2 Years Away From Star Trek Sequel – What do we know?

Assuming that Paramount sticks with their planned release date, we are now exactly 2 years away from the next Star Trek movie which will be released on June 29th 2012. The sequel to JJ Abrams 2009 Star Trek film is still in the development phase, but things should begin to heat up soon. Today we take a look at what know (and what we don’t).


The story of the Star Trek sequel is just beginning

We have heard from writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman that they have the beginnings of a story for the Star Trek sequel. The team are going to start working with Damon Lindelof who has finished his work on Lost and has just got back from vacation. In fact this morning Lindelof tweeted "Vacation officially over. Ready to boldly go."

What do we know about the sequel?

The creative team:

The entire ‘Supreme Court’ is back as producers. For the Star Trek sequel JJ Abrams, Bryan Burk, Alex Kurtzman, Damon Lindelof, and Roberto Orci will all have ‘producer’ credits (unlike the first film where only Lindelof and Abrams were credited as producers, while the rest of the team were ‘executive producers’). Although many expect JJ Abrams will again also direct, he has said he will not decide until the script is done (and assuming that his schedule permits). 

For the 2009 Star Trek movie Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman were the only credited writers, however Damon Lindelof also did some work with the pair on the story and afterwards Bob and Alex went off to write the screenplay. For the sequel Lindelof was slated to work on the story with Bob and Alex, but it now that Lindelof is done with Lost, it looks like the three will work together on both the story and the screenplay.

As for the rest of the crew, although they have not signed up, it is expected that most will be the same as the 2009 film.

Burk, Lindelof, Abrams, Kurtzman & Orci – the gang’s all back for the "Star Trek" sequel (NY Times)

The cast

All of the main crew will be back for the sequel, and all have options for one additional film as well. So the sequel will at least include Chris Pine as Kirk, Zachary Quinto as Spock, Zoe Saldana as Uhura, Karl Urban as Dr. McCoy, Anton Yelchin as Chekov, John Cho as Sulu and Simon Pegg as Scotty.

Additional cast from the first film could also end up reprising their roles, but are not givens. These include the likes of Ben Cross as Sarek and Bruce Greenwood as Pike. However, it is very unlikely Leonard Nimoy will be reprising his role as Spock Prime. And don’t expect Eric Bana (Nero) or Clifton Collins Jr. (Ayel) back either.

It is likely we will also see a number of new characters plus some familiar characters from Trek’s past. The writers had previously noted that some characters (like Christine Chapel) were considered for the first film, but they wanted to only include characters who had a good reason to show up and not just be a cameo (although Chapel is referred to in Star Trek 2009). Of course, the question of William Shatner reprising his role as an older Kirk or Kirk Prime (or even another character) will again become a hot topic. JJ Abrams has said not including Shatner was the hardest decision he made the first time around.

There is also the possibility of an international star coming on board. JJ Abrams has said this is one way they may look to boost global box office, as Star Trek 2009 under-performed in most non-English speaking markets.

Trek’s new crew: Yelchin, Pine, Pegg, Urban, Cho and Saldana (+ Quinto not-pictured) all will be  back for the "Star Trek" sequel (Paramount)

The story

We know nothing. We don’t even know if the title will have a colon in it. The story is just starting to be hashed out so details are still well within the Abrams team’s notorious cone of silence. But there has been some discussion about general concepts.

Abrams and the writers have talked about wanting to create a richer story that delves deeper into the characters and also one that also possibly has some allegorical nature. And now that the origin story is out of the way, it is also expected that any possible villain will also be more fleshed out.

The biggest question now is the mix between original story and new characters vs. bringing back story elements and characters seen in classic Star Trek. There has been a lot of buzz in the media about a possible return of Khan. And we know that Khan was something that the team have considered, as at one point they discussed including a ‘post credits’ shot of the Botany Bay in Star Trek 2009, but didn’t do it as they felt it would force their hand on the decision. Most fans seem less interested in a new Khan, but many would like to see the new universe’s take on the Klingons. 

