Happy Birthday, Jolene Blalock

Today is Jolene Blalock’s birthday. Star Trek Enterprise’s Vulcan first officer T’Pol is turning 35. TrekMovie extends a big happy birthday "live long and prosper" to Jolene, and below we catch up on all her latest news. Today also happens to be the birthday of Star Trek III’s James B. Sikking, and so happy bday James, and we have an interesting piece of Trek trivia about him too.  


Happy 35 Jolene

Two decades after Kirstie Alley’s Saavik, Jolene Blalock brought the sexy back to Star Trek’s Vulcans with T’Pol. Here she is talking about how getting into costume and makeup helped her get into character.

She was first officer of the NX-01, but many remember her most for the on and off love story of Trip and T’Pol, here is just one of the many tribute videos dedicated to this subject.


Legend of the Seeker interviews

Blalock’s most recent role was a two-episode arc on the fantasy show Legend of the Seeker in January. She did some TV interviews to promote the show, here are a few of them where she admits "she is a total geek".

Sinners and Saints

Jolene’s next film is Sinners and Saints, a crime drama set in New Orleans. The film doesn’t yet have a release date but there is more info at the official site sinnersandsaintsthemovie.com. Here is a trailer.

Keep track of Jolene

Like many celebs, Jolene is on Twitter at twitter.com/joleneBlalock, where she often posts links to her latest photo shoots. She also has a MySpace Page.


Happy birthday, James B. Sikking – who was paid for STIII with a torch

It is also the birthday of James B. Sikking, who played the pompous Captain Styles in Star Trek III The Search for Spock. The actor most famous for his role on Hill Street Blues is turning 76. 

Sikking as Styles

In an interview last year Sikking revealed that he had an unusual payment for his part in Star Trek III. Sikking did the film as a favor to producer Harve Bennett, who decided to play Sikking with a chance to carry a torch for the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. List to the interview clip below.

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didnt know she was only 35

Happy Birthday pretty Girl!


James B. Sikking carrying a torch… so many bad puns to be made there!

Happy birthday! Even today I’m still absolutely in love with T’Pol. If they do an Adm. Archer cameo in one of the NewTrek sequels, T’Pol should also return. I hate the idea that she might have died in the destruction of Vulcan.

T’Poll was probably on earth not vulcan. Shes alive. Shes only 167 or so now so she should be fine. Would be nice to see her in the next movie for a cameo with a quick line or two.

Happy birthday Jolene and James.

I loved Hill Street Blues. Sikking was always fun to watch on that show.

@7 Totally agree. The role on HSB seemed tailor-made for him.

And Jolene…she gave Jerri Ryan a run for her money. I did enjoy what she brought to the role and loved how they loosened the reins on her Vulcan personality because of her addition. I miss the show…

Happy Birthday to Jolene Blalock!

“If he tries to get away with warp drive, HA! He’s really in for a shock.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szEIOwMaeO4

Loved that sequence in STIII, probably my favorite in all of the films. Pacing and music are perfect.

Happy birthday, James!

Peace and Long Life to T’Pol and Jolene. Loved her in LOTS but wonder why she didn’t do Sister Nicci in these other 2 episodes.
Kirstie Alley DID NOT bring ‘sexy’ to Star Trek. She wasn’t even a Vulcan just a human with deformed ears! Robin Curtis was the REAL Saavik. Let’s not forget Valeris in The Undiscovered Country, also much better than Alley.
James Sikking is always sa kick in the pants!

After Nana Visitor she is THE Star Trek babe for me. Congratulations! Maybe she will do a cameo in the new movie, they gotta connect it more tightly to our Star Trek universe, just Spock isn´t enough. Maybe Admiral Archer

Jolene Blalock did a superb job playing T’Pol! Great actress!

The only thing wrong with Abrams’s version of Star Trek is that there’s not enough Jolene Blalock in it.

Many Happy Returns, Miss Blalock. You are still a beautiful woman/model/actress no matter what.

Long Life and Happiness! At 35, you still look like you are in your twenties.

I would like to see you and all the rest of the Enterprise cast make a comeback. We miss you all.

Have a great Birthday Weekend.

#1 ONLY 35? I thought she was in her twenties…

there’s not enough Jolene Blalock in anything…
happy birthday, live long and prosper

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOLENE BLALOCK!!!! T’pol is the HOTTEST(and I do Mean HOTTEST) Vulcan ever !!!!!!!

