Zoe Saldana: Star Trek Sequel Filming Dates To Be Set Within Month

Zoe Saldana is all over the place right now. She is in the film Death at a Funeral that opened last weekend, in The Losers, opening next Friday and Avatar is released on DVD & Blu-ray this week, plus a bunch of magazine covers. Not surprisingly her schedule is starting to fill up, and in a new interview she outlined what is next, including an update on the Star Trek sequel schedule.


Zoe’s busy schedule with 2 more films then Trek and Avatar sequels

In recent interviews a number of Star Trek actors have made guesses as to when the Star Trek sequel will begin shooting. Now it appears they will be getting a more definitive answer soon. In an interview promoting The Losers, Zoe spoke to the Philippine Daily Inquirer about her plans, including Star Trek. Here is an excerpt:

Of the “great projects” that she has been developing, Zoe is especially excited about “a film with Joel Schumacher—he’s on my bucket list” and “a small New York romantic movie that’s very personal, my way of going back to my roots and little stories that mean so much.”

Zoe is hoping to make these films before she does “Star Trek 2.” “Within a month, we’ll have specific filming dates for ‘Star Trek 2,’ ” she revealed. “So we have to do whatever we have to do before the Enterprise comes calling.”

So it looks like Paramount is getting ready to set up their Star Trek sequel schedule. The film is due to be released June 29, 2012.

Saldana in "The Losers"  (Warner Brothers)

As for her next trip the Pandora, Saldana sees the Avatar sequel as more long term, and she also feels that she is going to need extra time to prepare to go blue again. Here is an excerpt from a report (via ReelLoop) from The Losers press conference:

[Jim Cameron] already knows how I like to approach it,” says Saldana. “I need at least 6 to 7 months of training and stuff to get into Neytiri again and whatever’s going to happen is going to happen.

Zoe will next be seen in The Losers, opening Friday April 23rd. Here is a new commercial, featuring lots of Zoe.

And you can also bring Zoe home this week in Avatar, which comes out on Thursday April 22nd on DVD and Blu-ray.

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Finally some news that…well we might have news about when they’ll start filming.

Zoe looks great, and was a great Uhura. Here’s to a long and successful career.

great news

Let’s hope it is more progress on Trek XII etc.

She was one of the best casting choices for the new Star Trek cast.

That photo of Zoe with the machine gun… my brain turns it into a phaser rifle, and I start thinking that Action Sequence!Uhura might not be such a bad idea. :D

As John Cho says, theirs no script yet.

The movie is still FAR AWAY. still 2 years until its release date and i bet the writing team wants the sequel to be really good. So i’m sure their taking their sweet time.

Very interesting news… und in China ist ein Sack Reis umgefallen!!


Yes, finally=)
Im so happy she told the Philippine Daily Inquirer first :D


So schauts aus…wie Gebabbel um nix. Etwas öde um Trek im Moment, die alten DVDs müssen richten. DS9 third season i´m coming….

Zoe is the best Uhura ever, period full stop. Looking forward to the next one!

12, gotta disagree. Considering there’s only been 2, I still have to go with Nichelle. I think one of the problems is the original Uhura hardly got any screen time and this one got too much of it, and though I think Zoe did a good job, I wouldn’t say I was impressed. I’m still in the “Karl Urban is the most under-rated of the new cast” corner. But of course all of this is opinion, and we’re all entitled to ours.

13. Yeah I think Nichelle was the best too. But, hey, everyone don’t get me wrong, Zoe was an awsome Uhura too!

Wow is she ever busy! (though I don’t see what the release of Avatar on DVD has to do with her scedule)

I really want to see this “The Losers” thing.

Give Uhura more then one fight scene, Maybe with a Phaser Rifle?

Maybe “SOON” we will see a message from Orci Prime saying, the script is written….or somethin like that—


Yes, I hope so too. It would/could be bad if we go back to the Berman way of doing things: set everything in stone BEFORE we have a story, let alone a script.

Wait… when did Paramount issue a projected release date for Trek XII? Did I miss that little tidbit?

She got far too much screen time in the Trek, which I can understand as females where always downplayed in TOS unless they were villains.

‘Within a Month’ – yeah right… why does she always come out with this crap. It’ll happen when it happens lets not all get impatient.

Another vote for Nichelle here as well. Zoe was ok, but I thought the character was unprofessional in the new movie. She seemed more concerned about herself and her love life than doing a proper days work!
Not Zoe’s fault I know, but it made it hard to warm to the charcter.

@20 “She seemed more concerned about herself and her love life than doing a proper days work!”

What movie did you see? She came off as very disciplined and professional.

@19 What crap? do you have other references of things she has said that were wrong?

I see they are still calling it Star Trek 2 as though they are unaware there already is a Star Trek II.

16 and 17

I am hoping that after the Abrams trilogy that Trek will get back to the Prime universe.

800 days until the Star Trek sequel!!!

#23 – We need a countdown clock! But, I can’t wait 800 days.

Oh, why is Obama making us wait until June 29, 2012? grin


#22 i think i see what they are doing here…pay CAREFUL ATTENTION TO HOW IT’S SAID/WRITTEN… yes there already was a Star Trek II, but there wasnt a Star Trek 2…you think theyre interchangeable, but I think JJ and co. are quite aware of the difference between the Roman Numeral Star Trek II and the American Number Star Trek 2, which is why they are using that… it is very much in the spirit of JJ’s ‘in the spirit of’ technicality style… yes technically it is both Star Trek XII AND Star Trek 2…twelfth film overall but 2nd in this iteration of Trek so technically Star Trek 2 is a correct term for the film, especially since this is a different trek from 1-10…

Zoe’s gonna be in a Joel Schumacher movie? Well, that’ll be one Zoe movie I won’t be able to watch… Schumacher movies make me physically ill…

#26 What’s an “American Number”? Do you mean Arabic?


26 don’t you also mean I-X?


Gotta disagree. TOS–TREK has too many males; too many male leads; too many white male leads; not enough females; not enough people of color; not enough aliens in lead roles; not enough aliens period. Modern TREK TV series did a better job in this area.

TREK does poorly in foreign markets and with female demographics, so it was good to see Abrams attempt to solve these two problems, even if he was unsuccessful doing so with both. Abrams and company will continue to have to deal with theses factors if this new movie franchise is to be more successful. Giving more screen time to a female character was a step in the right direction. They still have a ways to go though.

I liked Zoe in Trek.
She was a believable Uhura.
Shes gorgeous and has some acting chops.
I was really surprised with what she and the character did

Cant wait for star trek XII! Zoe in star trek was so cool such a great actor Avatar, Star trek, The Losers she is in all the big stuff. Great actor. :)

@ Buzz Cagney, was it hard to warm to Kirk’s character too, considering he pretty much topped everyone in terms of being unprofessional? :)

Loved the entire new cast, and I’m so excited they’ll all be back.

Damn she’s HOT!!!! I love her!!!