Video & Photos Of Portland’s “Space Seed” in the Park + Outdoor “Naked Time” Coming To Seattle

As we reported earlier, this weekend marked the premiere of Trek in the Park and their live performance of "Space Seed" in Portland. We have video and pictures, plus news of another outdoor Star Trek performance of "The Naked Time" coming to Seattle.


Space Seed Live in Portland

The Atomic Arts company in Portland, OR began its second year of Trek in the Park with a live performance of "Space Seed". The free performances are done live at 5 PM in Woodland Park every Saturday and Sunday in July though to August 1st.

Here are a couple of video clips (via caseorganic on Flickr)

Here are a couple of photos

Star Trek in the Park 2010 - Opening Night

Star Trek in the Park 2010 - Opening Night

More photos at Flickr.

OregonLive reviewed Atomic Arts "Space Seed", saying in part:

The local reenactment of the episode can be seen in the park on weekends, and it is unexpectedly polished. Lines are said without a stumble, actors come and go without a hitch, and the familiar sound effects are faithfully reproduced. The costumes are true to the original, with Lt. Uhura’s wig a presence all its own. The entire production has the air of an enthusiastic but respectful labor of love. 

And the guys at CulturePop were so inspired by Trek in the Park, they created a special comic just for it.

More information on Trek in the Park at and the Trek In The Park Facebook Page.


Outdoor "Naked Time" coming to Seattle in August

The Northwest is getting another live Star Trek this summer as Hello Earth will be doing free performances of "The Naked Time" at Blanche Lavizzo Park in Seattle (Saturday, July 31st and August 7th at 7pm and Sunday, August 1st and 8th at 2 pm). More info at

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very cool

Darn, I will be visiting both Portland and Seattle in late August. Would love to see these!

I heard about that, too bad I’m in Southern Oregon, though. If I had the money it would be a great excuse to road trip it up to P Town though.

They are actually pretty good shows, I live in the Portland area and saw Amok Time last year. Fun way to spend a Saturday outdoors.

woohoo! outdoor naked time!

what? why is everyone looking at me? Huh, guess I misunderstood. I’ll go put my clothes back on now . . .

Wow – that looks like a lot of fun!

would be cool to see but wrong side of the country for me

I always loved the part where Kirk beats in Khan’s back with the giant knitting needle. (or that’s what I thought it looked like as a kid…my Mom knitted and had all these different sized knitting needles and one pair was a big fat pair like that too)

I hear Portland is lovely. I’d love to go see this and the city.

8 – I always thought the knitting needle was a nuclear damping rod and that if Kirk didn’t replace it REAL soon, the ship would blow up anyway.

This looks like fun. Do they do “The Enemy Within” and the scene in Rand’s quarters, too? Hmmmm.

Just goes to show the societal integration the show has; what other TV show gets live re-enactments in the park or on stage like this one? It’s so classic. I think a musical will be seen some day.

This is only the 2nd year that Trek in the Park has happened. I’m not sure what they plan on doing next year, but the crowds are getting larger. Most people show up because of word of mouth.

Just like with w00tstock with Will Wheaton, these shows are a lot of fun.
More info on Trek in the park can be found at

Ooops I meant

Sorry about the bad link.

I was there, for the opening performance. The cast was nothing more than brilliant. If you are in the area, check them out!

Hey, what’s going on with that group in NYC that perform more impromptu episode re-enactments? I know they have a set of performances annually also.

And what happened with the ST IV 70 MM showing in CA this past weekend? Just wondering how many people have been attending those special showings out there generally.

Trek in the Park is an awesome idea. I think that to a lot of people, it’s just as entertaining, if not more so, than Shakespeare in the Park, and less demanding on your archaic-language subroutines, too.


looks like a blast, would like to see a longer clip… would also like to see a close up Lt. Marla, looks pretty good in the one pic…

Looks Excellent! I wish they would show us Uhura’s face. Also wish I could visit to see it all live.

Yes, for all you Star Trek fans out there, I videotaped the July 31 production of Trek in the Park. This dramatic presentation was the classic episode, “Space Seed”. Ooo and ahhh, when Kirk, Spock, and McCoy try to solve their situation. Hiss at the baddie, Khan Noonian Singh.

The one-hour Trek in the Park video is at

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