Happy Birthday, Leonard Nimoy

On this day in 1931, Leonard Nimoy was born in Boston, MA. So it is only logical that TrekMovie wishes the original Mr. Spock a happy 79th birthday today. Mr. Nimoy has lived long and prospered, and if you want to learn all about it, you can watch a 4-hour interview below.


Live Long and Prosper Mr. Nimoy

Although counter-intuitive, Leonard Nimoy’s emotion-eschewing Spock can be seen as the heart of the Star Trek saga. This tribute (by sebastionvader) shows Spock from that first pilot for Star Trek in the 60s all the way until the recent Star Trek movie. 

Of course in 2009, Leonard Nimoy returned to the role of Spock for JJ Abrams Star Trek movie. Here is a nice compilation of video interview clips he did promoting the film and talking about putting on the ears again (thanks to beyondspock).

Nimoy’s Oral History

Of course, Leonard Nimoy’s career is much bigger than just Star Trek, spanning back to the early 1950s. In 2000 Leonard Nimoy participated in an extensive interview with the Archive of American Televisions, covering his life’s work as an actor and director. Here is the full interview in eight parts.

…and finally

And since it is a Nimoy post, here is the obligatory Bilbo Baggins song video.


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Happy Birthday, Leonard Nimoy!

Happy Birthday, Sir!

Live Long and Prosper!

Happy Birthday and many more to come, LLAP Mr. Nimoy!!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Nimoy! Live long and prosper.

Best Wishes to you today, Mr. Nimoy!

Happy Birthday Mr. Nimoy!

If I could I’d post his version of “Sunny” which is just classic and I love it. Maybe on my blog.

My proudest moment was when you read my “let’s hope they don’t give older Spock sagging ears like Yoda!” line to the crowd at the Vegas Convention a couple of years back!

Happy birthday, sir!

Yay! Trekmovie remembered!

Happy Birthday Mr. Nimoy! We share the same birthday!

My favorite Nimoy cover version is “Put a little love in your heart” LOL!

“Sunny” is great to and “The Hammer Song”…….. oh I have to stop…..

Truly a great man and personal hero. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday and since its Mr. Spock….its only obligatory to say, “Live long and prosper!”

Happy Birthday, Mr. Nimoy. Thank you for giving Spock such soul and depth throughout the years!

Happy Birthday Leonard!

I tweeted my birthday video to TrekMovie. :D

Oh, and Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday. BTW: I still want you to adopt me.

Happy Birthday!

I adore Leonard Nimoy. He is truly a wonderful man who has enriched my life in many ways. I hope he has a wonderful birthday.

Happy birthday, sir!!

Happy birthday Mr. Nimoy. Thanks for all the joy you’ve given us. }:-D>

Happy birthday to a cultural legend of the 20th, 21st, and 23rd century’s!

Happy Birthday Mr Nimoy. Thank for Spock


Happy Birthday Mr Nimoy. Many happy returns from your British fans.

I would like to highly recommend that archive interview parts 1-8. its a facinating interview (excuse the pun).


Perhaps a Birthday wish would seem oddly self serving, but none-the-less thanks for making Spock who he is and take the time you need to enjoy your birthday.

Happy Birthday Mr. Nimoy! The world is a better place with you in it.

Happy Birthday Mr. Nimoy
Thanks for everything. I have enjoyed all your work over the years.
Signed A True Fan

Happy Birthday, Mr. Nimoy! You and I share the same birthday!

Happy Birthday, sir, yes, and many happy returns. Thank you for your wonderful work which has entertained and informed so many so well.

Happy birthday Mr. Nimoy, hope you continue to enjoy many more prosperous years.

Feliz Cumpleaños Mr Nimoy:)

Leonard! Happy B’day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please pormise you won’t do Dancing With The Stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday, surely the “best of times”.

happy birthday to live long and prosper mr spock!

Happy birthday Leonard

Happy Birthday. I love you. Please do some more Fringe. Your great in it. Live long and Prosper.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Nimoy!

Many worlds yet to conquer. Enjoy the trek, Leonard Nimoy.

A very big Happy Birthday to you Mr. Nimoy. Pointed ears or no, either way you are a wonderful human being.

Happy Birthday, Leonard!

Yes, today is the last day of the holy season of Shatmoy which began on Monday…

Mr. Nimoy Thank you for your wonderful work Happy Birthday



Happy birthday, Len! May you continue to live long and prosper!

I was just thinking to myself today why Spock is so compelling.
I remember when I was a little kid during the cold war the tension between the West and the Soviet Union never ended, there were all kinds of human rights abuses all around the world; chaos and insecurity was a way of life pretty much everywhere.

I found in Star Trek, and particularly the Spock character, a recognition of those problems, their explanation, and how to tackle them. Kirk was a symbol of the human heart and Spock was logic; the message I got from ST was that both complete one another and that if humanity can balance both it could avoid having to live in a Cold War style world.

Happy birthday Mr. Nimoy and thank you for thought provoking character.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Nimoy! Live Long and Prosper!

Happy Birthday Leo!!!

Many happy returns of the day, Mr. Nimoy. May your fondest wish come true.

Happy Birthday