Zoe Saldana Talks Sex & Race In Two New Magazine Cover Stories

Star Trek and Avatar star Zoe Saldana continues to climb the celebrity ranks. The actress is gracing the cover of two magazine’s April issues, and in one of the cover stories she lets us all know what she likes to do in her off hours (including the lights-off hours). And Saldana isn’t the only one making sexy news, there is a particular body part that is getting Chris Pine notice in another national magazine.


Saldana: Ready for her sex scene

Zoe Saldana is gracing the covers of two woman’s magazines in April, where she talks beauty, sex and race. First up is Essence Magazine, where Saldana talks about everything from A-Z, and under S,, she had this to say about sex (excerpts via news.com.au):

"Love it, love it, love it, … Can’t live without it," she declares.

"I love sex. I love skin. I don’t believe the body is something to hide.

"I think in American society we’re messing up our kids by taking away the education on and awareness of our sexuality and replacing it with violence, guns and video games – and we’re breeding little criminals."

Okay then. The actress was also asked if she would do a sex scene, here is her response:

If you asked a painter, ‘Are you going to paint in red?’ the answer would be, ‘I’m going to paint paintings and if one day there is red in it, there’s red in it’."

Did you hear that Bob, Alex, Damon and JJ? Get painting.

Zoe on the April issue of Essence Magazine

Saldana: ‘Ethnic’ is the new ‘N-word’

Zoe is also one one of Glamour Magazine’s April 2010 covers. Glamour.com has an excerpt of their interview:

GLAMOUR: How has your definition of glamour changed over the years?

ZOË SALDANA I love aging. Why would I want to be 21 for the rest of my life? Glamour is about feeling good in your own skin.

GLAMOUR: In past interviews, you’ve bristled on the topic of race. Why?

ZOË SALDANA Because ethnic is a word that doesn’t exist in my vocabulary. In Hollywood, you hear things like, “Oh, they loved you but they want to go more traditional.” That’s the new N word. So when [someone says] I look “dark,” I say, “Dark compared to whom? This is just my skin.”

GLAMOUR: This truly is the Year of Zoë Saldana . How has your life changed?

ZOË SALDANA To quote a rapper, “Mo’ money, mo’ problems.” More work, less time to live.

GLAMOUR: Is it tough to make time for your boyfriend, [actor] Keith Britton?

ZOË SALDANA Well, it’s not like he sits around waiting. We travel a lot, which keeps things alive. We’re very private. It’s worked for 10 years—long enough to go to hell and back.

GLAMOUR: Where will you be in 10 years?

ZOË SALDANA I want to be the best daughter, sister, friend and wife I can possibly be—because when I die, I am not going to be buried with my Oscar. I want to love life.

Saldana on cover or April Glamour

Chris Pine Wins Award For his Body of Work

Zoe isn’t the only Star Trek actor getting attention in the Magazines this week. US Magazine has handed out their Hollywood’s Best Body Awards, and Star Trek’s Chris Pine was deemed the winner for "Best Booty".

Pine’s butt gets recognized

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Zoe is sexy AND a sex addict? WOOOHOOO!!!!

> I don’t believe the body is something to hide.

She hasn’t seen my body. O.o

2. HAHAHA Same here!

Finally she’s in a cover of Essence Mag. Bout time…oh yeah….SHE’s A FREAK!!!!

Zoe is incredible; I wish there were more strong women like her in this world.

“Did you hear that Bob, Alex, Damon and JJ? Get painting.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Chris Pine is a little cutie, but Zachary Quinto ain’t no seconds either!

This girl walks in footsteps well trodden. They go nowhere good.

C.S. Lewis

Zoe likes sex? I thought she was a trekkie?

I still don’t get what her appeal is. Honestly, I think she’s a solid actress but wouldn’t say great, and she’s pretty but not what I’d call incredible. Seems like a nice person, and I think her acting will greatly improve with time but I still don’t get the obsession the media seems to have with her. I guess its just the way they work, pick a person, tell us that that particular person is what people should strive to be, and run with it.

IF I had any respect for Zoe before (hint: I really didn’t) I would have lost it all after reading those excerpts.

Seriously? She likes sex? Wow, that’s a shocker. Oh, she thinks we should be letting our kids all have sex instead of “breeding little criminals” with guns, violence and video games? Typical Hollywood Liberal. “Ethnic” is the “new N-word?” Give me a freakin’ break.

And, I agree with Will_H…I don’t see what the appeal is. She’s not yet such a great actress. She’s good, not great. She’s moderately cute and skinny as hell. I just don’t get it.

