VIDEO: Check Out Chris Pine’s N. Irish Accent From “Lieutenant of Inishmore”

Star Trek’s new Kirk Chris Pine is spending his summer on the Los Angeles stage, appearing in the dark satire The Lieutenant of Inishmore. Pine has got high marks playing a tough Northern Irish terrorist who has returned home to take care of his cat. The Center Theater Group has posted video from the opening gala which includes clips of the play and comments from Pine. Check it out below. 


Video: The Lieutenant of Inishmore – Opening Night
(via CTGLA)

The Lieutenant of Inishmore opened July 11th at the Mark Taper Forum at the Music Center in Los Angeles and runs through to August 8th. More information and tickets at


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It takes guts to get up on stage in front of a live crowd! Something most Hollywood actors wouldn’t even attempt as they know they don’t have the talent! Good for Chris!

well he is the new Captain Kirk in a universally well liked Star Trek movie – thats gotta help with ones confidence

Looks like fun.

Yeah looks really GREAT!!!!

The play looks fun, shame it’s not over in the UK – and Chris Pine mention GWAR! That’s just plain awesome!

Saw “the Lieutenant of Inishmore” last night!! It was great!! The entire cast including Chris Pine gave awesome performances!! Funny. Disturbing. Very Entertaining.

Great that Chris is trying different things to build his craft. Looks like sick fun.

Didn’t hear much of an accent from that clip. Wouldn’t mind going to see it.

Is this Ian Alda related to Robert and Alan?

Like to get more clips from Pine to hear his Northern Irish accent

I am from Northern Ireland so curious to know if he got it.

GWAR!!! Haha, I’ve actually been to one of their shows. Somehow I doubt it’s anything like that but still, sounds interesting. Wish I could go see it. And Chris looks hotter there than he did in ST09. :D

Saw it last Sunday – very funny black comedy. Pine, along with the rest of the cast, is very good.

I thought Pine was German and Quinto was Irish?!?

“no Spaaark…. It’ll verwk”….

@9 Ian Alda is Alan Alda’s nephew

14 – Thank you. I thought perhaps there was a relation.


M’nuh, m’nuh, that’s Alda, folks! :>)

I didn’t hear Chris Pine talk much at all. Being half-and-half (Northern and Southern Irish), the accents didn’t seem bad at all. One of the worst Irish accents I’ve ever heard in cinema came from Gabriel Byrne, and he was born not far from where I live right now, so go figure.

As an aside, my home town was today named the fourth UNESCO City of Literature, so if by some happenstance Chris Pine happens to find himself performing in Dublin, I’d try to go. I’m a big fan of his Kirk. I felt he portrayed his character even better than Quinto’s job of Spock.

16 – Harry, how many bottles of wine for that one? ; )

I hope we can see more video clips from the play for those living in out of the way places and who can’t get to see the play.

The torture scene when the phone rang and Padriac asks his torture victim to hang on just had me in stitches of laughter. That was just so hilarious, and quite insane.

I have read the synopsis of the play on Wikipedia and there were moments where I found myself laughing and crying at the same time – crying because of the violence and cruelty and laughing because of the perfectly “sane”, “logical” reasons given for the actions. I suspect that, if I could see the play in person, my face would be awash with tears of laughter and shock and despair all at once.

Anyway, continued good luck with the performances, Chris Pine and co.!


Brett, that bad, eh? :>)