Preview Photos and Video From Saturday Star Trek: The Experience Warehouse Sale

As reported earlier, there will be a warehouse sale on Saturday in Las Vegas, selling off many of the assets from Star Trek The Experience, which closed at the Las Vegas Hilton in 2008. We now have more photos and video from the warehouse so you can see what is left and what you might want to pick up.


Star Trek: The Experience Warehouse Sale

Once again, here is a quick summary of the event

When:     Saturday April 10th, 10 am – 3 pm
66 Spectrum Blvd. Las Vegas, NV [MAP]
    Warehouse sale to focus mostly on some of the larger items from STTE
  Cash or check NO CREDIT CARDS. Items are “as is” must be removed by 3 pm.

There are hundreds of items available, most of which will range in price from $50-$500.

Also mention TrekMovie and get a free pair 3-D glasses from the "Borg Invasion 4D" ride and a free original ticket to the Experience (no purchase necessary)

Photos and Video

Former ST: The Experience cast member Vernon Wilmer, who is making a documentary on ST:TE, has just put out this video from his visit to the warehouse.

Vernon has also posted a bunch of pictures on Photobucket. Here are a few of the images.

Enterprise D bridge pieces

Translight panels

Retail Counter – could make base for a great desk!


Borg head

Barrels and set pieces

For much more on the auction, including larger versions of the pictures, visit the Star Trek Auction Blog, Propworx, and Wilmer’s Photobucket.

The Ships

Star Trek: The Experience used to have four giant ship models: Enterprise-refit, Enterprise-D, Voyager and Klingon Bird of Prey. All are now in the warehouse, but most of the Enterprise-D didn’t make the move. While not officially part of the warehouse sale, you can check them out and if you are interested in buying one, you can ask one of the Propworx people about it. For these items, you wouldn’t have to cart it away by the end of the day.

Parts for the ships


Saucer for refit



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I wish it was later on in the summer. I really wanted to attend this !

Its painful to see.

@ Horatio

Yea, it really is. But i’m sure the experience will be back one day, in the foreseeable future.

Such a shame to see some of these pieces in such a state.

Man i miss that like hell. Managed to get there August before it closed and remember Jeff from behind the bar. This video only proves how dedicated the staff were to the Experience and IF this new Experience goes ahead, i want all of those people back in action or it simply will not be the same.

Damn the music in the video, so dramatic it brought a tear to my eye!

I’m surprised none of the trek items are not up for bid on Ebay or just straight pricing so those of us living hundreds or thousands of miles could also get a piece of trek history. It would have been nice to let Ebay do charity bidding for in memory of Jill Ireland,Bibi Besch,Jeanne Baul, breast cancer reserch and cure and Majel Barrett Leuchemia society. And Gene (The man) american heart acc. Just a thought

wow, takes me back. Got to visit three times over the years. So sad to see it all that way. I hope folks get some cool stuff tomrrow. Wish I could be there!

Great video… would love to go there with a cube van!

That’s sad.

Nothing else to say, just


wow guys that is really sad.
darn it.

Truly hard to believe Paramount can’t find a way to make a buck with all this great stuff. What about a Trek camp for fans who want full immersion? What about another auction? What about giving a frak about a franchise that’s earned you over a billion dollars???

Ooopsie, I over-ranted. Obviously, there is a sale. But, otherwise… Paramount, consider yourself ranted at!!!

No#8 sounds like he is setting out to do some serious assimilating! Great idea! Seeing this sad sight I thank you for a bit of Borg humor! I will never understand why this happened I think here in Atlanta we would have given trek a nice home. We are always looking for new sites. But as I said before money for charitable as I mentioned before would have been the trek thing to do. Oh let’s not forget about Haiti. They too could have used the raised money. Atleast some sense and meaningful closure would have been meaningful.

It looks like the Enterprise-D was cut apart, probably to get it out of the Hilton. I doubt there was any real possibility of using the ships again.

I want that Voyager model.

wow those parts have seen better days. Looks like trash collectors just tossed them in a pile or something. Its a real shame everything in the star trek universe has a real meaning for me.

After watching the video its even worse. While i don’t care about the corridors and tables and such, those models deserved far better treatment than that. It breaks my heart to see it like that. At least I know the actual filming models were well kept and sold off to people that will actually take care of them.

I went there all the time when I lived in Vegas. it was always so much fun to immerse my self in the 24th century. Eating and drinking at Quarks was always so much fun. I will miss my fav drink. The Warp Core Breach. I miss all the Arguments with the Ferrengi I used to have on how much I was over charged for admission. Lol. I hope one day they bring it back and make it a little more fresh.