One thing we can be pretty sure we will not see is more time travel. Although time travel was integral to their first film, the writers have also stated that time travel in their universe is not simply a matter of whipping around a sun. Of course that does not mean that the story will follow a traditional linear style (especially when you look at the styles of Abrams, Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof).

Ricardo Montalban (Khan) and William Shatner (Kirk) in original series episode "The Space Seed" – might we see a new Khan? (CBS)

What’s next?

Over the next few months the writers will be banging away at their story and script. That is expected to be completed by the end of the year, at which time the film will get the official green light (in Hollywood a film isn’t ‘real’ until there is a script). Then the film goes into pre-production until shooting starts around the Summer of 2011.

Of course we should also expect to see lots of rumors, and some may end up being true. These will be both plot rumors as well as casting rumors. TrekMovie will continue to try to cut through the rumors and report what can be verified.  

As for the marketing of the Star Trek sequel, that is likely not going to start until 2011. We do know that there will be no panel at Comic Con 2010.

So stay tuned to TrekMovie.com, as the next two years should be a lot of fun.


POLL: What are your expectations?

There is a tradition of second films in a genre series being seen to be as good if not better than the first, including such films as Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Aliens, Superman 2, and The Empire Strikes Back. But sometimes film end up not being so great, such as this summer’s Iron Man 2 (which most consider to be not as good as the first), and you also have films like Matrix Reloaded, Jaws 2 and of course Teen Wolf Too.  So what are your current expectations?   




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I can’t believe we still have two more years to wait!!!!

Sure would like to see the original Captain Kirk back in action one more time.

Can I say something? NO KHAAAAAN!!!! Sorry but if they put Khan in Star Trek 12, then it’s nothing but a rehash and a fanboy story. Even if they have a Joe Blow Klingon nobody for a villain. That will suffice.

I feel that the next movie will be better than the first! With lots of action, humor and maybe some serious stuff as well, I have faith in these guys and Im sure they will put out something that will kick a**! Have faith in what your doing Bob, and to your team mates and you can’t go wrong bro.

Keep it small. Keep it character-focused. Every time I see one of the “quiet” episodes, I marvel at how well those moments work, as well as the overall stories.

My wish (this is a recap):

Kirk gets involved with a Klingon woman. The E crew takes sides with Klingons for a common goal or against a common enemy — possibly against a crazy Starfleet captain like Lord Garth. After some adventures, Garth is captured, the Klingons turn devious and we learn why Kirk hates ’em. In fact, it would be more interesting if the Klingon chick lives to betray Kirk and becomes a love-hate interest for a possible return in a later movie.

That’s my two quatloos. PLEASE, don’t assemble this thing like so many other forgettable over-produced actioners. Star Trek deserves much much more.

Creative Team: I’ve got my popcorn handy.

Cast: Pretty groovy. I hope we get to see more of Mr. Greenwood. I loved the entire supporting cast, but his was a standout performance that really elevated the material.

Story: I just hope to see the characters challenged this time.

“TrekMovie will continue to try to cut through the rumors and report what can be verified.”

I love those “It’s a faaaaaake!” articles. I hope we get lots of those :)

Teen Wolf Too? As in Jason Bateman? Where did you pull that one out of?

Anyway, I am not that optimistic about this second one. I have a feeling that it will be about Khan and it will end up seeming tired and unoriginal. Which sucks because I really like the 2009 movie.

No Khan, please. How can you one-up Ricardo Montalban?

No Shatner. Kirk Prime is dead, whether you like the way you died or not. Any other attempt to force him in will seem contrived, no matter what you do. And Shatner, being the man he is, will inevetibly overshadow the story, even unintentionally.

Rembember, you can still have a dark story with a villain or crisis, and still have the Enterprise boldly go where no one has gone before.

Admiral Archer cameo would be nice a nice nod to hardcore fans and Bakula, unlike Shatner, would not take over the show.

It would be nice to see Bruce Greenwood in the next movie again as Pike. He was definetly great as Pike.

