Alexander Siddig On Bashir & DS9 Reunion + Cairo Time Premeire Pics

This weekend Alexander Siddig’s new movie Cairo Time opens in limited release in the US, and via IFC On Demand. In a promotional interview the actor talks more about changes to Dr. Julian Bashir, and how is is ready for a DS9 reunion. We have those excerpts and have pics from the Cairo Time premiere below.


Siddig can’t complain about Bashir + would be excited about reunion

Back in May our pals at UGO did an interview with Alexander Siddig where the former DS9 talked about how "pissed" he was over the genetic enhancement storyline that was added for his character in the fifth season of the series. But in a new interview with, Siddig seems a bit more sanguine about the whole thing:

What, to your thinking worked best about Bashir as a character, and how much does that whole genetic engineering storyline still bug you?

You know where I’m going to go with that, and part of the reason I go to that is because… In fairness, I can’t complain about anything that happened to Bashir. Writers and producers work so hard and they came up with ideas, and some work and some don’t. That’s all there is to it. That’s what it boils down to. Now, with the benefit of hindsight, I think that the humanity of Bashir is the thing that I really love about that guy. I feel that he’s just a very human, human, an archetypal human being with faults and problems.

Siddig also talked about how he is still available for any kind of DS) reunion

Of course, you could see everybody again if there’s ever a DS9 reunion movie or show. How open would you be to reprising Dr. Bashir in something like that?

Star Trek is my home. That’s where I was brought up as an actor. Yeah. I think they’d be smart to do it on the small screen. If they had the chutzpah to do that, I’d definitely be excited about it.

Read much more from Alexander at

Siddig with the Season 7 cast of Deep Space Nine – he is ready for the reunion


Cairo Time opens in US

Alexander Siddig stars in the international indie romance Cairo Time along with Patricia Clarkson. The film has opened in some countries around the world and this weekend Cairo Time opens in a limited number of theaters in the US and is also available via IFC On Demand. A premiere was held in New York last week, here are some photos from the event.

Alexander Siddig attends the premiere of “Cairo Time” at Cinema 3 on July 26, 2010 in New York City.

Siddig with "Cairo Time" co-star Patrical Clarkson

Siddig, Clarkson and director Ruba Nadda at the "Cairo Time" premiere

More details at Here is the US trailer.


Photos: CBS & WireImage

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I saw Cairo Time a few months ago. Siddig was brilliant in it!

Make a DS9 reunion happen Paramount!

It won’t happen. Paramount is not interested. Besides the last movie erased everything of DS9 anyways. Anything done now does not connect to anything previously done now.

He’s looking a little undead, but you know, in a dashing sort of way?

Kinda suprised none of the post TNG series haven’t hit movie of the week, or direct to video. Considering the crap that SyFy turns out it you would think that some exec would want to start mining those tailings..

Would love to see a DS9 reunion, but I doubt it’ll ever happen.


Hmm… old Trek has been erased, huh? Not relevant anymore? Well, for some reason Pocketbooks, Star Trek Online,, BBC-America, Spike TV and a lot of fans on this site haven’t gotten the message. But thanks for the heads up.

@Roger why did the movie erased everything? The movie just created a parallel Universe, it did not erased the Prime universe. So a DS9 movie would be perfectly plausible as would be a TNG or VOY one … And I really hope that someday Paramaount will do a miniseries or a couple of Direct-To-DVD movies about the Prime universe again, set after 10-20 years after the destruction of Romulus. How did the political plane changed, what happened to the remaining romulans, what is Ezri doing, what about Bashir, or 7of9 or Chakotay … I would very much like that concept.

Like I said in the Kate Mulgrew thread, the odds of CBS wanting anything to do with direct-to-DVD ventures seem quite small indeed. But with the advent of very believable full-3D backdrops to save on reconstructing sets, the readiness and willingness of multiple actors in the ’24th Century’ to come back for a spin or two and the mostly-dormant nature of the canon franchise this past few years, now would be a very good time for them to change their minds.

