Canadians Want William Shatner As Governor General

It seems that the people of Canada are yearning for some awesome. There are renewed calls for William Shatner to return to his native land and take on the role of Governor General. But is Bill willing to heed the call? All the latest on that, plus a great new photo of Bill and LeVar Burton. 


Governor Shatner?

The role of Governor General in Canada is primarily ceremonial. While the Prime Minister runs things, Queen Elizabeth II is still technically the head of state, and the Governor General is her representative. The current Governor General is Michaelle Jean, who will soon be ending her term. In recent weeks there have been more and more calls for Canada to bring home one of its greatest sons, William Shatner. Not only is there a Facebook page with 2,275 fans dedicated to the notion, but Shatner’s name keeps coming up in the mainstream Canadian press.

Now a new (unscientific poll at TheMarkNews) online poll has Shatner as the clear front runner, with 39% in a field of ten potential GGs. Paraplegic athlete and activist Rick Hansen is running a distant second with 13% and musician Leonard Cohen is third with 9%.

So what does Bill think of all this Canadian hubbub? TrekMovie tweeted him today for a reaction, and Bill just sent out this tweet:

I’m being drafted by various groups to run for Governor General. Would they accept me if I campaign for salmons’ rights? My best, Bill

This is not the first time the subject of Governor General has come up. Last year Shatner discussed the subject on his video blog.

Shat + LeVar

In other Shatner news, both Bill and LeVar Burton (and some other Trek celebs) attended the Anaheim Comic Con where they did a lot of autographic for the fans. During the event, LeVar sent out the tweet "Me & The Shat" with this picture…

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LeVar Burton & William Shatner
(LeVar Burton Twitter)

And today Bill sent the following tweet:

I saw @levarburton the other day. He was putting ointment on his lips. Then he tried to kiss me. Why did he need ointment? My best, Bill


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i want 7 of 9 to be my governor general!

If not, then captain kirk is ok!


Except that Michaelle Jean is a woman, not a man…..

“Canadians Want William Shatner As Governor General”

Damn straight!

Or maybe he could run for Prime Minister? :-)

Cool pic of Levar and Bill

I’ve lived in Canada my whole life and I can tell you, there is a type of reverse-discrimination going on when they choose a Governor General. To show our country’s diversity, they always pick Asian, Haitian, etc.

Bill is far too WASPY to ever be in serious contention for the position.

Stupid friggin’ policy, eh?

I think it would be Fantastic. Shatner might make better environmental policies.

@1… Good idea, except 7of 9 is from Kentucky, or at least she went to high school here.

yknow what the trek sequel needs?

a little sprinkle of SHAT

GET THAT MAN IN THE MOVIE! i dont care how just get him in there!

@6 Yeah slight problem, with your very ill informed post. 25 of the 27 Governor Generals of Canada have been white.

It’s annoying when the facts get in the way isn’t it??

@ #6… The reverse of discrimination is acceptance. There is NO SUCH THING as “reverse discrimination”. Also, WASP means ‘White Anglo-Saxon Person(s)’, which Mr. Shatner is NOT. He is Jewish of Austrian, Polish, & Hungarian descent. WASP refers to people of British descent.

On th eplus side, it’s a shame one can only be president of the U.S.of A. by being a natural born citizen. Bill for Prez!!

Bill is from Montreal, and being from Quebec is a shoe in for any federal government job.

Here’s the FB Campaign to have the Shat made an Honourary Captain in the RCN.!/group.php?gid=113324727678&ref=ts


This is definitely a little bit of awesome. Good for Mr. Shatner.

#11 Depends on what that *really* means. I mean, “natural born” suggests not-by-Caesarean. ;)

As Bill never took American citizenship, though he fails on the citizen count. However, after his performance at the Olympics, along with his classic Molson commercial… he IS CANADIAN! And a good Governor General he would make!

@10 You have to understand the angst of some Canadians, in that the past 2 governors-general haven’t been “native” Canadians, but first an immigrant from Hong Kong, and then an immigrant from Haiti. Considering that until 1952, there hadn’t been a Canadian-born GG, it’s a fair concern that some have.

But with Shatner, you get a Montrealer, who is fluent in English and French, a McGill-educated actor, a Canadian-born gentleman, and someone that both Anglo and Franco can enjoy serving all Canada. I’d sure like to see Bill do a dramatic ‘singing’ of the Anthem!

The bonus is he should have no problem with the key role: Standing In For The Queen. :)

Why not! Shat would be great as GG. Not the 1st star in Politics. Great for Canada just 7:13:07 PM us borrow him from time to time ok?
By the way WASP is. White anglo saxon Protestant. Ok?

