William Shatner To Receive TV Lifetime Achievement Honor

William Shatner will be headed back to his home country of Canada this summer to be honored with a lifetime achievement award for his decades of television greatness at this year’s Banff World Television Festival. To celebrate TrekMovie presents – great moments in Shatner TV.



Shatner – honored for a life on TV

Multiple Emmy-winner William Shatner has had a prolific career on television spanning six decades, including starring roles in a number of TV series. In addition to Star Trek, Shatner has starred in Boston Legal, Rescue 911, and TJ Hooker. He has also had numerous guest roles on TV spanning from the Twilight Zone to Third Rock from the Sun (which garnered him an Emmy nomination). And Bill is even starring in a new pilot (Sh*t My Dad Says), which can take him into another decade on TV. For this great body of work, the Banff World Television Festival is giving Shatner a lifetime achievement award, where he will also lead a “master class” to discuss his prolific career on the tube.  and discuss a career that has spanned more than 50 years.

In a release Banff Festival executive director Peter Vamos said today:

William Shatner is one of the most celebrated pop-culture icons in the 21st century and we are delighted to be honouring his career achievements at Banff. His ability to keep pace with the times, leverage the latest industry and technology trends, and inject humour every step of the way have been the keys to an unbelievably successful, decades-long career. To stay on top throughout it all, particularly in such a tough, evolving industry, is truly inspiring.

Shatner will pick up his award at the Banff World Television event, held in Banff, Alberta, Canada from June 13 to 16. More info at banff2010.com.

Great Moments of TV Shatner

Here are just a handful of Shatner’s career highlights on Television

Twilight Zone "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" (1963)

Star Trek "Return to Tomorrow" (1968)

The Horror at 37,000 Feet (TV movie – 1973)

$20,000 Pyramid

TJ Hooker "Terror at the Academy" (1982)

TekWar (intro – 1994)

Third Rock From The Sun "Dick’s Big Giant Headache" (1999)

Boston Legal "Guardians and Gatekeepers" (2008)


Congrats to Mr. Shatner for a well-deserved honor





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YAY!!! Grats to the Shat

Sweet. That man’s cap is feathery :)

Shat is the Man!

Congratulations Mr Shatner


Diggin the 70s rug…

haha… knee cap, right foot, left foot, thank god for guns… classic.

way to go Shatner.

Terror at 37,000 feet. Is that the one with the gremlin sabotaging the plane, or when he is on a plane singing Mr. Tambourine Man?

Yay!!! So happy for Bill Shatner. He totally deserves it; he’s certainly made a name for himself in the TV biz. Go Shat!

Banff is in Alberta, not Albert… Unless it’s different sort of Banff…

Is Bill’s toupee the Terror at 37,000 feet? Yowza.

What? No ‘Rocket Man?’ No “Get a Life!” speech?

You’re welcome!

Congratulations Mr Shatner…!!!

We all love you…!!!

All my best…!!!

He deserves it! I wish I had been able to get an autograph by going to a trek convention years ago.

It’s about time!

Hey, America. When are you going to step up to the plate and honor him likewise?

Congratulations, Mr. Shatner, on a well-deserved award.

They should erect a statue of William Shatner in his hometown of Montreal. And Hollywood.

About time. Now let’s get him in on the Kennedy Center Awards too. He’s an American treasure to me (American or not).

There wasnt ever a legend as legendary

Congratulations Mr. Shatner. A well-deserved honor.

There are two great actors who seem to get better with age. One is Clint Eastwood and the other is William Shatner.

Shatner deserves all the accolades he receives.

Congrats Mr. Shat!! He deserves what he’s worked for. Here is a link to all he’s done. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000638/ It’s an impressive list.

I’d love to have seen a clip of “Barbary Coast” included as well. It may not have lasted long, but it was great fun!

Nobody deserves it more!

Shat On, my brother!

You forgot The Shat on The Fresh Prince:


“SULU! Where have you been?! And WHY are you out of uniform?!?

…I never liked that guy!”


Excellent news. Much deserved.

The Barbary Coast intro is included in this video, at 6:04.