Alexander is a great actor. It’s fantastic to think that he learned his craft (at least in part) on a certain space station. I’d really like to see some intimate productions — that is, small stories heavy on the characters. Babylon 5 has done a few of those online. They’re a mixed bag, but certainly worthwhile for fans. I’d love to see each of the franchises take a few spins on the net.

TPTB don’t have the vision or interest in doing a movie about DS9.

Unless it can be proven to them that it would make a sh*tload of money, they couldn’t care less!

Hehe… yeah, Bones is having his way with Dax’s gymnast host of the era… then POP! Sisko appears — like he said in the DS9 finale: he could turn up in a hundred years, or he could reappear “yesterday”, but for sure, he WILL be back. ;) Plus, who knows, maybe they find Odo early this time? And there you go, DS9 reunion of sorts… very possible in the new, parallel JJverse. Would make a fun 5-parter in a TV series.

Just bring Deep Space Nine back for a second series. Everyone would do it. It was after all the best Star Trek Series.

I’d love a DS9 Reunion miniseries. Heck, I’d love a 24th Century Star Trek Reunion mini-series. Tie all of them together.

Sadly CBS or wtv, would never do a Series-2 for ds9, sadly. I do hope they have a tribute documentary on ds9 though. It was the most unique trek-series. Probably the best of them all. I know ds9 itself inspired BSG. So how about a bit of homage ?

We will probably wait til a DS9 new voyages happens.


lol (too much ‘shift’!)

It would be nice if we could see Bashir struggle with his humanity, all the while knowing he’s perfect – so to say.

A new series with that hmm?

The new movie was ok, but too contrived. It was fun, but I don’t want to be around people that had this as their first exposure to Star Trek. It has NOTHING to do with the idea of Star Trek. Same names, places… but no soul.

Even the worst series made was better that the new movie. (Although I like all the series personally.)

I’d like to see something in the NORMAL universe. I don’t care if it’s a new crew, I just want some new, GOOD Trek.


I’m going to bed.


Stargate direct-to-DVD Movies are cool (Although they seem a little cheap here and there)

I think CBS is missing a great oportunity not making any kind of project in that direction with the prime univere before everyone is too old.

BTW. I find it curious how, with the diferentiation on who has the movie rights and who has the TV rights, it seems like Paramount has the rights to the Abramsverse (We need a better name for this), and CBS has the rights to the Prime universe.

If there is going to be a DS9 reunion, may suggest that the DS9 reunion to air on CBS and be a Manny Coto Production in association with CBS Television Studios, whether in a form of a ‘look back’ television special or a two-hour telefilm that takes place either a half-decade or whole decade after ‘What You Leave Behind’ in similiar way the 2005 telefilm ‘Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire’ took place almost a half-decade after the events of the series finale?

I’m very impressed with Siddig’s range as an actor having come from DS9. Syriana in particular. It’s nice to know he cared enough about his Bashir character to have such strong feelings on the genetic engineering arc, and that he’d be willing to reprise such a role if the chance arose. I don’t think a chance WILL arise, but if the history of Star Trek has taught me anything, it is to “never say never”.

@ 17. Finally!!! Someone adressing the biggest problem TREK XI had: The lack of soul.

Yes, the names were the same, the characters were close, the designs looked familiar… yet, the film itself lacks soul.

It’s mainstream entertainment, not ment to make you think, not ment to carry a message, just to blend with it’s SFX.

For the sequel I wish less SFX and much more focus on characters and better worked out dialogues.

Yes! DS9 reunion or sequel on TV, please!

I would love a DS9 reunion. It was certainly my favourite of the series.

It’s good to see that Siddig is sensible enough to know that any follow up to DS9 would be best served on the small screen. Unfortunately there’s not enough of an audience for a cinematic version so it would almost certainly and the knock on effect could be detrimental to the Abrams movies. I not naive enough enough to believe there is even a remote chance of any future projects in the prime timeline but it’s still fun to speculate about it. I personally would like to see Paramount\CBS release straight to DVD movies in the prime universe and whilst I’d be open to any of the series getting some kind of follow up I have to say that DS9 and Entrrprise would be first choices.

