Super 8 Teaser Online + Official Site & Viral Site

After rumors and speculation it was finally confirmed last week that JJ Abrams’ next project as a director will the alien mystery Super 8, a collaboration with Steven Spielberg. The first teaser trailer was shown with Iron Man 2 over the weekend and is now available online. There is also an official website and a viral site. See it all below.


Super 8 Teaser

The trailer is available now in HD at, and also embedded below.

Super 8 website and viral site

This new movie already has an official site at, but not much going on there for now, but you can register for updates. 

Official "Super-8" site

However, as this is a JJ Abrams project, there is more to it. Close examination of frames from the trailer reveals the url for another site And there is some interesting stuff going on there. When you first visit you are presented with a old style computer interface (circa 1979).

"Super 8" Viral site

When you click through the interface eventually you get to what appears to be an application download, which is counting down.

"Super 8" Viral site – countdown

The countdown seems to indicate there will some reveal on this site on May 15th.


POLL: Are you ready to go retro in Super-8?

So is all this mysterious Abrams/Spielberg stuff working on you? Are you already interested in this film?




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I have watched the trailer and can’t say I’m impressed so far!

Can’t wait to see more upcoming trailers of this!

I suppose, the viral story will rock, like it did at Cloverfield and Star Trek ARG.
We at Unfiction are about to follow it intensively :-)
Join us there:

Fair play to J.J. and the lads, they sure know how to give you a bit of suspense

Check this out:

Looking forward to see what this is about.

What’s up with a simple truck taking out an entire train. I’m pretty sure the train would drive straight through, even if shrapnel got between the wheels. Still, looks interesting. It has that same mystery around it that Cloverfield had.
really does feel like a dos prompt…almost!


edit autoexec.exe


edit c:\autoexec.bat

is this the long awaited sequel to Mac and Me with a jacked Mac?

1979? Now I know who to blame for polyester silk-screened shirts that made my pits stink like Area 51: space aliens!

Steven Spielberg doing aliens again….. No surprise there, he keeps going back to them as they made him famous yanno…..

J.J. Abrams being super secretive again….. No surprise here as well…..

The two of them working together on something like this….. THAT’S THE SURPRISE FOLKS….

Meh. Hulk III without the name Hulk.

Anyone notice that JJ’s name had a bit of lens flare with it? lol

As Trek ARG’s ending was quite a dissapointment, I hope they learned their lesson if they start another one.

Not MS DOS – More like what you might see on a DEC PDP11 or the like.

Still with the lens flares? The stuff that wasn’t actual footage looked like it was right out of a Star Trek trailer.

At 1:24 there is a kid’s face. He doesn’t look happy. Maybe it’s a young JJ having trouble getting the lens flares right.

Lot’s of things about this reminds me of Close Encounters except everything gone wrong. The opening has a great panorama of the countryside…The pick-up truck…the voices on the radio ala air traffic controllers.

And I will say it again. Maybe I don’t know too much about how that particular boxcar works but if you are able to turn the wheel to open the door why do you bash the hell out of it to get out?

Stupid monster.

What’s a viral site?


maybe the guy in the yellow truck was driving back from a viewing of TMP

“They came from innerspace…” Anyone think this could be the rumored JJ Abraham’s ” Micronauts movie?

It reminds me of the far superior huge train wreck in “The Fugitive” with Harrison Ford.

Maybe it’s a remake of ET, but this time HE’S PISSED!

Missed the trailer, was not on the IMAX of IM 2

Andrew Kramer probably did the text for the trailer lol. He’s Abram’s go to guy!

Could this movie possibly be “Night Skies,” Spielberg’s 1970s idea for a scary-alien followup to “Close Encounters”? After all, that was going to be produced by Spielberg but directed by someone else. The idea morphed into “E.T.” but the original scary version could fit what we’ve seen of “Super 8.”

Not really a prediction, but hey! If I’m right, I said it here…first!

Super 8? Izzat’ a film size? Super 8? Giant spider in tha’ car? Like THX said, spins tha’ wheel a bit but decides ta’ smash it open anyways. I does tha’ same thing- That’s why I havta’ get a new refrigerator every week. And new boxer shorts.

I wanna’ see a shark/ET/alien/nazi/Tom Cruise comin’s outta’ that train car. Like that episode o’ “Tha’ Office” that JJ directed.