And lastly, less lens flares (I know I am likely to be ignored on this one). At least more judicious use. There were some beautiful special effects in Star Trek (2009) that I felt were ruined with the constant flashing. I have also always been a fan of a steady camera. I’ve never cared for movies that look like they were taken with my camcorder. IN action scenes, shakiness is certainly appropriate, but during dialogue, it becomes distracting. Some movies make me want to puke with the constant movement.

All in all, the 2009 movie was very good. The Motion Picture is still my favorite, with The Wrath of Khan and First Contact coming in at close seconds. I have always been a fan of substance and a director who takes an active role in his movies. In addition to Star Trek, I am a huge Hitchcock fan, IMO the greatest movie director that has ever lived. Take us for a fun, adventure ride, and don’t be afraid to add some twists and turns along the way. Some of my favorite episodes of Star Trek have been ones that kept you guessing or somehow played with reality and every Star Trek series, from the original to Enterprise, had those episodes.

International Star = Amitabh Bachan as Khan. Box Office Gold

I can live with Khan, for two reasons. One, he is one of the all time villians in Star Trek lore and Two even none fans of the series know at least something about him. As sad as it may be, the nature of Hollywood is sink or swim, you dont get many chances to get it right. These guys are under a lot of pressure, along with a ton of other people in other projects to make something that will be succesful. If the sequel flops (which I dont believe possible) there is a chance we may not see another movie for a long time.
This isnt like the 80’s and 90’s when they churned out Trek movies almost assembly line fashion every two years or so. Those days are over. Its a new game with new players. So this team has my best wishes, and honestly I think they will succed big time!

Please, no Khan. Please write an entirely original Trek story.

“Of course, the question of William Shatner reprising his role as an older Kirk or Kirk Prime (or even another character) will again become a hot topic”

Does it have to?

What do we know? Not much. I’m still on this boat wondering why I should still care about these characters.Kirk was simply a jerk all throughout, I didn’t like Spock’s sole development being his willingness to kill someone, Scotty was simply a comic relief character, Uhura was all set up but no pay off, and Chekov was just a duty hogger that felt forced and unrealistic. The only characters that I thought were alright were Bones and Sulu, and it’s most likely that their little screen presence was a factor in them being more likable than everyone else.

I want to like these characters, but they just feel… Stubborn? I don’t know. I just don’t like them as much as I liked the originals.

It would be awesome to see a JJ Version of the Mirror Universe. Perhaps some sort of epic struggle between universes, and eventually, both universes touch and annihilate one another, and another Big Bang happens and we get the Prime Universe back… wouldn’t that be fun?

Allegory? Sounds intriguing, and a great direction to go – making the story applicable to real life somehow. Yay!

Jeyl, thanks for posting. I’ve been a little confused by the hundreds of comments you’ve made on these threads on exactly where you stand on the new film. Thanks for clearing that up. I’m really looking forward to reading an additional thousand posts from you across the next two years slamming all things JJ.

As long as there are no more TOS cameos or guest roles (I loved Nimoy’s ‘Spock Prime’ in ST 2009, but the training wheels can come off now; this cast is more than ready), and they don’t do time travel, we should be in for something fun. Nimoy’s presence was organic and vital to the last movie, but in a sequel it would only be a detriment to the new Spock (played so expertly by Zachary Quinto).
It’d be like having your parents come with you to a job interview…

I’m keeping my expectations somewhere below the stratosphere this time, not because of any lack of faith in the production team (far from it; I though ST2009 was incredible), but rather because, IMO, ST2009 will be a tough act to follow (as they got it so right the first time)!

Again, if Khan comes back (and honestly, I think this is not the most original idea but there are many worse), then at least I hope it’s not just a tired retread of Space Seed/Wrath of Khan. But judging by Bob Orci’s very self-aware posts in this forum, I assume he is more keen than most of the dangers of repetition. Khan could come back… but perhaps this time as an ALLY to Kirk to stop something worse than any potential conflict between himself and the Enterprise crew. Maybe the Enterprise and crew need his help (and his genetically engineered supermen).
Or not…. again; we’ll see!

I have faith that Orci will try to do the absolute best that he (and Kurtzman) can. They did it before, here’s hoping they can do it again! ; )

Everytime I hear fans dont want khan, it just convinces me Khan will work. Same fans who didnt want paramount to reboot n recast kirk n crew, imagine batman fans demanding not to recast the joker as it cant work because jack nicolson is a legend.