I guess it’s good to see some people still kicking Trek09 in the shins… they don’t seem to like it, but the movie is still on their minds after all this time… good deal.

DS9 was a show that really grew on me. When it first came out, I thought it was ok, but as I followed the show, I became more interested in the characters, and some of the stories were absolutely terrific. It had some of the best writing of all the series. I think it did start to run out of steam towards the end, and I wasn’t really happy with the way the show ended… but it is what it is. I’ve said many times, however, I don’t think DS9 even needed to be connected to Star Trek as there was very little Star Trek in it. Apart from some terminology and props, this show could have stood entirely on its own, in its own universe, the same way B5 did. On the other hand, it was interesting to see the producers trying to do something different in the Star Trek universe… but I still don’t think there was enough about DS9 that related to Star Trek. It seems to me, the association with Star Trek was almost coincidental, and it really didn’t make or break the show in any way.

As for a future, I know there are numerous books which have carried the show onward, but I haven’t read any of them. I’d like to see Sisko’s adventure resolved, but I don’t think it will happen… even though it should.

DD9 was easily the best entry of the Berman regime, but still painfully hard to watch when it wanted to go into the utterly boring world of the politics and religion of Bajor or the family life of chief Obrien. It’s major crime was the lack of exploration when they had a gateway to unexplored territory right next door. But, hands down, the best characters of 24th century Trek and Bashir was great.

See, in the day and age of webisodes or straight to Blu-Ray, I think we should see little resurrections of lost shows which have passed. Some ENT Season 5, some follow on DS9, heck, I would even accept some “what actually happened when they got home because we were cheated out of seeing it” Voyager.

Bring back Cirroc Lofton and have him narrate a series of web “interviews” based on the “Needs of the Many” STO tie in book. I was very pleasantly surprised by it, and it would be relatively easy (read “cheap”) to produce, since its story is told in character recollections. It also of course supports the intended idea that the original universe was not overwritten by the JJVerse, but that they are continuing in parallel. Agent Lucsley’s reference to the JJ’s movie in the book is priceless.

I think that a “10 years later” Trek series would be a good idea, as long as RDM was involved (which may nor may not be possible, since he’s currently tied up with Caprica). I don’t necessarily see straight-to-DVD movies focused on DS9 happening — although you never know — but I’ve always thought it would be interesting if some seismic events had occurred in the years since the end of DS9, resulting in the balance of power shifting away from the Federation.

The new series could either focus on the political, military and social impect on the Federation itself, or even have the Klingons as the central characters instead. Could be fun — the series could be called “Star Trek: Empire”, have the ‘Klingon battle anthem’ from the start of Star Trek: The Motion Picture as the theme music for the opening titles, and perhaps it could focus on Worf’s son Alexander as the lead character (presumably less goofy now than he was in his younger DS9 incarnation). He was already in early adulthood by the end of DS9 and a formal member of both the Klingon military and the House of Martok, so there is plenty of interesting potential here, especially if Martok, Worf and their extended family are in the background either as regular supporting characters or as occasional guest roles. However, it would need RDM’s involvement again, especially as he played a huge part in the intelligent depiction of Klingon culture on DS9 in particular.

Yes, tragically I have actually thought about this for slightly longer than 10 seconds. Blame it on the recent late-evening reruns of DS9 on one of the British cable channels over here.

Personally I liked the evolution of Bashir’s character — not just the “genetically enhanced” angle, but the way he realistically changed from a fairly naive young medic into a much tougher individual. As anyone who knows any real-life doctors would confirm, due to the nature of the job they often really do become like that as they become older and gain an increasing amount of professional experience (especially in the literally “life or death” areas of the profession). I expect the impact is even greater on doctors who are part of the military and regularly exposed to the effects of combat, as Bashir eventually was, particularly his involvement at the forefront of the drawn-out and extremely bloody war with the Dominion.