Mayhaps I be a sourpuss, but I wuz’ not interested in any o’ tha’ films that were trailored afore’ Irony Man 2… Canna’ anyone make a western anymores? Or good sci-fi films? Maybe somethin’ wit’ recoilin’ lazer rays and a ship shaped like a teacup saucer wit’ breasts attached ahind’ and wit’ giant snow lobsters runnin’ aboot’ terrorizin’ some young hollywoods star?
And an Australian gone hopping mad! Yeah… that be tha’ ticket…

Dare ta’ dream…


Cool. The site URL is in the film roll in the camera lense at the end! Smart thinking guys! ;)

6. An excelent point. Maybe they think modern-day dumb people watch alien movies. Or maybe modern-day alien movies are just made by dumb people.


OK, TXH-1138 is dead on, this is completely CE3K-esque, and for that reason (I saw the original in the theater) I’d love to see a J J Abrams take on this particular sub-genre w/Spielberg producing.


93* 93/93

Spielberg made the two most perfect alien movies–et n close encounters–his mini series taken was also great–i am sure this is not any remake nor is it night skies–it does resemble evil close encounters mixed with cloverfield–i also admit jjs viral works-i am curious and interested-hope their virals for the next trek movie will be as good–publicity will be needed–

#13 – Only Nixon can go to China!

Man JJ knows how to market a movie, I’m hooked already!!

It is actually the sequel to CE3K. Stay tuned.

He has a massive success and then goes much lower budget on his follow up? Very cool, and proof that he is creatively engaged in his stories.

Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind took place in Ohio a little after the beginning of the movie when the Richard Dreyfuss character (power outage worker) first experienced the UFO stopped in his Pickup Truck along the road at the railroad crossing. Remember when the 3 UFOs went through the toll booths with the cops chasing in pursuit? The Toll Booths read entering Ohio. Stay tuned for more clues from someone who is Well Informed.

I for one, cant wait – JJ and Spielberg… fantastic.

I feel this could be our (Trek Community) new Cloverfield in the sense that when this comes out next year we could get our first Trek XII teaser – I’m giddy as a school girl

Didn’t X-files already do this storyline with the aliens in the boxcars?

So this will really be Close Encounters 2? Will it be in 3D?

Oh the lens flares!


It’s funny, but when I saw this article was about a trailer that I had already heard was vague and unrevealing, I clicked the link just to see in what way Harry Ballz was going to complain. You sure don’t disappoint, you are consistently unappreciative of everything sci-fi. Maybe you should switch to romance novels.

If you minimize the green text cmd box thing, and move it, there is a box prompting you to print all information. I don’t have a printer, but I’m curious what it prints.

It is now canon. J.J. AbramsxLens. At least in terms of his name in this trailer.

I really doubt this movie will have lens flare. Maybe on some shiny things, but not like ST2009 where it was all lens flare.

Beyond that, the trailer was cool! I’m interested!

Can’t freakin wait! love the 70’s, love super 8 cameras, love the shaken camera effect, love area 51, love close encounters. bring it!

for god sake…. its not close encounters, the Truck and Train crash was just a nod to Spielbergs past work

As soon as the boxcar started deforming, it became evident it was not practical (real). That lost me….which is suprising, since the train cars exploding as if it were an Independence Day sequel should have lost me earlier. I liked the nod to Close Encounters (lets keep it a nod, ok?).

The only other thing I noticed is that it was a visual representation of J.J.’s “Let’s wonder what is inside the box” philosophy.


“for god’s sake…”

Really? For God’s sake? Over-react much?

This looks like it will be a pointless piece of crap yet because if the Abrams name will get great reviews aand become over rated.

Just like Cloverfield which was a big pile of crap.

Yeah, the viral hype for “Cloverfield” was great, and then the movie totally did not live up to that hype for me. I’ve liked pretty much everything else Abrams has done, though, so I’ll probably give it a shot…but I won’t go into it with high expectations.

There is truly some kind of connection to Spielbergs CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE THIRD KIND. Stepped over it jesterday in german TV.

SUPER 8 takes place in 1978 AND it has a derailed train in it, too.

But judging from the flashframe at the end of the teaser this one is not about alibi toxic gases or aliens but about a mutant child.

Sorry. 1979…