ST09 CelebWatch: Zoe Saldana Named Face of the Future + Pine Helps Haiti + Pegg as Body-snatcher + more

Hey, paisanos! It’s a special, Zoe Saldana-centric edition of CelebWatch. We have several Zoe-related news for you this week, including new awards, new projects, and, of course, new pics! But it’s not all about the lady; we also have bits on the other Star Trek movie stars, including Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, and Anton Yelchin.


Zoe named Face of the Future
Things are going fairly well for the lovely Zoe Saldana (Uhura in ST09). In addition to being the star of the highest-grossing film of all time (Avatar) and receiving recent Saturn and Empire nominations, she has now been named “Face of the Future” by Italian luxury fashion brand MaxMara. According to The Daily Telegraph, Saldana was chosen for this title "in recognition of her talent, style and grace." Saldana "will receive her award at the Women in Film Crystal & Lucy gala, in Los Angeles, in June." Over the weekend Zoe attended various shows at Milan Fashion Week (in Milan, Italy… duh) earlier this week, including sitting front row a the Max Mara event. She looked as radiant as always at the event; photos are below.

Zoe greeting photographers at the Milan Fashion Festival (left) and watching the MaxMera show (right) (photos courtesy of WireImage)

Zoe talks doc shoot and ‘Losers’
Zoe may be in the biggest movie of all time, but she’s not slowing down at bit. According to WWD Fashion that she will be heading to India later this year to direct an episode of the U.S. documentary series Half the Sky, which focuses “on women’s education in Afghanistan. In the meantime, she has several movies arriving this year, one of which is The Losers, an actioner based on the graphic novel, in which she co-stars with Star Trek: Enterprise guest star Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Damron, “Carpenter Street”). In her chat with WWD Fashion, Saldana summed up her work on The Losers thusly:

Me in underwear shooting guns!

Zoe + underwear + guns = good times

As if that weren’t enough of a selling point, a new TV spot for the movie has just hit the web. You can check it out at Trailer Addict.

Zoe loses, but Neytiri doesn’t
You may recall that Zoe received a nomination from the NAACP Image Awards as Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture. Well, the awards were held on February 26th, and as you can see in the winners list at Zap2It, Saldana lost the award to Mo’Nique for Precious. However, Saldana’s Avatar alter-ego, Neytiri, was named Best 3D Character of the Year at the International 3D Society‘s first ever “Lumiere Awards.” For a complete list of winners, head on over to PR Newswire.

Pine for Haiti
Chris Pine (ST09’s Jim Kirk) continues to do what he can for the people of the earthquake-devastated Haiti. As reported last month, Pine (along with co-star Zoe) helped to operate the phone lines at the Hope for Haiti Now telethon. Now Pine has become involved with the Habitat for Humanity and the Ricky Martin Foundation in their effort to help rebuild Haiti. One thing Pine has done is autograph a Habitat for Humanity hardhat (yes, you read that right — a hardhat!) as part of the group’s Hardhats for Haiti auction. The hardhat is currently up for auction, proceeds from which will go directly to help families affected by the earthquake in Haiti. The bid for the hardhat is currently $150, and the maximum next bid is $175. If you’d like to place a bid of your own, head on over to charitybuzz.

This Pine-signed hardhat is up for auction now

Pine also participated in a video for Habitat for Humanity/Ricky Martin Foundation to raise awareness for the need of “long-term solutions” in the rebuilding of Haiti. You can see that video below.

Pegg going body-snatching in London
Simon Pegg (Scotty) is currently in London shooting the film Burke and Hare, a black comedy in which he and Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings, The Prestige) portray body-snatchers who start a business of sorts providing cadavers for a medical school in Edinburgh… any way they can. A number of photographs of Pegg and Serkis on the set have emerged via ShockTilYouDrop, The Daily Mail, and Edinburgh News.

Serkis (l. in both pics) and Pegg on the set of Burke and Hare

Burke and Hare also stars Tom Wilkinson and Tim Curry. It may be awhile before we see the movie, though. As Pegg wrote yesterday on Twitter:

Due to an extensive post production schedule you won’t be seeing our little desert caper any time soon. Rest assured it will be worth it.

Yelchin spotted at premiere…who is the babe?
On February 22nd, Anton Yelchin (Chekov) attended the premiere of the film Defendor in Los Angeles. While there, he was spotted and photographed with one of the film’s stars, Kat Dennings. Could there be some sort of romantic involvement here? Probably not, but let’s start spreading the rumor!