“I love aging. Why would I want to be 21 for the rest of my life? Glamour is about feeling good in your own skin.”

Easy to say when one is young and attractive. Get back to me when you’re middle-aged or elderly and you see what time does to you and how society views or values you. As my mother says, the older you get, the more “invisible” you become.

I don’t agree with everything she says.

But I appreciate her toughness.

Both Saldana and Quinto have made it clear to the fans that they are not going to respond to bullying. The old pattern of Trek actors becoming monastic potted plants with no social life outside of the church – a staple of the highly cautious Berman era – is definitely long gone. These actors are going to speak their mind. And I think that’s a good development for the franchise in general.

Knowing what I know about Gene Roddenberry, I think he would approve of Saldana as a successor to Nichelle Nichols. He was quite the “troublemaker” himself back in the 1960s and proud of it. It is worth noting that The Original Series was incredibly controversial when it first aired. The show was even banned in South Africa for promoting racial equality.

#11 — Please tell me you’re joking.

What about some recognition Rachel Nichols, surely she earnt the best BOOBS award!!!! :)

You must’ve read a different article than I. The quote said nothing about kids having sex. Interesting that you read that into it. Hmmmm….

I like her even more now that I know she is liberated! I work in a poor urban neighborhood where sex IS violence and fear equals respect. I’m with you Zoe. You keep speaking your mind.

I usually don’t believe that movies ever require us to see people in a sex scene. It is always just to sell extra tickets.

However if i were ever offered a part in a script opposite this girl my inner artist would probably emerge.

In about .02 seconds too at a guess.

She likes Sex… so what? It is nothing special… Everyone likes it, it’s good, it’s beautiful, hell it’s the best thing after Trek and a good dinner ;)

Re: #11 – “And, I agree with Will_H…I don’t see what the appeal is. She’s not yet such a great actress. She’s good, not great. She’s moderately cute and skinny as hell. I just don’t get it.”

I’m on board with that view. I mean, she was fine in the movie, but….just that…fine, in my opinion….and really, someone tell these actresses it’s ok to weigh more than 95 lbs. Emaciated = Hot is not necessarily the rule. Please?

I don’t get the bashing really.
Yes, she is on the thin side. I havent seen Avatar.
I liked her in Trek.
I dont mind seeing her on all the mag covers

Breeding little criminals? Really? If guns cause crime, all mine are defective.

#11 you’re pretty much a loser. thanks for proving it. only you could turn this post into liberal ideas vs conservative ideas. good job placing words in her mouth because she said nothing about our kids having sex, she said educating them. but i guess you’d rather the kids of america know nothing about respecting their bodies and being aware of sex, or what kind of precautions they should take or what kind of protection they should have (males and females). the world needs more women who stand up for feminist ideals the way Zoe does. and by the way, nobody said she was the best actress ever. she’s a good actress but the more i read about what makes her tick, the more faith i have that she’s going to develop into an amazing actress. and she’s bautiful! beauty comes in all sizes, skinny, thin, thick, and heavy. so do yourself a favor and get a life!

I don’t get the bashing either. She’s beautiful. Maybe the bashers can’t feel the charisma she exudes. I mean really, she seems to have it all together.

Good for her.

It is probably best for us that we can’t judge the relative attractiveness of the average TrekMovie poster. ;)

Glad to see that Zoe’s riding high on her wave of publicity, but you kind of have to expect that sort of interview with magazines like that, though.
If you want to read a serious discussion about her work / beliefs/ whatever, you don’t read Glamour.

Is #11 Poe’s Law in action or not? My sarcasm detector is busted this morning.

Dammit, Chris Pine! stop making normal guys look bad!

#23 Your a typical liberal. If anyone disagrees with your world view their labeled a loser and stupid. Zoe disagrees with hiding sexuality from our children. All I’ll say is, I bet she won’t be exposing her own children to sex at a young age.

You go girl! And as being old and invisile no way! Outdated! Near 60 I feel like a vintage wine that improves with age. Zoe I’m sure ment this too in her attitude toward aging. Fabulous. As for kids and sex. Its refirring to sex-ed not to be done till you are grown-up. As for violence @ guns. We need to rid ourselvies of these social scourges before they get rid of us. PS in the eyes of our global community guns @ hatred make us look like redneck barbarians how embarrasing! 94 is your idea of a succesful woman one at home 5 stairstep kids..one on the way washing dishes, living in pleasentville, name Mrs Butterton LOL!

p.s. Chris Pine is insanely sexy. The voice, the body, those eyes, and God that smile… so hot!

oh and #26..you think i’m a typical liberal? you dont even know me or the whole of my views. …you’re such a tool :) have a nice day!


