Video of the Day: Klingons Take Over San Diego Trolley Station

Is the Klingon invasion real? A few days ago we reported that a sculpture on a mountain bike trail in Scotland warned of the Empire taking over Earth. And yesterday the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System claimed that they have "met the demands" of a Klingon invasion force and replaced all the signage at one of their trolley stations for signs in Klingon. Check out video and photo below.  


Klingon Mass Trans

Are the Klingons coming? Well they are certainly coming to Comic Con this week. Check out the video (thanks to gigglecam).

And here is a photo (via signonsandiego)


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Is this another one of those “alternate reality” games starting up? My head still hurts from the last one…

ugh, Trek fans make a breakthrough with Star Trek 2009 so that society doesn’t think that all Star Trek fans are socially inept virgins, and then something like this happens and we all may as well go live in our parents basements.

Maybe Portland, Oregon was right to look for mental health professionals who speak Klingon:

Don’t be so negative! This is great fun, and shows how accepted Trek has become!


Maybe it is a Prelude to an announcement that J.J. Abrams is using the Klingons as the “Big Baddies” this time ’round?????

Marketing Engines are starting for the trek sequel…… Very interesting.

Who knew Klingons have the decency to obtain proper permits and hire city workers?

The girl Klingon actually looks like she’s pretty cute.

Nice Ridges.

Dear God… that was the most heartless acting I’ve seen since… well since I watched Phase II.

All in good fun though.

I’d like to show her my Battleth…….

Yeah, the girl looks pretty good but could we get just a little more enthusiasm to represent the empire?! How about a song for past glories! How about a growl to let me know you still care!

Q’pla for the effort!

What a cute Klingon babe! Qapla’

@13 cw
LOL yep, a lot hotter than Lursa and B’Etor, that’s for sure!

And to all pouters: please have some humour!

Id Do her

This is why I love Star Trek. We invade culture like no one else.

Except maybe the 501st.


You do realize that this is being done by the the transit authority of San Diego in conjunction with the San Diego Comic Con, right? It’s not a bunch of basement dwellers who vandalized a sign.

But for the guys that are attracted to a Klingon, I congratulate you on your active imaginations and lament your taste in women. There isn’t anything hot about a half bald woman with bad teeth, poor hygein, and bony ridges on top of her head. And yes I realize it’s all make believe. I’m only foolin’.

It’s only make-believe until the Klingon BOP decloaks. Then it’s not.

:3 is this on NPR yet?

I lol’d at the flat-head.

@20: Exactly.

OMG these kind of trekkie again!?!? and just when star trek was becoming cool again, people do this!

@23 SnugglePuff

Is that why you like Star Trek, because it looks cool in the eyes of other people..? Jeez.

Looking at some of these comments, it becomes more and more apparent why so many people loved Trek ’09 so much. Simply because it’s “cool” to do so…

In fact, I watched some Star Trek: Voyager earlier tonight. Very uncool I suppose, but guess what? I wanted to do so and don’t care whether others think it’s cool or not!

Rant over, LOL.

Bring on the Viral Marketing. BRING IT ON! BRING IT ON.

Not this **** again….

Maybe it’s early promo for the new movie which will revolve around a Klingon invasion of Earth….

The pIqaD on the sign says:
tlhegh Doq

27, or the Klingons teaming up with Khan (who, in this reality, didn’t rise up until the 2010’s).

Wouldn’t it be odd if the next movie took place in a reality that had a fictional Star Trek universe? Real Klingons would disguise themselves as humans dressed as Klingons in order to infiltrate the Earth. They’d be indistinguishable at a Star Trek convention.


I would direct you to the part of the article which says:

” And yesterday the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System claimed that they have “met the demands” of a Klingon invasion force and replaced all the signage at one of their trolley stations for signs in Klingon.”

Kind of implies that the Transit Authority in San Diego did this and not just a group of fans. To promote Comic Con. Which is kind of a big event in San Diego. Which is sort of what I wrote in my comment #19. Which I’ll guess you didn’t read. Since you didn’t apparently read the article itself. And like you’re probably not reading this.

Stay in school. kids.

For the love of tuna! Are those Klingons on Prozac or something! WTF!?!?

I have to admit, a Klingon wearing a hard hat seems both hilarious and superfluous (I’d think the ridges would take care of that)!

^^It’s a disguise. Wolf in sheep’s clothing and all that.

First it’s the asteroid warning from space. Now it’s Klingons in San Diego.

Of course, it’s all a big put-on, a hoot and a holler, is all.

At least, that’s the Klingons WANT you to think….

That goes your GPS – also how would you pronounce these names?
Right on lalalalalaleelu ave… and left on kakakaiakai ave.

YES! The city of my birth has embraced Klingon!!!

In some ways, this was even cooler than the Australian cave tour.