Photo (& video) of the day: Li’l Trekkies Help Try To Break Costume Record

Today’s photo comes from Riverside, IA, which is the future birthplace of James T. Kirk (or Kirk’s future childhood home in the JJ-verse). It is also home to the annual TrekFest, where they held an attempt to beat the world record for costumed Star Trek fans. One photo in particular from the event caught our attention, see it below plus a local news video report from the event.


Adorable Alert

This photo comes from KCRG TV in Iowa.

Go to KCRG for more photos and a report from the event

According to the KCRG report, 153 Trekkies showed up in costume. This beats the record set in London in February (99), and the number set in Tampa in May (110), but it looks like the gathering at FedCon in Germany in May is the biggest with 507 fans. However, so far only the gathering in London has been certified by the Guinness World Record people. There will be yet another attempt in August at the Las Vegas Star Trek convention.


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Okay, next movie title:

“Star Trek: Li’l Nippers”

Aw, itty bitty Trekkers! It warms my heat!

Is it just me, or does the kid on the left of the picture really look like he doesn’t want to be there? He’s got that “How much longer is this going to take? I want to go home” look. I should know; I’ve made that face a lot in my 25 years.

Awww. “I’m from Iowa. I only work in outer space.”


3 – Is it just me, or does the kid on the right have three arms?

@Brett Campbell: in fact, it’s the boy’s right leg; @Thomas: of course it is boring, if you have to pose for a photo…

and still, that doesn’t break the Record. The Number 507 has to be reached.
So let’s wait what we see in Las Vegas.

@ qwerty

Nope, I hope our attempt in Bonn, Germany will make it into the Guiness Book of Records.

I was part of that huge crowd, all dressed in Star Trek costumes, it was an incredible sight.

But I wish them good luck with the world-record attempt in Las Vegas.

3 – I just can’t see kids getting interested in Star Trek these days. My guess is their parents are Big Trekkers who made them wear those uniforms. _Maybe_ if their parents are watching Star Trek with them all the time, but I don’t know. Anybody here have experience with that?

I learned the lore of Trek TOS at my father’s knee…or more precisely, either on his lap or beside him on the old sofa. I was the one who had to jump up and adjust the rabbit ears when the signal faded on our small 20 inch black and white TV. (And if you know what rabbit ears are, then you are likely in a similar age bracket.)

Dad and I have been to see every TOS related Trek movie together over the years – and a few TNG. Here’s hoping he will be able to go see the next one with me as well. :)


My nine year old daughter truly enjoys Trek.

Shes loves to watch episodes with me of all the series and even loves to play Star Trek Scene It.

Her favorite series is DS9 and she hasn’t even seen the Dominion War yet.

@9 – My two year old loves Trek. It’s right up there after Thomas the Train and Spiderman, and comes well before Backyardians, Dora, Sesame Street and the rest. He knows the main crew, except perhaps for Chekov, and his favourite toy is the Enterprise. He loves to point out the bridge, warp engines, shuttle bay, and sensor dish, to anyone in earshot.
Did he get his interest from me? Well, I exposed him to it, sure, but he’s the one who asks to watch it, and he’s the one who puts up what he calls his “Spock hand” (fingers parted in the Vulcan salute) when he sees Spock on screen.


Sounds like you guys have very intelligent kids with great taste. :-)


I coundn’t imagine watching Star Trek on a small 20 inch black and white television set and having to adjust the rabbit ears, LOL! Must have some great memories though! :-)

10: That’s awesome!

I am getting to share my love of Trek with my kids as well. They all watch the original series with me, they like it better than the other Trek shows.

I actually am from Iowa, so all I have to do is become an astronaut and then I can say that! :P

I am looking forward to Vegas. I will be taking part in the Costume world record with my uniform

#6 _ I realized that. But it created an illusion for me for a moment, and I thought it might give others a tee-hee if they saw the same illusion for a moment. Or maybe it’s delusion, as I am often delusional.

So where was Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Puppet?

I think the best wish to subsequent bigger, better attempts is “Go for it!” You don’t over-rationalize these things…You do them because they’re fun. In this case hot, but fun.

I am proud to say that I was exposed to Trek at the age of 3 when my mom brought home Trouble with Tribbles from the library. That was 17 years ago.

It’s always nice to hear about kids who like Trek.