You cant avoid khan, hes floating around in this new universe n waiting to challenge kirk, crew, writers n audience.

ROLLING STONES: Powerful, must see, x as Khan steals show.

Point is, we liked reboot of tos now reboot some of the best characters

13. Agreed! I just watched “The Menagerie”, and you know something? Those characters weren’t smarting off in each other’s faces all the time. They actually talked. They had a real camraderie and warmth. I realize it’s a reflection of a gentler and genteeler era, whereas today it’s all about edginess and attitude. But I miss the more civilized interaction. For me that was an essential element of Trek’s heart.

PLEASE build a real engineering set. I wanna see that friggin’ huge intermix chamber from the sketches in the blu-ray extras – that was righteous.

How about a Female Villain? SheKhan!!

Bring Q back. I could just see John DeLancie making some tongue-in-cheek wise-cracks about the alternate timeline and lens flares! :-)

And I agree with 20: Build a real engineering set. The more I watch Trek 2009 the more I want a beer! :-)


#18: “Everytime I hear fans dont want khan, it just convinces me Khan will work. Same fans who didnt want paramount to reboot n recast kirk n crew…”

I’m one of the one’s who don’t want Khan, and I’m one of the ones who was (and is) vocally in favor of a reboot/recast.

Love that shot of Shatner standing on the apple box next to Montalban during Khan’s “meet and greet dinner”

Here is the REAL height discrepancy…


as opposed to this.



Please, No Khan… and No Shatner either — God love him, he was my boyhood idol, but we’re past the reboot phase now. As some others have said, I wouldn’t mind seeing what the Klingons are up to in JJ’s universe.

NO KHAAAANNN! and no Shatner. Either or both would be considered a lack of effort on the part of the writers and also pandering to fanboy wishes. I want a good story and while I’d love to see Shatner ride this pony one-more-time… I cannot accept that this new universe crew keeps running into universe prime characters over and over.
No stunt casting… just a good story please. Make me think, make me smile, give me goosebumps and I will be thrilled and see it over and over.

I duno, I think they really f-ed themselves by getting the crew together years earlier than in the prime timeline. But yeah, please don’t rehash Khan. I’d love to see the Klingons in the this universe, I thought the deleted scenes on Rura Penthe were fantastic and was very upset they weren’t included in the movie (especially since they flesh out Nero’s backstory).

Also, pretty please, get the VFX guys to tinker with the Enterprise a bit. Scoot that neck forward on the engineering hull, and widen the space between the warp nacelles (the Star Trek DAC game actually did this with their Enterprise model…it really makes the design beautiful)

One more thing: I’d also like to see the friendship between Kirk, Spock, and McCoy established and/or continuing to grow. That is absolutely essential to Star Trek.

2009 was pathetic, so it’ll be difficult for them to do worse this time.

Yes, but http://tinyurl.com/2cbxrow
sure convinces me… that I’d plop down 8 bucks to see K/O/L & the gang’s take version of Khan v. Kirk: Stage 1.

Of course, that tweet is fishy…. so, if he’s getting something ready, then literally, the sequel shall be “To Boldly Go”.

Ready “To Boldly Go” as an alternate interpretation of that tweet! :)

@9 Matt, Amitabh is already 67 years old. I think he’s a bit older than Khan would be in 2259. Since Montalban was 45 when Space Seed was filmed, that would mean Khan is about 38 at the time of the sequel. Since Javier Bardem’s 41, and the more I think of him as Khan
the more that could work.

Even though I don’t really want to see Khan any more than some, one must admit that outside of fandom other than “Klingons”, “Khan” is gold. And it’s all about the Benjamins. (Dr. Benjamin Spock?)

maybe if the enterprise discovered cybertron and battled the decepticons w/ flashbacks to when they were all young

It just has to be better than Trek ’09. They guys set the bar pretty high on that one but I want them to really let the creative juices go wild for the next one.
Blow our socks off fellas!

