Star Trek Celebrities Attending Memorial Day Weekend Cons In Phoenix, Los Angeles and Milton Keynes

It is Memorial Day Weekend and this year the summer is kicking off with Star Trek celebrities fanning out to a few cons around the world. Phoenix Comic Con in Arizona, Collectormania in Milton Keynes, UK and Showstoppers Spectacular in LA, CA all have main cast Trek TV stars, plus many Trek guest stars. Find out where you can meet your heroes below.


TNG stars headed to Phoenix, AZ

Over the last 10 years, Phoenix Comic Con been growing to be one of the more fan-friendly and fun cons of the year. This year the con kicks off on Thursday and runs through Sunday with an program of panels, contests, musical events and more. This year the celebrity guest list includes TNG stars Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton and Wil Wheaton, who will all appear together for a "TNG Reunion" panel on Saturday as well as signing at their own tables and doing photo ops. Wheaton will also be appearing in some additional panels, including performing "Wil Wheaton Rock Band." Also on hand is DS9’s Chase Masterson who will be attending a panel on the film Yesterday Was A Lie on Friday, and her own panel on Saturday, along with doing a photo op and signing.

Frakes, Wheaton, Burton, and Masterson headed to Phoenix CC

Phoenix Comic Con takes place at the Phoenix Convention Center & Hyatt Regency in Phoenix, AZ. Tickets for the entire weekend are $30, or less for a single day. (Autographs and photos not included). More info at

Stewart & VOY Stars at Collectormania 16 in UK

The annual Collectormania in Milton Keynes, England (about an hour north of London) always has one of the biggest gatherings of sci-fi stars. The show is primarily an opportunity for collectors to get autographs and signed photos with their favorite stars. This year there are quite a few Trek celebs. The biggest Trek name on hand will be Jean Luc Picard himself, Patrick Stewart (Sat/Sun). Also attending will be three of Voyager’s main cast Kate Mulgrew (Fri/Sat/Sun), Robert Duncan McNeill (Fri-Mon), and Tim Russ (Fri-Mon). Robert Beltran was going to attend as well but had to cancel. In addition to the main cast members there are some Trek guest stars, including: Michelle Forbes (Sat/Sun/Mon), Robert O’Reilly & JG Hertzler (Fri-Mon, and Jeffrey Combs (Fri-Mon). In addition to signing and taking photos, Collectormania also has brief talks, but a schedule has not yet been posted.

Stewart, Mulgrew, Russ and McNeill (and more )attending Collectormania 16

Collectormania 16 runs Friday May 28th to Monday May 31st and is held is held at Stadium: MK in Milton Keynes, UK. Tickets are free, but each star has their own autograph and photo prices. More info at

Sirtis & TOS guest stars at Showstoppers in LA

Finally, in Los Angeles this weekend has the Showstoppers Stars Spectacular autograph show. The biggest Trek star will be TNG’s Marina Sirtis, but there are a number of Trek guest stars including Catherine Hicks from Star Trek IV, TOS guest stars: Bobby Clark, Jack Donner, Don Marshall, Arlene Martel, France Nuyen, Celeste Yarnall and Crystal Allen from Enterprise.

Sirtis, Hicks, Martel, Allen and more coming to Showstoppers in L.A.

Showstoppers runs Friday May 28th to Sunday May 30th and is held at the Proud Bird Convention Hall in Los Angeles (near LAX). Tickets are $10 with additional costs for autographs. More info at



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Wow. I wish I could go.

Love the boxes.

“That’s the way we all became the Star Trek Bunch….”

T’Pring make me go schwing! (still)

i am going to phx. where i live very close! 30 min from home smile…

Beltran always cancels this is now the third or fourth event in the past few months

Beltran got the shaft on Voyager time and time again. I’ve always had the impression he doesn’t enjoy these sorts of things all that much.

Dude, I bet Catherine Hicks hasn’t been to a convention very much. I’d love to see her!

I can’t wait for the Chicago Con…has a lot of great stars!

Tiny correction — Chase isn’t screening her film. It screened at the con’s film festival last year. It’s out on DVD now and they’re doing a panel on it.

I live in Milton Keynes, so this is pretty perfect! The Star Trek people are so expensive though, £25 for a signing is stupid. Red Dwarf cast only £10, I think I know who I’m going after!

nice!….I wish I could go…:(

Phoniex, LA and ….Milton Keynes… its so funny seeing these three place names in one sentence. :)


Bear in mind that Beltran is doing fairly well for himself on HBO. It could be opening a lot of doors for him that he’d want to investigate.


Robert Beltran was never a fan of sci-fi. In fact, I seem to recall how his former “Voyager” cast mates would say how much he hated it. And apparently whenever he attended conventions he would complain about how the writers were handling his character. I guess the main reason he took the part was for the money. Which makes me wonder why he stayed for the entire seven year run.

Beltran was very vocal about how “paper thin” the storytelling was.
When asked if he would do a Voyager movie, he replied that “probably wouldn’t be asked”

I was intrigued by Chakotay at the beginning of Voyager but the writers (I think) wasted a great opportunity for the character.