role playing is not forgotten. Recently, DST released their Star Trek: The Motion Picture phaser and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan phaser (both available at Entertainment Earth). At Toy Fair, they have shown a Klingon Disruptor from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Like the Bird of Prey, there is only a date of 2011 and a price of approximately $45 listed. When the disruptor is released, we could all have fun saying "Over there! All but Kirk!" Just watch out for those microrobes on the photon tube’s surface.

Klingon Disruptor
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New Minimates & Mego

The Minimate line endures with another DST first. This December, fans could obtain a battle damaged Minimate Spock with a scaled Galileo Shuttlecraft! This is the first time a minimate sized ship is being offered and hopefully more items will continue to arrive in this popular format. The combo pack is $12.99

Minimate Shuttle and Spock
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Megomuseum.com is reporting on four new 1970s retro styled action figures from DST and EMCE Toys. EMCE Toys has been making very faithful reproductions of the 1970s MEGO line of action figures and the USS Enterprise playset. In addition, they have been adding new figures previously unavailable in that original line, such as Sulu, Chekov, a redesigned Gorn, and Khan, yet styled to look as if they always belonged to the line. The new retro styled action figures for 2010 are Captain Pike, Salt Vampire, Vina, and Nurse Chapel. While no pictures are available yet, a photo of the Klingon disruptor has the Nurse Chapel action figure visible on the left (see below). EMCE Toys is also partnering with other companies to produce reproductions of the famous 1970s line of DC Comics World’s Greatest Super Heroes characters and new retro styled Twilight Zone action figures, including one of the "Gremlin" from William Shatner’s famous episode.

See new Mego Chapel figure on the left
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Report based on the excellent coverage from CoolToyReview.com and Megomuseum.com from Toy Fair 2010.

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Cool! Gotta get some for the boys! (and me!!)

Hmmm….I don’t think my wife will believe me that my 2 daughters wanted that Klingon disruptor! Oh welll, I want the Klingon disruptor!

Bird of Prey looks to be interesting. As is the klingon disrupter!

The minimate shuttle is cool :)

Those ships are awesome and both will be added to the collection. (I have always loved the Excelsior class.)

The Enterprise B doesn’t have the proper Nacelle Caps. They had blue bussard collectors in the movie. That one has the Excelsior Rounded fronts.

# 5
Perhaps this means DST will release the Excelsior too and they just put parts from it’s prototype and parts form E-B prototype together for Toy Fair presentation. That would be great! I adore the Excelsior-design!

And before I forget:
This Bird of Prey looks great too! I love it already now. I hope there will be a version with little HMS BOUNTY letters on it’s belly :)

The Enterprise-B wont be out til 2011! Oh come on thats gotta be a mistake.

November 2011? Really?

Enterprise B will be Nov 2010, according to the little sign front of the toy.

When are they gonna get it that TOS sells? DST cancelled their Kruge figure line due to lack of interest while Kang is impossible to find, and when you DO find it, you can’t afford it! Yet, inexplicably, rather than a TOS era Klingon disruptor and battleship, (perfect companion pieces to the highly successful and wildly popular TOS phaser and Enterprise) they develop the ships and Klingon Tek from Trek 3. I give up.

The good news: I’ll be able to eventually pick them up cheap in the bargain bins.

Hopefully they’ll fix the nacelles previously mentioned above, but even if they don’t, I’ll get the B model. I always loved the Excelsior class. I even liked the hull additions for the Enterprise B….

I also really liked the Ent B bridge in Generations….

#12 I have the feeling the Bird of Prey will be a hot seller. But I agree they should have released more Kang figures instead of limiting them to a few hundred.

And I can’t believe we have to wait til (late) 2011 for the Bird of Prey! I want it NOW!!

