Rapper Says Mitt Romney Used ‘Vulcan Grip’ On Him In Plane Scuffle

Many comparisons have been made about President Obama and Star Trek’s Spock, but it may be that he is not the only politician to be compared to a Vulcan.  Earlier this week former Massachusetts governor and Republican Presidential candidate got into a scuffle on an airplane with a rapper (who got booted from the plane), but now the rapper says Romney started the fight with a "Vulcan grip". 

Romney, the rappper, and the Vulcan grip

The story started on Tuesday when it was reported that Mitt Romney was involved in an altercation on a flight from Vancouver to Los Angeles, this AP report sums it up.

The passenger in question turns out to be Skylar Gordy, one half of the rap band LMFAO. TMZ got his side of the story where he and his rap partner describe the incident and say Romney started it giving him a "vulcan grip". This has prompted a new wave of ‘Romney and the Vulcan Grip‘ stories in media. Watch it on TMZ video below.

The Vulcan Nerve Pinch – how its done

If the story is true, then Mr. Romney may need to review this compilation video to see how its done.

Vulcan Nerve Pinch – The T Shirt

If you need instructions on how to perform the Vulcan nerve pinch, you can get them on a T-Shirt from Trevco. They are available at Entertainment Earth for for $18.99 in various sizes.

Thanks to all the tipsters who sent in links to this story

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LMFAO opened for the Black-Eyed Peas here at Ohio State the other day. I wish I hadn’t seen LMFAO, but it’s interesting to see how my life comes into contact with stories like this. Or rather it’s….


This is funny as hell!
I wonder if Romney knew he was giving the Vulcan Nerve Pinch?

Humans just aren’t very good at that…

That “Vuclan” grip will get you everytime.

Mitt Romney is capable of physical movement under all that hair gel?

Way to post another political story Andy. Sure it may seem innocent, but I recommend closing the comments right about NOW!

Romney should of used a Bat’leth on him instead.

“There’s no such thing as a Vulcan death grip.”

Can’t believe nobody beat me to that. ;)


I told you guys: when I first met Governor Romney, I told him I was a huge Star Trek fan and he gave me the Vulcan salute. Later, in his speech, he was talking about his “method” of governing, which was that “first” he likes to “look at the data,” which he followed with, “and no, Christian, I don’t mean Lieutenant Commander Data…”

The first thing I noted is that people actually laughed and it wasn’t nervous laughter, which said something about Trek’s life even then in mid-2007. The second thing I noted is that HE GOT THE RANK right for which Data is best remembered.

So if Romney had gotten the nomination, we would have had a 100% chance of getting a Trekker President. Not bad.

At least he didn’t use the Vulcan Death Grip. Everyone knows there’s no such thing! ;)

I’m sure that Romney also said to the jerk:

“Sir, there is a multilegged creature on your shoulder.”


I’ve always wondered how “Anthony” translates to “Andy”. Care to elaborate?

#13 Maybe he meant “Anty” but accidentally spelled it as “Andy” through a typo. :-)

I’ll only believe this when I hear that Mr. Gordy responded with a ‘Flying Scissor Kick.’

Recall that Mitt’s favorite book is Battlefield Earth. It really could be that Mitt thought he was being like Spock in “The Voyage Home.”

I’m sure it didn’t work because there was no dramatic underscore to accompany the nerve pinch.


*guy collapses*

…all very funny, but this is ASSAULT, if true.

Your Honor, it was that man right there, Mitt Romney, who kicked my a$$ on the plane with a Vulcan neck pinch– stop laughing! Really, he got all “Spock” on me and… STOP LAUGHING!! I took a swing at him, missed, and he pwned me, then they threw me off the plane… LOOK, I’m serious!


whats next…?

people using the vulcan grip as a ‘sex move’ in bed ?

It seems to me that either one of them could’ve prevented this if they wanted to. One is a rapper & one is a politician. I want the truth!!!!

He sleeps in glasses and he bling? Loser. Romney shoulda used the Vulcan nut crunch.

Good thing for Mr. Gordy it wasn’t the Vulcan Death Grip…

They should settle it over a nice game of 3-D chess and a bottle of Tranya…

@23 Anthony Pascale

Just for the record, I mentioned nothing about politics whatsoever. However, it’s not that important to me if it stays or goes :)

Mitt Romney would make an awesome Vulcan. (I don’t want to talk about politics. I’m just saying that he has the look for it.)

I’ve not made a single political comment and my response to #22 was removed. It contained no personal attacks, no politics, nothing controversial at all :/

Not a big deal … it wasn’t deathless prose, just a fluffy joke, but still, an odd thing to see zapped.

@ Anthony: I see I was caught in that wipe, and though naturally I have no real complaint with that, simply to present my case: I wasn’t taking a political side but calling out the subtle hypocrisy of DJ Neelix’s comments. If that’s an issue, fine, but I’ve been consistent with that point across threads — if I see someone being logically inconsistent, or led by emotional reasoning, I tend to take issue with it.

But I don’t know DJ Neelix personally and don’t care about it enough to make it a crusade in the first place, so whatever.

Well – Political commentary is banned from this site – I knew it when I posted it. I just can’t stand to see complete distortions of reality and posted links to two stories in the NY Times that completely refuted the flip accusations of another poster. Oh well. All is well with the body – it is the will of Landreu!

I’m not buying what that rapper said. I just don’t see Romeny getting into a fight on a plane. Hell, I don’t think ANY politician would start a fight on a plane. Defend themselves, yes, but start a fight? No way.

That is funny. “Condor grip.”

He’s not a salmon, after all, and can’t abide someone trying to snatch him as he swims upstream.

And, really, who can argue that?

I just want to see Romney and Obama whip out the lirpas and duel to the death… da da daa daa daa daa da da da daaaaaa!

Figures. Every Mormon I’ve ever met is into Star Trek.


Mitt Romney OWNS with the FSNP!!!