VIDEO: Watch William Shatner’s Helicopter Landing On Aircraft Carrier For SDCC Party

Last Friday night Star Trek’s William Shatner was at San Diego Comic Con where he was signing at the con followed by a party on the USS Midway. And because he is The Shat, he flew a helicopter between the two, making a grand "Mission Accomplished" entrance to his launch party. Watch video below.


Shatner’s Mission Accomplished

Bill lands on the USS Midway will be releasing more video from the Shatner webcast from last Friday where he interviewed a number of sci-fi luminaries, including a number of Trek vets like LeVar Burton, Brent Spiner, and John Eaves.

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Shatner is awesome! Mission accomplished indeed!

Did they steal that Mission Accomplished banner from Bush?

@2 – It did appear to be of the same basic design.

How many websites does Shatner own anyway?

What date and time did Shatner do the landing on the Midway? I was in San Diego and visited the Midway when ComicCon was going on.

Wow, that was just terrible. I love–LOVE–William Shatner… this particular piece needed better production and direction. Or perhaps we can get Paramount to pony up some extra $$ to make the ending better, as should’ve been done with Star Trek V…. Just sayin’….

They got through the whole thing without anyone saying “nuclear wessel.”

Shat is Dah Man!

79 yrs old. I love Shatner.

Get to the Chopper!

Shatner is the man!

7 &10 – Agreed!!

It is a shame to see Midway reduced to publicity stunts like this. She earned the respect she was denied here.

(I write this as a great fan of Shatner, who looks great and would even for a man half his age.)

C.S. Lewis

Were they trying to make it look like Shatner was actually flying the helicopter by putting him in the left seat?

No shame at all. The Midway is now a maritime museum that does a nice job of teaching the public about life aboard a navy ship. I say this as a navy veteran myself. I went aboard her about 25 years ago when she was homeported at Yokosuka, Japan. Though she’s no longer able to sail into harm’s way, she still provides a valuable service by honoring our military and maritime heritage. That’s a damn sight better than ending up as an artificial reef after being used for target practice.

Is there anything The Shat can’t or won’t do? :-)

I wonder if Bill’s helicopter landing on the aircraft carrier with the ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner was him riffing on George W. Bush’s infamous aircraft carrier speech?

Is there anything that The Shat cannot / will not / would not do? He’s done enough stuff to last a dozen average lifetimes.

The man is the stuff of legend, as far as show biz is concerned.

You can have your Cary Grants and Larry Oliviers. How many other actors have landed in a helicopter on the Midway right after being mobbed at a comic book convention? At (nearly) age 80?

None, I tells ya. None.

This dude is amazing! Captain Kirk would be proud.

14 – Hear! Hear! And thank you for your service in the navy!

16 – Hear! Hear! to you, too!

And 13 — Harry, I’m afraid you get a raspberry for dessert tonight! ; )

Now, Brett, I’m only saying that I liked Shatner when he was young, a la Kirk in TOS. The old Shat, still seeking attention after all these years, really gets on my nerves. The man is like a black hole, so self-absorbed that he tries to draw in everything else around him! Enough! Please retire and go away!

I know others here don’t feel the same way, but tough!

Well, Harry, I was only kiddin’ ya. I still like him — and you.

“he flew a helicopter between the two”

Really? Or should it read “he flew IN a helicopter…”?

If I could wave a magic wand, I would put this into a imaginary copy of Star Trek IV (The return) where kirk time travels back to year 2010 to beg william shatner to “Just see the damn movie already”

THE SHAT !!!!! see you in vegas

The man knows how to make an entrance, that’s for sure. ; )
Again I wonder, when/if ever does he sleep? He has phenomenal stamina.

24 – “He has phenomenal stamina.”

Oh man, that is for sure! I wish I had 5/8ths of his stamina at 5/8ths of his age!

Too bad the Enterprise is ported in Norfolk. That would have been great.


#19 “The old Shat, still seeking attention after all these years, really gets on my nerves.”

Harry. silly old boisterous people seeking attention can often be quite annoying. You wouldn’t know anything about that, of course, so I’m just informing you. ;-)

Shatner = the only Capt. Kirk


Shatner is an icon.

29 & 30 – John – Yeah, man!! Thumbs up on those posts , for sure!

The Shat needs to redo the whole thing. I didn’t get a good look at the hot chick introducing him on the carrier. If its not too much trouble.


Harry, I think you need to take back your bottles of red wine to wherever you bought them from!

Can’t ever get tired of William Shatner! No matter what anyone thinks of him, he’s never boring. And he’s got more energy than a 12 year old on a sugar high!

Truly an example for how to live life at any age!

The capt at the helm one more time…in a way. I never tire of Shatner’s enterances.

@ #13 – No, in helicopter ops the pilot sits on the right

Did he say “Thataway”?

No, he flew as in piloted.

28 “Silly Old Boisterous people”

So, tell me, SFP, would that make my lament a SOB story? :>)

# 38 … LOL, Harry. I do enjoy your comments, I have for years now. I was just giving ya a hard time. :-)


Yeah, SFP, I enjoy your comments, too. It’s nice that we can joke with each other while still respecting the other person’s opinion.

It was an absolutely awesome party. The Shat and all his guests, on an aircraft carrier, with a great band, amazing DJ and fireworks… felt incredibly privileged to be there.