This Slang WASP dates back to the mid 60s


You’re missing the point! What I described has been the last two GG’s . Now they’re talking about picking Rick Hansen, a guy in a wheelchair! Because he’s qualified? No, because he’s in a friggin’ WHEELCHAIR!! He has absolutely NO qualifications for the position!

I see a pattern, even if you don’t!

Wake up and smell the coffee….you can bet the next G.G. will be someone who is….”unique”!

God forbid they consider someone who would be GOOD at the job!

Total bullsh*t!

@17 Actually, Rick Hansen’s humanitarian work makes him very qualified for the position. It’s annoying when facts get in the way, isnt it?

Jean has been doing a great job as GG. I think she’s great.

But no, lol most Canadians do not want William Shatner as the GG. I mean we like him and all but….haha you can’t be serious.

Oh, I don’t want Shatner as GG…that would just continue the joke postings of the past few years. The last two people chosen were journalists, for God’s sake…..yeah, like that takes talent!

How about somebody with a political sciences background?

Nah, that makes too much sense!

Governor General > Prime Minister.

Shatner for Premier of Quebec! :D

I, Shat.
King of Kanada.

If this actually happened I might just have to move up north. I mean given the way things seem to be going here, I’m looking at either Canada or the UK anyways, but that might be the decision maker.

I would be very proud to have Shatner as the GG. Throne speeches at the start of a new Parliament would have a bit more “cool” factor. I’m definitely all for this!

If the Shatner gets to be Governor General, then Bret “Hit Man” Hart should be his right hand man!

Wooo….I’m moving to Canada so theShat can be my captain (of state).

George says “Oh My!!…Bill ruined my birthday!!” at this story…lol

Go Shat!

Well, why not? I’m Canadian and I can’t see the harm in it. It’s not as though the Governor General has any real power or responsibility.

# 19

I’m a journalist with a political sciences background. In my newsroom, my colleagues have degrees in sociology, sociology of religion, Canadian history and Can-lit and French-Can lit. Oh, and we’re all bilingual, by the way, and follow Canadian news from Quebec and ROC sources.

In fact, you’ll find many people in the profession who have advanced degrees as well, and are well-rounded academically, and are politically and socially aware.

Like another poster has already noted, “It’s annoying when the facts get in the way isn’t it?”

Try getting some. Facts I mean. Before you express yourself.

“Nah, that makes too much sense!”

Could you imagine any world leader today at all not wanting to shake hands with William Shatner as GG of Canada? There’s just an aura of awesomeness there that none of them can touch.

Wow, how refreshing to see Canadians bashing each other.
Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

31. Yeah, I like a good fight. That’s why I’m a francophone living in Western Canada! ; )

you guys forgot to mention that the last two GGs of Canada have been Jouralists for the CBC/RadCan as well. The GG role has been in recent years to promote Canada to the rest of the world, etc. Yes, the post is mostly just ceremonial, but the GG is the only one that can dissolve Parliment. Adrienne Clarkson spend far too much of tax payers money during her time as GG.. Michaelle Jean has done a wonderful job in her time… Rick Hanson would be a great choice. But I can also see Shatner as GG. He is a very patriotic Canadian and would do a great job of being our Head of State…. but I don’t think he would want to give up his acting to do so.

Forget governor The Shat needs to hold out for the one world government and go for supreme ruler.

Shatner could be High president of Earth and it still wouldn’t be enough.

Emperor Shat! Nothing less..

I think Geddy Lee should be Governor General.


Not good enough by half!

No wonder the really talented people stick to the private sector!

It doesn’t matter that much whether Shatner actually will be GG. It’s cool enough it’s being discussed…:)

@31: You know we’ll all end up apologizing to each other over large double-doubles in the morning though… :D

I love the Shat.

No. 7 – Chris Dawson

The governor-general cannot make any policies because the position is ceremonial, not a policy maker.

I totally oppose the Shat as next General-Governor if offered. He is absolutely against the seal hunt which is very important to my province where I grew up.

Imagine that he could ask the Parliament to remove seal meat from their menu in the cafeteria.

This is so unlikely. He has too many projects going for taking a hiatus or an exile for a five-year mission in Ottawa.

Let’s read the article before getting all wound up. It seems pretty clear that the consensus in Canada is that the time has come from a member of the First Nations to serve as Governor General. Shatner is not being considered seriously.

#6, wow… WASPY? Shatner is Jewish and proud of that heritage, lol don’t make your foolishness so public.

I say it’s time. The salmon have been oppressed for too long!

I am a Yan, but why would you want your Governor General to be someone who–albeit one of your best known countrymen–has not lived in the country for decades?

The Shat should be Governor General — no doubt about it.

Why not…