LCDR Arch, you can always ask for it for Father’s Day 2011, but then you will have to give your wife something nice for Mother’s Day ;)

That’s how I got the Enterprise-A last year.

the wait for the E-D from AA was long…I don’t expect these to be out for at least 18 months from now, maybe longer

Gotta save my pennies. Going to get one of each. My Wife got me the USS enterprise HD and I got hooked on these ships. Bird of prey looks great

I love how most of the photos have little “do not photograph” signs visible in them. :D

I have the Enterprise-D, Mirror Original Enterprise, Refit Enterprise, Enterprise-E, TMP and TOS phasers, TOS communicator, TOS science tricorder and a bunch of action figures.

The MIrror 1701 is cool because it has the Terran Empire symbol on the saucer and nacelles. AA/DS did a great job with the ships. The D is the best because of the saucer seperation. They did a great job with the refit in regards with the Aztec detailing. And the props are great as well.
Hopefully they reconsider releasing the Borg figures.

I don’t understand what takes so long. Telling me about some toy that I can buy in 2011 is like telling me about some burrito that I’ll have in July or a traffic jam in 2016. I don’t care.

Looking forward to the new ST Megos. EMCE is releasing some LOST figures in a similar style as well.

Here’s my modest collection:

Whatever happened to that model kit of the new Enterprise that was supposed to come out? It feels like that got announced ages ago, and then nothing happened.

Good eye #6. Hope they correct that oversight before production.

Any word if there will be ships based off Star Trek Online?

And what happened to Mattel’s starships? They have disappeared from stores that were selling them.

@24 I had to order the last one from Entertainment Earth. Ironically, it was the only one in the line FROM THE HORRIBLY UNDER MERCHANDISED NEW MOVIE!!!!!! You would think THAT’S the one they would have made sure was in stores…

Where are the new (non-retro) action figures? None this year?

@11 Looks like they changed it. Before it said November 2011. That’s good.

I love the ships toys as much as the next fan, but why do they keep making new versions of the same things: 1701, 1701-A,B,D, etc. Why not an 1701-C toy in that $50 price range? Don’t tell me the fans wouldn’t buy it – it would be something new, it’s from a beloved episode, and there’s a big hole in the ship toyline to fill!

Also DST needs to make a NOMAD toy pronto. If they did it would be on every Star Trek fan’s desk (at work and at home). In over 40 years of toy production there’s never been a licensed Nomad toy, and that’s a pity (and it’d be from another well known/liked episode). Imagine one with lights and Vic Perrin’s booming voice coming from it. Heck, make it to scale with the Mego figures!

Kind of disappointed by the Trek showings. Where’s the Reliant? or the D7? or the K-Tinga? How about the Vulcan Shuttle? or the Grisson? or the TMP communicator and tricorder to go with the phaser?

Instead we just get more stuff that’s already been done before. Bummer.

#28 Or how about the Botany Bay?

I too would like to see the Enterprise-C. A Captain Garret and Alternate Yar figure would be nice as well.

Other things I’d like DS/AA to produce:

TOS Romulan Bird-of-Prey, FC Borg Cube, DS9 Defiant, TMP/TOS Klingon Battlecruiser, Zefram Cochrane’s Phoenix, Reliant, Voyager and the Stargazer. Most of these are unlikely, but DS/AA did say they were considering the Reliant.

Love the retro Nurse Chapel, but where’s Yeoman Rand???????

I also clicked on the link under the Bird-of-Prey photo. I saw the close-up of that ship and man, what a beauty!

I’m sorry but it all looks like PM and AA runoffs……nothing new or exciting here. *yawn*

I’m in for the Enterprise B (and maybe the Excelsior, if they do it). Not interested in non-Federation ships. Enterprise C, please!

I suppose the Kilngon Disruptor will make it ino my collection, but again, plenty of phasers and communicators and tricorders.

The other ships people list on their wishlists are highly unlikely, me thinks, based on comments from DST and Art Asylum in their Q&A blogs. That said, the Relaint should come out!

#34 DS/AA said they are doing an Excelsior as well as the Enterprise-B.
I would say that the Enterprise-B will have a wide-release ( Similar to regular D, E refit,etc) while the Excelsior will be an exclusive at one or two online sites ( Alt-D, battle damaged refit, E etc.).