2 more years! At least we have STO to get us there… which is surprisingly starting to have an original series fell to it…

@32 Daoud – How about his son Abhishek Bachchan ?

Re: 5. CmdrR

Aye! Aye! Garth Of Izar could be an epic villain. There is a yet to be told story of his ego-maniacal madness that’s just begging to be fleshed out.

#32: “I’d plop down 8 bucks to see K/O/L & the gang’s take version of Khan v. Kirk: Stage 1.”

I wish movies were 8 bucks where I lived :)

Make it bigger and better

Ehh, I have had enough of the “alternate” universe.

What I’d personally love, is the Klingons… who become much more agressive toward earth start to push on Federation space. Say, open the film like Trek 09 and have Klingons declock and destroy a ship?

End main story with Klingon leader interrogated for information, who is leading them and making the decisions… it then says “A man called Khan”

I just think it would be cool if in the alternate reality, the Klingons find Khan first and not the Enterprise – Face it, they have to re-imagine Khan at some point, if only for the box office potential

I’m in favor of Khan. I don’t see why they can’t do Khan. It would only bear a little resemblance to “Space Seed”, in that he has to be woken up. But by who? Enterprise, another Constitution class ship, Klingons? Plus, it could all take place in a strange, dangerous part of space filled with treasures and anomalies as well as hostile space pirates.

I also wouldn’t mind seeing the Gorn, Andorians, Tholians and Daedalus class starships.

Re: “the writers have also stated that time travel in their universe is not simply a matter of whipping around a sun.” I hope the writers remember that it’s not a physically separate universe, it’s just an alternate future, post-Star Trek: Enterprise (which is equally canonical in both the Prime and alternate timelines). The laws of physics, fictional though they may be, have not changed, and seemingly paradoxical past incursions from the Prime 23rd and 24th centuries, such as the TNG crew’s role in the first warp flight, and Voyager visiting Los Angeles in 1996, still happened in the new timeline’s past.

However, in the Prime universe, Spock and the TOS crew learned the slingshot time travel technique from data gathered during accidental time travel in “The Naked Now” and “Tomorrow is Yesterday”, which was then used intentionally in “Assignment: Earth” (when it seemed oddly routine) and “The Voyage Home”. In the alternate universe, if the Enterprise crew may not make the discovery.

We’re only going to learn more until then and I can’t wait! Visiting here daily the last three years before Star Trek came out was so much fun, especially when April Fools came around. ;)

Lets just hope there isnt as many plot holes as the first film, I really dont think that hes crazy thing should fly for not making SOME rational decisions with the villan.

I mean why didnt one of his henchmen call him on the stuff he was doing, this isnt a bond film and he should have gone straight to romulius after escaping rurapenthey and try to get there backing to invade the federation, or atleast give his crew the option to live out there lives on romulus.

I’ll say it again: Kor & Harry Mudd in a war allegory.

Leave Khan until part 3.

#41: “I just think it would be cool if in the alternate reality, the Klingons find Khan first and not the Enterprise”

In the hands of other writers (maybe as a novel) I think a “The Klingons find Khan First” story could be pretty kickass :)

43. Magic_Al – June 29, 2010

We have changed the laws of physics.

Yeah its weird! For some reason the engineering section on the new Enterprise really bugged me. Probably been said time and time again on these posts but, it actually looked like a factory set even before seeing the extras on the Blu Ray. It completley throws me everytime I move from the sleek interiors of the future into a beer factory ! There’s a complete absence of power at the heart of the ship, we need a central point of containment, “She’s gonna blow”.. “What Scotty?”
“The cap on my bottle of Bud captain”. Not really a big gripe though, just something I’d like to see change, maybe there’s more cash to design something this time around.
OH and YUP pull them naecels apart (however its spelt), gives the ship a bit more balance!. God I miss the original movies Enterprise, I want a battleship not an IPOD.

Strange how long its taking them to get anything together. I mean we know virtually nothing except for when they plan on releasing it, which we all know could easily change. We got slow bits of info for years before the last movie and they’re just acting like it…I don’t know, like it doesn’t really matter to them.