I really wish I would have been able to make it out to Vegas to see this before it closed.

I hope they at least have SOME TOS and 24th century Trek in the revamp and its not just all stuff from the new movie.

I mean, I liked the new movie. I really did. But I also loved the 80s and 90s movies, and all the other old shows.

what is the music from?

That was the saddest video I’ve seen in a long time.
They didn’t have to throw all of that “garbage” away.

Seeing the Star Trek models laying around like they are in a space junkyard breaks my heart.

Seeing the ships all beat to hell is heart-breaking. Seeing them throw out things i would drool over and steal in a heart beat is quite sad. I understand dismantling and selling. but that is just wasteful to destroy and throw away things. Particularly when you could sell every last scrap and still make money.

But the ships. My God, man, the ships.

I am disgusted by how badly treated the props were. You can see the difference in how Paramount is handling the property and CBS. Their is no reason for those props to be in the shape they are in, CBS did not/Does not care.

I am sickened.

This is really a heart breaker to see all these things that were once so familiar to me when ever we were staying at the Hilton and spending time in Quarks, which was mostly all day for me.

Those ships that hung from the ceiling on the Federation side of the restaurant that are now in pieces. Is just so terrible to see right now. I am sure they can be put back to gether but what are you going to do with some thing that huge?

Maybe this will prompt them to accelerate the building of STTE 2.0 or so I hope.

# 20 General Chang

From the beginning through the half of the videothe music was from

WALKING WITH DINOSAURS, a BBC documentary back in 1997 if I remember correctly.

I think it was the theme when dinosaurs died under different circumstances. Pretty fitting for this vid I think.

24…I agree. And as someone mentioned, why couldn’t the same care for all this been done as it was for the series and movies props. I’d bet Christie’s Auction would have agreed to hold another presentation and given fan’s a shot at these too…in good or present conditioned. And, I agree ’bout selling the junk pile too. Can you imagine having a piece of the corridor as part of the entryway to your house?

Oh, well.

Oh my god… that vid really made me sad…

that would be pretty badass to have one of the chairs from the Enterprise-D

They are just throwing that stuff away? Why? Can’t someone go get it and salvage whats being thrown. I have a building they can put it in!!!

Sad to see almost everything has been junked, but that’s the way things are done in Vegas: out with the old and in with the new. Time and tide waits for no Trek fan!
Jeez, if I had the means I’d totally spring for the con and ops stations. I love those couch seats!

This was both sad and nostalgic to watch. Hopefully it will all go to good homes and the experience will return one day.

As chance would have it my Wife and I are flying into Vegas tomorrow. Unfortunately it’s going to be after the auction. That being said, I plan to go over to that warehouse, and if possible liberate some of the garbage.

How can they not get this. The stuff that they are trashing is gold to some of us. Broken moldings, hatchways, key pads, I would pay for some of that, not a ton of money, but instead of them having to haul the stuff away, fans would be more than happy to buy it. Someone is being pretty stupid here. Be it CBS or the Auction company.

Can you imagine what the fully intact 1701 or 1701-D would have gone for? $5,000? $10,000?

How much now for the Saucer section, a few hundred? The engineering deck??? The same????

You just cannot understand how angered I am by this. Trek is part of the national culture, my god the original 1701 resides in the Smithsonian collection. These idiots managed to destroy part of that culture.

I don’t understand why they couldn’t have tried to take some care to actually PRESERVE this stuff when they took it down! It’s not like it’s 1968 and no one knows how valuable it is!

Un-believeable! Why do so many Trek artifacts get treated like crap?

Surely these people knew they could have sold those ships in better condition.

Were I supervising the deconstruction of the Experience, I would have been telling people “not a scratch” on ANY of it! Be careful with the props, etc., to ensure they remain in showroom condition!

Vegas indeed. This is what happens when you hand off such a treasure to a casino under new (Ferengi?) management. They probably had to move it out over one weekend to get that new nightclub up and running and the cash flowing in. I can just see a bunch of day workers with absolutely no idea what they were chopping down, stepping on and breaking up.

At least the previous owners housed it for us to enjoy even in the later years when it stopped making money for them.

Let’s hope the small stuff that’s coming up for auction at the convention was better cared for.

We still get sad whenever we walk by the old Experience entrance in the Hilton.

