Fringe’s Lance Reddick Is Trekkie & Wants Sequel Role + Anna Torv Talks Nimoy’s Last Day

Lance Reddick

Last Thursday JJ Abrams Fringe won two acting Saturn Awards (Ann Torv and Leonard Nimoy. TrekMovie spoke to Nimoy and Torv along with Fringe’s Lance Reddick before the show. Torv talked about season 3 of Fringe and being the last actress to work with Nimoy. Reddick talked about S3 and his goal of getting into the Star Trek sequel. And Nimoy reacted to Bill Shatner’s disbelief of his retirement. See video and more photos below


Fringe actors talk Star Trek and Nimoy and Fringe Season 3

Lance Reddick

  • Expects S3 of Fringe to “spend a lot of time going back and forth between universes”
  • Expects to see “a lot of development” between the two Olivias
  • Says he is a really big Star Trek fan, with Voyager as favorite show
  • Reddick “had a crush” on Captain Janeway
  • Favorite VOY episode “Year of Hell”
  • He has “absolutely” lobbied for a part in Star Trek, but it was too late for first movie
  • Abrams said maybe a role in the sequel
  • Thinks it is possible that William Bell (Nimoy) can return to Fringe, as “anything is possible” with JJ Abrams

Anna Torv

  • Shooting starts next week on season 3
  • Expects that the casting of her mother is for the mother of the alternate universe Olivia
  • She didn’t until later her scenes with Nimoy for Fringe were to be his last as an actor, but says he still got a huge round of applause when he wrapped

Leonard Nimoy:

  • Didn’t get much time with Nimoy, only got asked to react to William Shatner’s claim that his retirement isn’t real, Nimoy’s only reaction was “who?”



Leonard Nimoy & wife on the Saturn red carpet

Leonard Nimoy with his Saturn for “Fringe”

Anna Torv with her Saturn for “Fringe”

Lance Reddick at the Saturns

Photos courtesy of Albert L. Ortega

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Reddick would be interesting. He has a certain intensity that could be great on the big screen. Also, he must be a real Trekkie because what person wanting to portray themselves as a Trek fan (especially if they really weren’t) would pick Voyager? Not a slight against Voyager, a show I personally enjoyed, it’s just that anyone being a poseur would likely play it safe and choose TOS. Especially since he chose one of VOY’s best episodes as his favorite.

Make him the Klingon main antagonist, the gouvernor who “rules” over the conquered earth, tortures the crew after their arrival and will ultimately be killed in the most gruesome way :)

Leonard Nimoy: “Who?”. LOL

My first thought was that he could be a Klingon…but maybe not. Need to weave more Captains into Star Trek who are a) the main protagonist and b) rubbish. All Trek captains who aren’t the main characters seem to be there just to be incompetent make the others look good!

They foreshadowed the return of William Bell. They established an 18 yr old version of him was “killed” in a car accident. I suspect we will see the young William Bell, having been restored, cryogenically frozen, time travelled, into the near present. Therefore they don’t lose the opportunity to delve into his alternate self, nor have to beg Nimoy to come out of retirement.

If this speculation is correct, would be cool if Zachary Quinto played him! (Yes I know he’s not 18, but he could have been resored 12 years prior in their timeline)!

Okay… so if we include every actor & actress who has expressed an interest in being in the next film…the list would be…how long now?

BTW, I’m a long time Trek fan too. I have met all the original bridge crew actors, (except Dee) and have their autographs and pics, so can *I* please be in the next film? LOL! Oh, and I was once chosen out of hundreds of kids to be part of a summer acting class due to my extreme acting chops – and I took acting classes in college – so there… I am obviously well qualified! Where do I sign up? :D

Lance Reddick would make an awesome Kang.

Everyones entitled to their opinion but Lance… Voyager?! Say it aint so! I always thought he’d be more of Niner given his career choices, that’s a drop of 2 percentage points on the Lance Reddick Coolness scale…..

Oh and fwiw, Lance Reddick = Richard Daystrom, or if thats a non starter Commodore Stone, make it so Bob!

His Daystrom would flippin’ rock


Great show, great actors! …wish ST09 had been done in this style…

nice to see LN get the Saturn! =)

Lance Reddick should be Captain Terril (from wrath of khan) in the sequel.

….Anna Torv is simply!!

I’ve been saying for months that he should play a young “Captain” Cartwright…long before he becomes an Admiral, we get to see why he developed such a loathing of Klingons.