(Viewers are herewith advised to skip *directly* to that point in the video, as actually watching the preceding material may leave one permanently scarred. You have been warned!)

Note on the above video: Though both the title card for the Barbary Coast clips and the narrator refer to Doug McClure playing Cash Connover, all of the clips are from the pilot movie, in which Cash was played by Dennis Cole.

William Shatner deserves such an honor. He has persisted in an industry that typically chews people up and spits them out, and he has re-invented himself time after time, while still being simply “William Shatner.” Most actors/actresses would give an arm to have half the life Shatner has had in the industry. This does not even take into account the numerous personal struggles he has survived, including the death of his wife, Nerine. The man has consistently “gotten back on the horse,” no matter what obstacles have been thrown at him.
Congratulations, Mr. Shatner!


OK, I know I given this guy a little hell over the years to my fellow ST fans, but, damn it, I’d like to point something out to his credit — despite the constant harping on his overacting, if one watches some of the TOS episodes, his acting conveys real emotion, pathos, humor and humanity. Without him, Kirk (or maybe Pike…) would never have become the iconic character we all know and love. Congratulations, Mr. Shatner.

P.S.: Special recoginition for having to speak an entire role in Esperanto goes to — Wiliam Shatner, again, for The Incubus, 1965.

I vote for even more “Lifetime Achievement” awards for Mr. Shatner from other venues.

Congratulations William Shatner!

That clip from ‘Return to Tomorrow’ is one of the best, if not THE best moments in all of Star Trek. Period.

Good for the Shat! Long live the Shat!

“You’ve been called the best First Officer in the Fleet. That is an e-norm-ous asset to me. If I’m going to have to lose that first officer I want to know why”.

That’s a pretty good one tool

Lotta good speeches that episode.

Thanks for the memories Shat

not much said about Raw Nerve. the only reality show i can watch!

congrats to you mr shatner cant wait to see you in vegas

It’s about time…and WELL deserved!!!



RISK!…RISK IS OUR BUSINESS!!…now tell me that STAR TREK would have been possible without him.

Statues. Where are the statues? The Shat deserves a statue.

Congratulations to Captain Kirk, Denny Crane, and of course…William Shatner! :))

@39. Canadian Shane

Star Trek would have been possible without him.

It would have been DIFFERENT, but it still would have been possible.

For example, I can imagine Lloyd Bridges delivering that line with equal fervor, as well as a certain devilish eagerness.

I suppose you mean Jeff Bridges, Lloyd Bridges might have been a bit less convincing even in his early days. Anyway, the past is the past.

Shatner embraced his supposed campiness. It’s not the acting that’s over the top however in all old TV series, it’s the extreme situations that all suspense and therefore sci-fi shows were set in. It wasn’t today’s acting, it was from radio dramas and from the stage. Compare Man From the U.N.C.L.E. for example, which was parodied by Get Smart! even in the day. I loved both.

I think some light-hearted suspense and science fiction shows would do a world of good today. Star Trek was in a special category because they did that both with some adherence to what sci-fi was all about, exploring the human condition. The human adventure, if you will. Shatner, Nimoy and Kelley were in the right place at the right time when Roddenberry was pushing the show.


No, he DOES mean Lloyd Bridges who would have been a very young-looking and fit 53 in 1966! Roddenberry apparently offered it to Lloyd first before the Shat!

Yes, I did indeed mean Lloyd Bridges. (And I *believe* that Gene Roddenberry offered him the part before Jeffrey Hunter.)

Jeff would have been 15 when the pilot was shot in 1965 – jest a mite on the youngish side for the part of a starship captain. (Except maybe for the Fesarius…)

Beau Bridges, OTOH, might have been a *remote* possibility, at 23 that year.

But I did mean Lloyd.

“Commander Cain… ummm… I mean Capatin Pike to the bridge!”

(Note: Subtracting either of the Bridges boys’ birth years from 1965 gives 16 and 24 respectively. However, both of their birthdays are in December, and I’m assuming that said pilot was shot earlier than December of 1965 – I don’t know for sure.)

Congrats to the Shat. Shat’ll be back. Some more, aye Shat!

William Shatner should win the “Most Awesome Person Ever” award.