CelebWatch: See Hemsworth as Thor, Pink Bike Pegg & Pine & Snape + Zoe’s Shoe Problem + more

There is a lot of Star Trek celeb news this week. We start off with some images: papa Kirk (Chris Hemsworth) as Thor, Simon Pegg going viral on a pink bike, and Chris Pine hanging with Snape. Plus Zoe Saldana is having trouble with her shoes since Star Trek, Damon Lindelof in the new Time, and Kate Mulgrew is going to be Cleopatra.



Hemsworth as Thor

Chris Hemsworth got a lot of buzz for his portrayal of the doomed George Kirk in last year’s Star Trek, which he leveraged into the the title role for the upcoming Thor movie. Today Paramount Pictures released the first image of Chris Hemsworth as Marvel’s god of thunder (below). Kenneth Branagh’s Thor May 6 2011.

Going from a Kirk to a god was a small step for Hemsworth

Pegg gets tough – on a little pink bike

In the last day a hilarious picture of Simon Pegg looking tough on a little pink bike has surfaced and gone viral (see below). Pegg has joined in on the fun himself via his Twitter.   

Pegg + little pink bike = awesome

It’s Kirk and Snape!

Speaking of Kirks, Chris Pine was spotted this week at the New York premiere of Mother and Child. He was photographed with veteran Brit actor Alan Rickman, known to the young generation as Professor Snape in the Harry Potter films. This was a reunion for Pine and Rickman who starred together in the 2008 wine-themed indie film Bottle Shock.

Alan Rickman and Chris Pine attend the “Mother and Child” premiere at the High Line Park on April 26, 2010 in New York City

Lindelof on Time 100 + Abrams on Time 100 poll list

Time Magazine has released their Time 100 issue for 2010, which is their list of the 100 "people who most affect our world." And on the list is Star Trek producer (and Trek sequel producer and co-writer) Damon Lindelof. He is listed with his fellow Lost showrunner for making "viewers’ heads hurt so good" for the six years of the hit series that no other team has been able to replicate. JJ Abrams, who co-created Lost with Damon, didn’t make the Time editor’s list this year (he has in the past), but he did make the top 100 for the poll of time readers

Carlton and Damon on the set of "Lost"

Zoe’s shoe struggles after Trek and Avatar + Losers struggles at box office

Zoe Saldana, Star Trek’s new Uhura, has revealed she has struggled to walk in high-heels after all her latest action movie work. In comments given to the Press Association, Saldana revealed:

I did a comedy where I had to wear heels, which felt strange – after Star Trek and Avatar I couldn’t even walk in shoes at all, I said, ‘what are these?’

Speaking of struggling, Zoe’s latest action film The Losers, is looking more and more like a box office fizzle. The film opened last weekend in 4th place with only $9.4 Million. As the film had a relatively low budget ($25 Million) it is too early to say if it will lose money, but so far The Losers isn’t a winner.

Zoe Saldana wearing some spiky heels at the "Losers" premiere in Hollywood last week

Robinson and Mulgrew on CT stage

There is Connecticut stage news for a couple of Star Trek alums. First up, Andrew Robinson (DS9: Garak) is performing now in The Battle of Black and and Dogs at the Yale Repertory Theatre in New Haven, CT. The play runs until May 8th (more info at yalerep.org). And it has just been announced that Kate Mulgrew (VOY: Janeway) will be starring as the Queen of the Nile in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra, running October 7 to November 7 at the Hartford Stage in Hartford, CT. 

Robinson in "The Battle of Black and and Dogs"

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Zoe has shoe or foot problems….??? Not from where I am sitting!

First Thor picture looks pretty cool. Still a lot to be seen to determine if it’s gonna be any good. *fingers crossed*

It’s too bad that The Losers looks like a flop. I haven’t seen it yet, but I thought it looked good. Won’t stop me from seeing it.

My sense (as to why it may be a flop) is that it is hard to pin down. Sure, it’s obviously an action flick, but even though I’ve seen the comercials I would be going in completely blind as to what the story is all about. It doesn’t have a definable “This is the general lines the story is going to follow” feel to it. Also, none of the actors are immediatly recognizable (except for zoe who ends up not getting much commercial time). So, while it may be a great film, the marketing campaign is not being so hot, by not really letting us know what the movie is all about.

nice shoes …lovely feet mmmmm

Remember, Alan Rickman was also “Dr. Lazarus” in perhaps one of the best Star Trek homages ever to grace the silver screens, “Galaxy Quest”!!!!!

