Preview Clip & Images From Big Bang Theory “The Wheaton Recurrence” + TBBT Star On Possible Nimoy Cameo

UPDATED: On Monday The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper will again take on his nemesis Star Trek The Next Generation’s Wil Wheaton in the episode "The Wheaton Recurrence". And now there are some images and a sneak peek video of the Wil/Sheldon showdown…a bowling showdown. Plus some new comments from TBBT star Jim Parsons about Wheaton and the possibility of a Leonard Nimoy cameo.


Preview for The Big Bang Theory "The Wheaton Recurrence"

Mixing his franchises, Wil Wheaton just announced via his Twitter "many Bothans died to bring you this", with a link to his YouTube upload of a preview clip from "The Wheaton Recurrence". Unfortunately Wil did not make the video available for embedding, so click the image to see it.


And IDW has posted some preview images and an on-set interview with Wheaton. Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon, talked about Wheaton possibly coming back, saying he thinks it will happen:

"I would think so. Nothing’s resolved. And I don’t think Sheldon ever gets to win in that situation. Not to spoil anything, but Sheldon wins a lot of the time, so it’s nice to have a good person come on and always get the best of him, because the rest of them don’t always. They try, [but] he’s too smart.

Preview images from Big Bang Theory "The Wheaton Recurrence"

What about Nimoy?

It has previously been reported The Big Bang Theory producer Bill Prady is interested in bringing in Leonard Nimoy for a cameo next season. Parson’s talked about the possibility:

I’m sure they’re trying. What’s funny is that he was kept so far away from Stan Lee, in jail and everything, and I’ve wondered if we ever got Leonard Nimoy on… I just feel like it would be the briefest of encounters. I feel like, once again, I wouldn’t get to see Leonard Nimoy more than two seconds, in the episode. Sheldon would flip though, he would explode.

More from Parson’s at

In the clip, Sheldon mentions that he is the proud owner of the domain for (and and Unfortunately there are no actual sites up at those domains, but checking the WHOIS on them reveals all three were purchased by Warner Brothers  (the producers of Big Bang Theory) on February 25th.


"The Wheaton Recurrence" will air Monday April 12 at 9:30 PM on CBS.

And if you missed it, here is the promo from CBS.







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Looks funny!

Looks to be funney. I like the Bowling shirts. But I knmow i can take those two out when it comes to bowling. Or would it be me from the Terran Empire. Hmmm.

I loved the “Wesley Crushers” bit. Was anyone else at the taping?

Wil is the coolest! Sorry the TNG writers couldn’t appreciate that.

Pooooor Leonard!!!!!!! *cries*

Should be hilarious!

It would be really great to see Leonard Nimoy on the Big Bang Theory,,
I would love to see Wiliam Shatner sneek in there as well.


Great Stuff

It’s sad that a piece of crap like this show survives while the much funnier Better Off Ted died. I guess people still want a “laugh track” to tell them what’s funny.

Another day, another Wheaton ‘story’. *SIGH*

I gotta get me one of those “The Wesley Crushers” T-shirts!!

Let’s hope they get Leonard next season! Make it so…

11 I think thats the back and its a bowling shirt

Leonard Nimoy oughta be a good sport, and do this. I’d love to see Shatner, too. That’d be wonderful.

wow he looks and talks the same as he did when he was 15….

#9 Woah, bitter much?

Actually, instead of seeing him do dull cameos in movies – I’d like to see Wil Wheaton digitally inserted into Stand By Me as the old author version of himself. Dreyfuss didn’t look a thing like Wheaton anyway, and Wil is old enough by now surely.
I want to hear him say “Chopper, Sick Balls” in his narrator voice.


16 – that’s actually a pretty cool idea. Stand By Me is still one of my favs…

I saw Wheaton in Leverage. I’m sorry to say I was appalled by his acting. I’m not a drama critic, but still, even I could tell it was bad….Speaking of Leverage, I was a big fan in season 1…. but season 2? I watched the first 3-4 episodes and gave it up. Something went wrong in season 2….

“Imrahil – April 10, 2010

It’s sad that a piece of crap like this show survives while the much funnier Better Off Ted died. I guess people still want a “laugh track” to tell them what’s funny.”

How can you be a “Trek” fan and not love Big Bang Theory as well? It’s hilarious? My wife, which barely tolerates my geeky qualities just loves all the nerdy characters on this show! And there is no laugh track, a number of posters here have been to tapings of the show. Now Two & a Half Men might have laugh tracks… Well, they don’t have a starring actor right now… but… you know what I mean…

Because the intelligence level of the humor in that show is appallingly low, that’s why. The 3-camera, before-a-live-studio-audience sitcom is dead, and rightly so. The last funny sitcom in that format ended 10 years ago.

If Nimoy was to do one more thing, he NEEDS to do this. BBT is too funny not to have him! Huh…and maybe, just maybe…Shatner would be on screen with him.

I really want to see those two together in something one more time.

The BIg Bang Theory is the first show that I ever liked Will Wheaton on. I’d like to see Leonard beat him this time though.

#9, #18, #19
I completely agree with Imrahil. The show sucks. The characters are all over-exaggerated annoying stereotypes who would, in real life, not fit in either a science crowd OR a sci-fi crowd. This show helps propogate the stereotypes that make Star Trek seem uncool to the mainstream, because people accociate the Trek with socially retarded people like those portrayed on this show.

There is only two things I like about TBBT — the trek references (but even those are kinda forced, lame and unnecessary) and the fact that Wheaton has been on there. Wheaton kicks so much ass

Have you tried etc as there is something there.

#22 – Couldn’t disagree more. I’m sorry, but I’ve MET every single one of those “characters”. Stereotypes are often in existence for a reason. … and I don’t think this propagates the stereotypes in a negative fashion. (Well, except maybe for Sheldon). This makes me think “wow… geeks are mainstream! I love it!”

People who associate socially-retarded dweebs with Star Trek are NOT the audience this show is shooting for. The audience is US.

..and if we can’t laugh at ourselves… then seriously… we need to find a new hobby. :)

(…and no, there is no laugh-track. It’s a live audience, and I’d kill to attend a taping.) :)

That all said… I *NEED* to have one of those “Wesley Crushers” bowling shirts. :D

Live audience = Laugh track, for all intents and purposes. It’s still telling the at-home players when to laugh at stuff.

The “comedy” is just really broad and not very witty. It’s typical sitcom fare. And I don’t mean that as a compliment.

#10: Dont click on them if you dont like them.

HAHAHAHA This show amazes me!!! I can’t wait for the fourth season already. It’s one of my favorite all-time shows of course. One word, HILARIOUS! :D