Wasn’t Polar Lights supposed to have released an USS Akira class model kit last year?

That is the ONE ship I really want to see in any form; Toy, model kit, Micro-machine, Furuta,….someone please make an Akira!

Love the “No Pictures” signs everywhere- stick it. Why come to a convention with equipment if you don’t want someone to photograph it???

Come on guys! TOS disruptor please!?!?
It was not fun ordering resin parts and trying to paint them up …

The Enterprise-B will be nice in my collection. Hasn’t the BOP been done to death. How many does anyone really need? How about a Stargazer or Equinox? What about Enterprise-C? How about a detailed Defiant (DS9) or a Galor class cruiser? The USS Raven was interesting. The Oberth has never been done in a toy/collectible format in that size that I know of. I’d buy em all if they’d just make em.

“Over there, all but Kirk.”. EPIC EPIC WIN

SO, what happened to the TWOK Communicator they showed off last year?

Hmmmm….At first, I really wanted that Bird-Of-Prey, but on closer inspection, it seems as though the wings are fixed. Sorry, but pass.

The disruptor, which is NOT from Star Trek III but from TNG onwards(and maybe STVI), is a must have though. I had the old Playmates one a long time ago, and this looks to be a worthy successor.

The Klingon Bird of Prey and the Disruptor will make fine additions to my collection as will the Enterprise B and the Excelsior when they come out .

*saves shiney gold rocks left and right*

Personally, I’d like to see the tricorder and communicator from ST:TMP released by DS, Along with every phaser, communicator and tricorder incarnation through each and every original cast movie.

I already have the TMP phaser which is absolutely amazing. More than 30 years on and its design has not dated. Waiting for the TOS phaser and communicator from them too. Really looking forward to that.

If you don’t know DST’s methods by now, here’s the way their release dates work. They set a release date, which is not real. They solicit orders from retailers, and will not go into production until they’ve reached a threshold from which they feel comfortable they’ll break even or possibly start to make some money.

Until they reach that threshold, the release date will be moved, and moved again, and moved again, until enough retailers have placed orders, or, until they decide to cancel the item.

Usually this process adds half a year to a year to the release date. So, November 2010 means late 2011, if past patterns continue.

I want the Bird of Prey, looks awesome.

My biggest disappointment with regard to Trek ships has been the ever-delayed Nero’s NARADA. Will this ever see the light of day? Anyone have any recent (2010) info?

Im going to be saying “Over there, all but Kirk” for many, many days to come…

Also on the subject of merchandise, is there ever likely to be a blood orange (ST2009) Star Fleet academy jacket/suit available?

I want a realistic DST Galileo Shuttle, not that Minimates stuff!
The rest looks very good, I might get some.

“48. Holger – February 16, 2010
I want a realistic DST Galileo Shuttle, not that Minimates stuff!
The rest looks very good, I might get some.”

Agreed! A scaled shuttle for the figures would be a must-have! One thing I would LOVE to see is a full-scale FX version of the “Where No Man Has Gone Before” phaser rifle! There’s never been a consumer-friendly, already-assembled replica before, and if produced in limited quantities (with Shatner signature on a display), it would likely be a success.

I’m pleased with the retro-MEGO figures, but i’m more concerned with the DST TOS figure line expanding. There are so many famous characters yet to be produced (just as famous as Kang or Kor in the grand scheme of things), and would be hot sellers. Imagine a 2-pack based on “A Private, Little War” (you can guess which figures would be in that one) or “City on the Edge of Forever” (Edith and 20th century Kirk). What about a scaled, FX Guardian limited release playset?!? Ideas, DST, ideas!

Bird of Prey looks good, but fixed wings up and landing gear down, pass. Ent.-B taker, but I was more excited about having an excelsior than the Ent B. The Excelsior was smooth, sleek, looked bast. Then generations game along and someone said “Lets slap some fins and a hull flare on it!”