By Grabthar’s Hammer… he’s still awesome.

I’ve heard that “The Losers” was very funny. I haven’t seen it. So is it a comedy or an action film?

Darn, The Losers sucks? I was acually really looking forward to it, haven’t seen it yet, but am still going to (with an open mind).

3. You have an extremely GOOD point….

Zoe has lovely everything-visible.

DAMN!!! Zoe is FINE!!! Words are not enough…!!!

I prefer my Thor more Kirby-esque, but he’ll do! =D

Kirk and Dr Lazurus – together at last

re GQ i know Greenwood was great and all JFK like but imagine if Tim Allen had been Pike! thatd have been so awesome…

“your father was Captain of a Starship for 12 minutes. He saved 800 lives. Including your mother’s and yours. Never give up, never surrender. “

Snape and Kirk amazing pic Chris looks mighty fine in my opinion.

CP and Alan Rickman were in Bottle Shock(2008), too.

Where is my Galaxy Quest sequel?

Chris Hemsworth is Thor.


Becuth it hurtth.

I didn’t see DS9 until last year, but Andrew Robinson really shone and made me like the character of Garak. Glad to see he’s still strutting his stuff.

By Grabthar’s hammer! Dr. Lazarus and Captain Kirk finally together!

I wonder what sc-fi-tv-show people watch in the Star Trek universe? Perhaps Galaxy Quest?


He was also great as the serial killer in “Dirty Harry”. Andrew also appeared on an episode of “The X-Files” in which he played a guy who turns into a wolf and kills people.

I want those shoes!!!

If you go into “The Losers” looking for a good time and taking its commercials and trailers at face value, you’ll have a blast. It’s light on drama, and shallow as can be, but it was a hell of a fun action movie, with tons of comedy. The characters, while not deep in any sense, are all very cool, funny, and each is unique. It was a really good waste of two hours. Go see it.

Oh, and Zoe is HOOOTTT!!! And If you only go to see her, you won’t be disappointed.

I just saw The Losers. I loved it. It was a fun and funny comic book movie in the style of Kick Ass, and I got to see some parts of Zoe I hadn’t seen before. Zoe was great in it. It’s set up for a sequel, and I hope it does well enough to get one.

Thor-chris h. looks good for the part but i am not fond of the beard n the rubbery black batman like suit hes wearing–hope it doesnt have rubber nipples on it–i also agree they shoulda made his outfit more kirby-esque -i realize the original was primary colors think supermanish-but they coulda paid homage to kirby with costumes closer to the original-heres hoping some of it looks kirby like–i woulda made it look kinda new gods-ish-that coulda been awesome-oh well-sigh-

Chris Pine and Alan Rickman together… I think I just had a heart attackfrom so much awesome-ness!

Pine could play Tim Allen’s son in the sequel to Galaxy Quest.

It could be about the old crew and the stars of the more recent “Galaxy Quest The New Crew” rivalry and how they have to team up to actually save the universe.

yeah good idea and call it Galaxy Quest: The Next Generation

No, Galaxy Quest – The New Crew

if GQ had been a major hit (like 500m) i wonder if theyd be on about GQ 4 by now and what that wouldve meant for star trek in general?

Very true. I think it only doubled it’s budget world wide.

It captured more of the essence of Star Trek than what the current run of Star Trek films were.

I would love to know if there were things nailed in GQ that influenced goals set when writing the story for the last Star Trek.

Man, another douchey hat from CP.

Hemsworth looks good. Costume’s a little cartoonier than I would have expected, but it’s all in the direction anyway. Bring it on, Branagh!

Chris Hemsworth was great in Star Trek 2009 – a long way from his days on Home&Away!

Great picture of Chris Pine and Alan Rickman. Loved them in Bottle Shock. Chris is *my* captain and Alan makes a good Snape. So good to see them again and at the premiere of Mother and Child. It sounds like a fascinating movie. Love to hear what you guys thought of it.
Can’t wait to see Chris again in the next Star Trek. Not soon enough. Alan Rickman needs a part in Star Trek and we know what a good baddie he can play (Die Hard, Harry Potter) or maybe he could be a good guy!
Chris – you look as awesome as ever. Take care. Love ya.

Andrew Robinson is THE BEST!!! I saw Battle of Black and Dogs a couple of weeks ago and it was definitely worth watching. Glad Robinson is still out there!