Armin Shimerman Cast In Sci-Fi Web Series ‘Zimm’

Armin Shimerman, Star Trek Deep Space Nine’s lovable rogue Ferengi bartender Quark, has been cast in Zimm, a new sci-fi web series dealing with an alien invasion. More details and a teaser trailer for the show below.  


Shimerman back with aliens

According to the official description, Zimm is "an original sci-fi, action-thriller" which will be like "24 with aliens and a Die Hard attitude." The show was created by Gregory Storm (writer for Girlfriends & Night Stalker) and focuses on FBI agent Bailey Zimm (Robyn Hyden) dealing with an alien invasion. Shimerman will play the boss, Special Agent in Charge Ryan Sutherland. The cast also includes Alimi Ballard (Numb3rs), Zadi Diaz (Epic Fu), and Michele Boyd (FlashForward).

No word yet on when the show will begin airing, but you can learn more about it at

Here is a teaser trailer released last month (before Shimerman was cast).

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Always glad to see this guy get work!

I agree, Harry.

He wuz’ a good parrrrrrrrt o’ Deep Sexy Nine…

Must have been harrrrrrd fir’ Armin bein’ a Ferengi wit’ all those hours o’ make-up…

‘Course it takes me hours ta’ make meself up each day… usually I drink me gallon o’ gin and lay still as me Robo-Vacuum cleans me up. Then tha’ paramedics comes and gets me goin’…

I’ll watch Armin in anythin’, though. Good actor he be. Even wit’oot tha’ teeth.


Uuuummm, Invader Zim the serious live-action version?!?

isn’t 24 *and* a Die Hard attitude sort of redundant? I’ve always thought of 24 as Die Hard the series already…

I have always wondered why an alien race that was so advanced that it could travel the stars faster than the speed of light be concerned about earth? And if they decided to come here and take over the battle might take all of 5 minutes.

Oh well. I like Armin. And the show might be fun to watch. Until we get a new Trek series.

Looks like an exciting version of V

There’s already been an alien invasion show with the name zim

You know what I’m talking about…

7 – I do?

Good news for sci-fi fans. Armin is a good actor — as evidenced by how hard it was to make real characters out of the Ferengi. Best success!

I feel like we must let the invader zim jokes commence

Zim: Prepare your bladder for imminent release!

I got to meet Armin at a con back in the early 90s. What a super nice guy he was. I wish him nothing but success and good things.

I don’t mean to tell the operators of this site how to do their job, but can they please kill that lame Predators ad?
It screws everything up when I try to click on articles. Nothing happens, and I just hear this husky idiot saying “this planet is a lame preserve, and we’re lame” or something like that.

Great actor, they don’t mention Alien Nation though, do they?

Zim: “Let us rain some doom down on the filthy heads of our doomed enemies!!!”

GIR: “Guess who made waffles!!!”

Too bad this won’t actually be a live action version of Invader Zim. That was one awesome show.

Armin is a truly great actor and a great guy. Wishing him all the best.

Wonder if the invaders will be from the planet Irk?

Great to see a wonderful DS9 character doing well.

“Doom, do-doom doom doom…”
(Hey, #9 started the Invader Zim jokes.)

This could be interesting. And Shimerman’s a fabulous actor, so I might check this out. :D

Cool. Armin Shimerman was great as Quark.. He also played two other Ferengi on TNG.

He was also Stan The Caddy on “Seinfeld”. “Go for the green!”


We haven’t heard from you in awhile! Good to see you pop in!

Lemme guess…even though the aliens have crossed vast interstellar distance’s, and possess advanced weaponry that could allow them to easily conquer the population…they’ll idiotically conduct a “shadow war” for reasons that will scream “low budget and we’d actually have to do a show that dealt with the ramifications of the general populace being aware of aliens…which we don’t want to do….like X-Files, First Wave, UFO, The Invaders, etc, etc, etc”.

And let’s have the aliens melt so that everytime the heroes think they finally have the evidence to alert the mass public…they get screwed.