I was saddened by the fact that I was never able to make it out to Las Vegas to visit The Experience. I always wanted to go but just never traveled that way. Its sad to see the way the items were treated in fact its an insult to all the people who worked there and its visitors who cared so much about that place. Its really no surprise to me however knowing that Cedar Fair was involved. They dont give a damn about anything or their customers.

Wish I could attend!! It pains me to know of all the cool Trek goodies there and not being able to bring any back home to Georgia. Guess I’ll have to wait on the leftovers in the August online auction. Meanwhile scalpers will flood eBay with their finds of this weekend trying to make obscene profits like a rabid Ferengi.

The Borg alcoves remain the coolest part of what is for sale, imo. And one of the easiest parts to get working again, since those “lightning plates” are sold anywhere funky lighting is sold.

If I was employed… I would so be there.
Another pain inflicted by job loss!

Seeing those ships in that bad of condition…words cannot describe the horror I felt….


That video was a real punch in the gut. I never got to go to the Experience. But I always hoped to. The music in the video made me feel like someone took an axe and “murdered” a piece of Star Trek history.
Hopefully, those who were lucky enough to acquire ship models from the auction are treating them with the love and care they deserve.

But man, seeing those models, especially the Enterprise-D in such horrible condition, is so incredibly painful.

This is one “horror movie” I hope doesn’t get a sequel. :-(

Very sad to see so much valuable stuff end up being treated like crap.
Looks like most of it was ripped out of the Hilton and slung in the warehouse.
Clearly they had plans for it, otherwise they would not have kept it, so why treat it so badly?

Sad to see stuff like that, and I regret that as I’ve never made it to Vegas I was unable to attend the ST Experience. Its a shame that most of the physical aspects of Star Trek have simply been sold off. I thought it was a shame when they auctioned off all of the important models and such from the various movies and series’s. Seems like those belonged in a museum, but sadly it was not to be. Also sad to see the horrible shape they kept this stuff in. Voyager and Enterprise all cracked, stuff thrown out, that’s a treasure trove to us nerds.

What a travesty. I half expected a CBS exec to step out of the shadows and take a whiz on the wreckage just to insult Experience fans one last time.

Boy if I just had the money

Looks like Troi was driving again.

Oh Jeeezzz, how depressing, how sad….how bitter I feel….those pix and Vernons Great Video are just sad as hell….When I visited 2 weeks before closing I was able to say goodbye and see it intacf—Havent been back to the Hilton..never will again in fact to see it torn apart or down or whatever so looking at the debris like this…well….sad….

Ironic that the Experience is being sold the month of April, the name of one of the Experiences best loved employees, cast member….

Vernon continues to document and on such short notice puts such perfect background music to the devestation uhhh I mean the warehouse sale….Thanks Vernon Buddy! YOU ROCK!

I have to agree that the way it was all stored was a real good indication how much Paramount/’CBS cared about the Experience…if they had thought of using any of it they would have stored it far more carefully—

The pile of trek trash outside at the dumpster is incredible…so many memories I recognize almost every piece including the garbage pile….
I also think Paramount said hey sell it to those trekkie nerds they will buy anything….They treated it all like garbage….and now most of it looks like garbage…..

I knew the ship models would not survive being too big to move but we all did watch one of Vernons videos saving the Enterprise A so that should be in better condition….but probably not for sale anyway..I think the boss at the new location should get that as his prize…oh well….

Hey at least Vernon found one upright Borg ALcove so he didnt have to regenerate upside down heeheh

Overall I am astonished at all this….Makes me a lot less hopeful for the new Experience…As someone else above already said it was the employees and their dedication and acting artistry that made the experience come alive the most not these props and facades….and unless the new experience hires em..the magic will not be there…Thanks Vernon and Jeff n all you dedicated people..Love you all…

Sad…I guess the Star Trek Experience won’t be re-constituted now at downtown Vegas as originally hoped..

hope the stuff makes it to good homes…sorry to see the state of the large ships..

sad.. just sad… dumb Vegas Hilton.. just dumb…and shame on Creation for keeping the annual Star Trek convention there !

Who else agrees ?

yah dave i wrote adam n said if they wanted us to attend another con it would have to be someplace other than the hilton–what sucks last year it was bigger than ever–

Good ear, Captain Rickover… and you even got the exact point.

I never made it out to The Experience, but a cousin of mine was there for the opening, and I at least have a suvenier.

Boy, they must have been in a rush to get that space cleared. The moral: don’t hire the crew that packed up The Experience.