#10 Good scene, but what always bugged me about it was they messed up with impulse power thing, barely thrusters used there…

Happy Birthday Jolene!!

She melts my butter in what ever she does. I was thrilled to see that she attended the 2008 ST CON in Vegas, one of my favorite photo ops. Now this year, Jeri Ryan will be there for the first time…

However, I give the edge to Jolene, she has it all.

Interesting about the Cpt Styles part for James B. Sikking, his character is the older LT Styles from the TOS episode: Balance of Terror.

Sinners and Saints looks like a cool action flik. I may actually see that.

Happy Birthday Jo!
…from another random internet person you’ll never know :-)

#20, how do you know this is the same Styles?

I really hope Jolene has a great birthday, and receives an invitation to play T’Pring in the next Trek movie from JJ Abrams to celebrate!

It would be awesome to see Jolene back in a set of pointy ears again. As much crap as people gave Enterprise, I thought she did a great job with T’Pol, going from a purely logical Vulcan to one that was quite tormented and eventually found a balance. In a way it was similar to Spock’s evolution. Hope she has a good birthday.

I worked in press operations at the ’84 Games … don’t recall seeing Sikking carrying a torch. Oh well, no matter. Happy b-day to Sikking and to Jolene!

I’m pretty sure the Lt. Stiles from Balance of Terror was not intended to be the same Captain Styles from Star Trek III. Regardless, happy birthday to Ms. Blalock. She played a fine Vulcan in addition to being very easy on the eyes.

Happy Birthday you hottie!!

Happy Birthday Jolene and James. Looking at the first video it really bugs me that they messed up her eye brows during the first and second season. I mean come on, they just finished 7 years of doing Tuvok, how can they not remember Vulcans have pointy eyebrows.

Anyway, I wish CBS would go the Direct to DVD route with Enterprise since that would probably be the way to least negatively affect the new movie(s).

There is no relation between Captain Styles and Lt. Stiles. Hence the different spelling.

Happy Birthday to Jolene Blalok and James Sikking.

T’pol is awesome! Happy B-day!

Well cool beans.
It’s my birthday as well.
It’s all downhill now

James is a terrific actor. Always enjoy watching him.

Jolene is a thoughtful and beautiful woman. Happy Birthday!

(Go look for the video of “Denise” by the group ‘Fountains of Wayne.’ Yum)


Such a babe!

It would be nice to see her in nuTrek sequel as Adm. T’Pol as she really seems to be getting “class C” material otherwise. This Saints and Sinners film looks like paint-by-numbers, cliche-ridden bleck (though Trek has occasionally trod those formulaic waters itself). I guess it is a paycheck, but I hate to see talented people stuck in the backwaters (like most of the original Trek ensemble other than the Shat and Nimoy).

Aiya! Fear not BB. I’m 43 on March 10th and I ain’t dead yet. Some bits are a drag, but I’d take my 30s and 40s over my 20s any day of the week.

Mmmm, Jolene.

And that Sikking story is good.

Happy Birthday to both Jolene and James.

I must say I was never a fan of Hill Street Blues (maybe because I was a little young at the time) so I do not remember James from that. I do remember him from Doogie Howser MD Though.

As much as I hated the episode, T’Pol had a nice parting shot at the end of “These Are the Voyages…” You’ll know what I mean.

Hope she and James had a nice birthday.

@34- It’s like Devo meets Whitesnake! Wunderbarr!

Hey, Jolene, I’m 35, too! We should hook up!

She is divine.

Damn, that picture of Jolene is hot. That alone should make JJ Abrams want to put her in his next movie.

I know some fans like to slam the Berman regime, however, one area they excelled at was finding the hotties.

Wow, she’s only 4 days older than me.

#23 Balok

I forget the name of the novel about Capt Sulu where he becomes the captain the of USS Excelsior (this is before STVI) but in this only book written about the exploits of Capt Sulu, there is the background to his story and in it is the story of Styles being the same navigator LT on the helm controls when Cpt Kirk was in command of the Enterprise during the run in with a Romulan commander who ventured across the Neutral Zone destorying outposts. Which we all know as the Balance of Terror episode.

I am paraphasing the story from that novel, but that is the basic outline. Some would say that only the movies make ST history (canon) but I feel the novels can be taken as addtional history or more to the point, fill in the history.

Right, it really is a nice beginning however i’ll have to explore that a touch more. Will show you what else there really is.