Watch Buckingham Palace Guard Playing Star Trek Medley

The Queen’s Guards at Buckingham Palace in London are famous for their elaborate ‘changing of the guard’ and their unflappable demeanor, but did you also know they have a band? The band accompanies the changing of the guard and often plays popular music, and one day last week they did a medley of Star Trek themes, check out video below.


Queen’s Guard Go To The Final Frontier

According to YouTube user ScanBark, this video was shot last week while visting Buckingham Palace to view the changing of the guard.

Playing popular music is actually not unusual. According to the official site for the Royal Family, "The handover is accompanied by a Guards band. The music played ranges from traditional military marches to songs from films and musicals and even familiar pop songs."

Playing sci-fi themes is nothing new for the palace guard band. Here is video from 2008 where they play a meddly of John Williams music from Superman The Movie and Star Wars. (via whatthefk on YouTube)


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Amazing. If I’df known about that in advance I might have bunked off work and gone down there.

Star Trek- By Royal Appointment!

Brilliant! Rule Britania!!

Great Britain

Love it! Does Trek rule Britannia or what?!!

awesome trek lives!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the most awesome thing I’ve seen all week. Thanks for posting this, I had a great laugh.

I’m not sure why Mr. Chuckles with the camera keeps laughing. I’d think after the first two minutes the shock of “they’re playing Star Trek” would no longer be funny and he’d just enjoy the scene.

The Queen.

So Cool!

@7: Extremely happy? Extremely nervous? Who knows…

In any case, nice of him to record it.



Given the themes, and the order they’re in (TOS, DS9, Generations, VOY, TMP), it seems likely they’re playing the suite ‘Star Trek through the years’, which also does those themes in that order.

More info here:

(The orchestral version also includes ‘The Inner Light’, but I guess that’s hard to do with a brass band.)

We need a little more pomp and circumstance over here in the States. We used to, but it’s all been lost in the political noise in the years.

I guess that’s the one redeeming quality of maintaining royalty.

I wonder how America would have evolved had we still kept George Washington and the other founders propped up as figurehead royalty though they didn’t want to be actual royalty? Would more public and active ancestors of our founding fathers have helped keep us in check over the years? Or would it have made things worse?

An interesting thought…

The chuckling is really annoying.

Woah, that was really cool!!!

Loved hearing them play the themes….especially Voyagers theme-now thats an Emmy Award Winning theme-It was all AWESOME–except for the chuckling…guess he had to do or he would look like a nerd huh haah

The video: Bravo, bravo!!! It’s heartwarming to be reminded how appreciation for Star Trek spans beyond our borders here in the US. Very cool, indeed.

Good arrangement. I know from experience it’s hard to play outside and in tune, with good balance. Nice job.

Kinda sad that it seems like everyone’s forgotten Godsmith’s Trek theme. It’ll always be what I consider to be Star Trek’s theme. Of course I’m not much of a TOS person and grew up on TNG.

would someone please slap that chuckler in the head and tell him to stfu lol some folks just don’t have manners when a movie, play, theatre/music is being played, imagine this guy at a golf game…sorta like beevis and butthead live attending a star trek musical

That chuckling and giggling is annoying, THE MUSIC IS GREAT!

Too bad the audio wasn’t a little better. That was great. “I’m sorry, Will” but TOS A. Courage theme IS Star Trek, though I put Goldsmith’s a quick 2nd. We lost a great, great composer when he passed on. Face it, though, Star Trek has had some great music and still HAS great music!

Good show, wot!

They played Star Trek music….
Hah Huh Huhh Ha Huh
They’re so dumb for playing Star Trek music
Uhh Huhhh Huhhh Haa Ummm Ha ha

this message has been brought to you in living color by some chucklers

It should be pointed out, Will, that Goldsmith’s ST theme came directly from Star Trek: the Motion Picture. Which was the continuing voyages of the original characters when the Next Generation wasn’t even being considered. The TOS theme has been more recognized globally for a considerably longer time, too. Besides, TOS theme has lyrics, TNG theme doesn’t.

This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen!

Go Star Trek!

Good Show!!

That was Wonderful. Makes me want to visit the UK even more.

I cheered when the DS9 theme started playing.


I’m serieously speechles. That… In my “Neighbourhood”… Amazing!

I love it!

“Come cheer up, my lads, ’tis to glory we steer…” – Picard

You should here them play the Thunderbirds theme, and Imperial March!

Ha! Thats absolutley amazing! Shame the guy filming it clearly found good music hilarious…..

Awesome!!! Thanks so much.

From a distance they look like the Scotts Guard (no plumage) but it’s not really good enough quality to be able to tell…they’re all Queen’s Guard though!

Bet you regrett the War of Independance now :P

Hey. Trek Does have a bit of Royalty in it. We do have Sir Patrick Stewart now. Long Live Star Trek and God Save the Queen and long live the Terren Empire!!!.

Oh that Chuckler needs some time in the Agoniser Booth. Loved the Music as always.

AMAZING!!! God save Star Trek, and God save the Queen!!!

Isn’t Star Trek appearing in unexpected places awesome? :D

#37 Having bestowed on one’s noble person a knighthood doth not maketh a man of royal blood. Not even a man so bold and brave as Sir Patrick!

It may help him when booking restaurant tickets though. ;-)

Hurray! The DSN-Theme made it into the medley!

God save the queen!

That’s really a well arranged medley- I wish someone would do a professional recording of that arrangement.

Was great to hear the DS9 theme. One of the best openings I think

The chuckling isn’t that bad. Come on people–he’s not trying for a cinematography award–he’sjust taking a home movie of something cool he stumbled upon. Then he was kind enough to post it for others to enjoy. Some people are so intent on capturing a moment that they forget to experience it. I’m glad for him that he was able to do both.

This is a video that brings joy to me. Thanks for the upload.

Tis beautiful to hear those loverly, 1960s notes, played by a real wind band, it is.

C.S. Lewis
TDY Chicago

Well, When the Queen approves, I suppose it sets in stone the Legacy of our Great Trek, All it’s Characters, their personalities and last but not least, a NOD toward us the FANS, that will NEVER stop looking for that final frontier!

13. Eli – March 19, 2010

Eli, many of our Founding Fathers were royalty, or at least aristocratic nobility. Even your humble correspondent boasts blood that was, two hundred years past during our glorious war for independence, quite blue. Indeed, it sprang from the line of Charlemagne himself.

But your point is well taken. The common culture that presents itself as “American” is little more than the global peasantry on holiday with a government issued debit card, drawn on the account of those same republican-minded aristocrats of ’76.

Father in heaven, have mercy on them that squandered such an inheritance.

C.S. Lewis

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