I hope it’s not like these other shows because that formula has been doent to death, and it reeks of the aforementioned conrtrivance of not actually having to advance the story where it should logically go.

I’ll wait for more details and content myself with watching Invader Zim instead. Tacos!!!!

Who’s the marketing genius who decided to call this show “Zimm” anyway? Johnen Vasquez should sue. :)

If GIR’s not in it, I’m not watching.


Im meeting him next november at Collectormania London :-)

Come on! More Invader Zim jokes!!!

Maybe they’ll actually bring the real Zim back again if this show takes off? Hmmmm.


THE ALL MIGHTY TALLEST WILL BE HERE SOOOOON!!!! :D *runs around in circles*

Is this some kind of serious live action version of ‘Invader ZIM?’


I’m gonna sing the doom song now!

Doom doom doom….

I only have one thing to say…


Itt’s only a matter of time before all the races of the universe serve…THE IRKEN EMPIRE!!!!!!

I’ll have them serve me some curly fries.

Oh i get it, by adding an extra ‘m’ onto zim you make it completely original.
Uhm no bitch. Bite off of jhonens shit one more time and we will eat your intestines.

Haaaa… Between the Zim jokes and the people saying how good the show will probably be, this is great for a good laugh! XD
Thank god I know I’m not alone :3

I had to leave room for the tuna!!!!
I am full of goo… mission goo…

Okay, an extra-terrestrial comes to invade the earth and you name him Zimm.
Really? Did you have to name him Zimm?
You guys are just asking for these jokes.
And it will never stop.
Not ever.

You guys should probably change the name of the show. Seriously.

I’d never thought of a human version of invader zim,,however I’ll watch it xD, JV has a deal to this serie? o.o?

Wow, I was actually expecting to see Dib’s name at the end :p haha

End of the little preview I mean

The creators HAD to know they were using the name of Jhonen’s infamous character. I will stay loyal to him. I am but one of his many Filthy Dickens.

This sucks. I was expecting Invader Zim like the other people here pfff.

The Invader Zim jokes shall never cease for as long as this show is called Zimm.

Might watch it, as long as it isn’t the same old plot as every other alien show since MST3K.

41. Why yes, his legion of Filthy Dickens will forever be obedient little monkeys. And this includes cracking Invader Zim jokes on this page.

It is our mission. Obey the radioactive rubber pants!

In all seriousness, I was expecting Dib’s name to pop up somewhere. This is just one of those “wtf” moments for me.

If I were the person who worked hard to create a backstory and characters for a show that was ultimate cancelled because of the inherent stupidity of the network it was on, I would be pissed if someone suddenly (what, like 7 years later?) said, “gee-golly-gosh, mary-sue, my kid watches this show about an alien who has a case of mild stupidity… lets make it a show.”
this whole thing just makes my head throb painfully, but that also might be the brainworms procreating…

so, this leads me to wonder, why type of settlement package would they be willing to offer Jhonen for the idea. Although, quite frankly, it would have been general courtesy to at least contact him before even shooting the teaser trailer just to say, “Hey, we have this show idea, it seems a little like yours, in regards to an alien invasion. Here’s the catch, it’s dreadfully (terrible) serious, and instead of the alien being Zim, we’ve named the Eff-bee-eye agent ZIMM. Get it? Two M’s? So… yeah… just calling to say it’s not your idea and suck on a freezy.”

Whoa, longer rant than I had intended…

hey, you all hear of Invader Zim cartoon? what a rip off! totally new action thriller based on aliens? i say we real zim fans boycott! anyone wanna picket the show? :) we love Jhonen!

I’m a Zim fan myself, but this reminded me far more of the movie “They Live.” For those who didn’t live through the eighties, look it up.

lol i bet they have charaters named DIBB and GIRR and GAZZ too.

“shut your noise tube, TACO HUMAN!”

Guys, Invader Zim was a good show, but you can’t sue someone over the general concept of ‘alien invasion’ and the fact that one character’s name is similar to another. I mean, my Spanish teacher’s name is Mrs. Zimme. It’s just a sound.

Plus the premise sounds more like V, anyway.