Zoe, you kick ass, seriously.

93* 93/93


@11: “Typical Hollywood Liberal”

That phrase is always good for a chuckle.

Warning to richpit for political trolling

…everyone else, stop taking the bait

Saldana is great in Avatar. She’s a remarkable actor.

If the Trek people have good taste and judgment, Uhura will have a very big part in the next Trek movie. The casting of supporting characters, particularly Saldana, in Abrams’s Star Trek was a huge improvement over TOS.

There’s a responsible way to teach youngsters about the birds and the bees and I think the majority of us here would agree that’s between a parent and child and not a third party.

Unfortunately, what “pop culture” classifies as “sex-ed” is usually planned parenthood or teaching kids how to fool around behind parent’s backs or learning techniques on MTV and not the open way with a responsible adult.

But it’s way too easy to take Zoe’s quotes out of context here and you hardly can take anything of value from a magazine fluff piece like this to make judgments of a person’s character.

I’m actually impressed she’s had a solid relationship for 10 years? with the same guy? Kudos to you, Zoe!

I also highly agree with her statement on skin. It is just skin and it is just a color. Can we get off that subject, already?

When will Dr. King’s dream finally prevail over all?

I don’t get all the put downs of Zoe either. She is smart and outspoken so what. I personally find her outlook on sex and relationships to be very refreshing.


You can stop all of the Liberal-bashing now. It gets very tiresome after a while.


Your moronic post just shows how ignorant and uninformed you are.


I am a Black woman like Zoe. It is way past time to get over the skin colour thing. My skin colour does not define me.

Dayum! Everyone is talking about the race last Sunday.

She’s gorgeous. So get real, guys. Not one of you would toss her out of bed. Guaranteed.

As for the NRA / right-wing jerks here, go piss off! She’s real, honest and I like what she says.

I think Zoe Saldana is hot, smart and talented. A pretty good combination.
One can do a lot worse. She’s a worthy successor to Nichelle Nicholls.

And we can’t and shouldn’t allow a couple of idiots to ruin the thread with their political trolling.

I didn’t mean it to be “political trolling”, but I’m glad it got a response from some people.

Funny how some people are allowed to voice their opinions and others are not. Certain groups are all about “freedom of speech” as long as you agree with their opinions. I won’t say which group. I don’t want to be accused of “political trolling” again.

I rarely post anything that I think will rile people.

ehhh…I’ll pass.

that’s enough from you richpit. I don’t care what your opinions are, i dont like people trying to hijack threads and derail them into silly partisan arguments, which is exactly what you did.

The fact of the matter is, as a woman of color, Zoe has to deal with racism. Hollywood tends to be incredibly stupid when it comes to the topic of race. Being dismissive of the struggle of people of color in Hollywood is incredibly racist, but I wouldn’t expect you to understand if you don’t have to deal with racism yourself.


I don’t agree with everything richpit said (and yes it was inappropriate) but i do see political smears, especially against Sarah Palin on this forum anytime she is mentioned.

Forgive me if i am wrong but i don’t see anyone getting pulled up for that.

#18: “I usually don’t believe that movies ever require us to see people in a sex scene. It is always just to sell extra tickets.”

Hmmm. An alternate perspective is that most movies exist in a strangely puritanical universe where the real role of sex in people’s lives is downplayed almost comically … just to sell extra tickets.

Love her more!

Hate the political trolling & taking of bait but richpit; as for “free speach” when ur position is to limit other peoples freedoms they will always want to silence u…
Zoe’s beliefs are Uhuru yours not so much- lol

Zoe’s is thin but her features work well with it.
I want to see her kick ass in the next movie but she doesnt need to show it all imagination is always far more inspiring & long lasting…

Oh & as for Chris Pines booty?
That package did make seeing it on the bigscreen apparent from the trailer- lol

& he has nice eyes too- lol

Zoe is an extraordinary talent, and I think she’s going to have a long, interesting career. My hat is off to her.

I think there’s a difference between your opinions and attacking others for theirs. Using words like “typical” and “liberal”. Listen to yourselves.

#33: “There’s a responsible way to teach youngsters about the birds and the bees and I think the majority of us here would agree that’s between a parent and child and not a third party.”

Wrong – too many parents do a poor job, at least partly because they don’t know an awful lot about the subject themselves outside of their personal experiences and prejudices.

Sex education should be taught in schools. It’s that simple.

memo to Star Trek wardrobe department, raise the hem-line 6 inches..