Dennings and Yelchin at a film premiere

JJ and Damon at storytime
It isn’t just the stars of Star Trek that are spotted around the town (and world). Today Star Trek producers JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof were spotted at the Milk & Bookies Story Time Celebration fundraiser

Lindelof & Abrams supporting children’s reading


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Why does everyone get so excited about this girl? I honestly don’t get it.

People get excited cause she’s hot… and talented!

i dont think i’ve heard of her before.

I assume you mean Zoe Saldana by “this girl”
Talented yes, hot, not so much.

Told you that Shatner was appearing in the Closing Ceremonies!

Yea your right! Hot.. her? Yea man, shes dog ugly. Yea, given the chance, I would rather chew broken glass then be with her, I mean look at her. Have you ever seen anything so repulsive….Dumb ASS!


Description of his speech:

10:07 P.M. Captain Kirk
William Shatner is on stage, saying he is proud to be a Canadian and reasons why Canadians are great. Canadians are good at making love in canoes, he said, which is why their healthcare system covers back injuries. (Did he really say that?) — Juliet Macur

William Shatner’s opening line “I’m Bill and I’m proud to be a Canadian” is a riff on an exceptionally popular beer commercial from several years ago. — Ian Austen

i dont get how people can say that zoe isnt hot, she’s beyond beautiful! and #5, was it awkward at all that all the celebrities are as much canadian as they are american? there’s gotta be some beloved canadian celebs who arent famous in the USA

Isn’t it interesting how CHris Pine’s autograph looks a lot like The Shat’s? LMAO!!!

Habitat for Humanity = Win. I’ve done a lot of service projects with them, fixing up houses and building them and the like. It really does a lot of good for people, both in the US and around the world. So go bid on that hard hat, or get one of your own and go make someone’s life better! =)

Wonderful to see Zoe getting around so well. But I gotta admit, Precious was an amazing film. Mo’Nique was fabulous.

8 – I think they were going with Canadian stars with international credibility.

Yes, Shatner was in the closing ceremonies and he even did a Trek reference.

I didn’t say she was ugly, just I don’t see her as being “hot”. Jeez, can’t I have an opinion?

Im so glad that AVATAR or its real title “CALL ME JOE, Extended version” is winning so much. Way to go JC

“Milk & Bookies”? Sounds like the title of comedy movie about kids who learn the illicit career at an early age.

Zoe is hot, smart and talented. Her career has really taken off in just a short period of time. Hope it continues.

Zoe + lingerie+ guns = guilty pleasure! :D

I think Zoe is lovely, and I think she’s talented, but she still would not be my first pick as Uhura. She did very well, and I enjoyed her in the film, but still not whom I would cast. Maybe Gabrielle Union, but she’s my age so perhaps a bit older than the cast was looking for. Just my opinion.

I don’t particularly think she’s hot. I’ve said it before, but Nichele back in the day was -way- hotter.

“Lindelof & Abrams supporting children’s reaing”

They also need to support proof reading as well. But again, I think the statement as it stands makes perfect sense for the team that turned the Enterprise into a ‘hot rod thing’.

I think she’s the most beautifull, elegant and gracefull woman in the world. hope to see more of her, can’t wait for the next trek. I’ve never had this peculiar fascination and respect for an actress before. I would marry her in an instant lol.
2009 was her lift off, though she’s been in the movie business for a decade.

I wonder what they will do with spock and uhura’s ‘relation’ in the next trek.

and yes she’s hot, but in a classy way

With all this fame, she might want to get paid too much for a relatively small part in the next Trek movie!

a good point, though i think there is a humble quality to her

I love Zoe Saldana. She is beautiful and a class act as well.

I am looking forward to”Burke and Hare”. I saw the pictures of Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis online and in the Edinburgh Daily News.

So Simon is experimenting with an Irish accent now… shouldn’t be a problem!

some of you guys are saying how you havent heard of her [Zoe Saldana] and she isnt a big deal…then why are the majority of these posted comments about her?

#23 i totally agree
#24 i really hope so
#6 wow, tantrum alert and rudeness check……please go outside and get over yourself

Quick note — Burke & Hare isn’t a desert caper, Paul is. Assuming Pegg’s talking about that, which is in postprod and doesn’t have a release date yet.