Here’s an interesting fun fact I recently came across: Apparently, Alexander Siddig originally auditioned for the role of Sisko, but was deemed too young for the part.

Deep Space Nine and Doctor Julian Bashir…

Favourite Series, and favourite character (Who wasnt a captain… no one tops Sisko :p)

29. It’s just occurred to me, you could easily be talking about either ‘Hawkeye’ Pearce as Julian Bashir. Which is a good thing, since M*A*S*H is probably my all-time favourite TV series after Star Trek.

My wife always thought he was a great piece of a$$!

# 5 … naturally it’s all on Paramount. Every damn Trek actor ever has talked about their willingness to jump back in, and we know the writers aren’t opposed to writing more, let alone writing for “TV Movies” or mini-series (Ron Moore and Battlestar are the first thing on my mind, but the various Stargate “events” and stuff fit the bill as well).

I think the best possible thing Paramount could do is get some of the key writers from the NextGen era Star Trek shows – all three shows. Then put together a five hour mini-series that combines pretty much everyone they can cram into it. It’s not that I don’t think DS9 and Voyager don’t deserve their own movies (or TNG doesn’t deserve another!) but I think nobody could turn down the “mini-series EVENT” of all three shows combined into one massive, epic adventure. It’d be interesting enough just to see the altered casts, picking up “15 years later” from the last time we saw any of them (or 10, for the TNG crew).

DS9 mini series on SyFy!

You know, just a 2 or 3 night thing. Come on SyFy, get your heads out of your monster of the week mentality. It would pull in huge numbers!
Trekkie/Trekkers would flock en masse for just a fleating breath of Trek back on the small screen again.

DS9 + Ron Moore + SyFy. Come on, this is a no brainer!

#34 Actually DS9 really worked because of Ira Steven Behr, who effectively ran the show from Season 3 onwards (when Piller left) with minimal input from Rick Berman. Rick Berman made stupid intervention decisions from time to time, like not allowing them to use the music from the original series in the Tribbles episode, so instead we got the bland McCarthy string instrument scores of his era (not McCarthy’s fault, Berman’s rule).

Ron Moore contributed, but was not the reason DS9 was so brilliant. A lot of his episodes were poor Klingon story snore fests, altho he did write some gems. Ira always came across as a true gentleman visionary, and Moore a bit of a Messiah figure in his Galactica days.

Great actor. Period.

He is a very good actor. Has anyone else noticed how much he’s starting to look like his uncle (Malcolm McDowell)?

Paramount is committed to and living in the new alternate universe that was created in Star Trek 09. Sorry Kate Mulgrew, No Voyager reunion/movie. Sorry Alexander Siddig, No DS9 reunion/movie. All your work has been made less relevant thanks to the new movie.

Paramount would be wise to gamble and do some kind of swansong TNG ‘direct-to-dvd/blu ray’ release I think. That’s what I would like to see.

The movie could somehow incorporate elements of TNG and the federation at large in the aftermath of Nemesis, probably 10 years on from those events – In 2389.

If successful then Paramount will make their money.

If not – Then I surpose direct-to-dvd will never happen again.

It would be a worthwhile gamble though and the fans, such as myself, would love to see something like this happen in the not so distant future.

Why can’t they do direct-to-DVD movies of DS9/VOY/ENT, like has been done with, for example, Stargate?

I can’t see how a 24th century era TV mini-series or direct to DVD movie incorporating TNG/VOY/DS9 characters wouldn’t be profitable for Paramount.

Doesn’t CBS have rights to Star Trek on TV. Nor Paramount. If that is the case what would CBS have to lose by trying something.

Paramount/CBS are only interested in how much money Star Trek can make for them. The other shows mentioned (Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, etc) worked direct to DVD and miniseries because they had a cult following and were not really mainstreamed. Star Trek is (especially after the last movie) and they are not going to do anything to appeal to only the core fans. Let’s face it, a DS9, TNG, Voy, or Enterprise mini-series or direct to DVD would mainly appeal only to the fans of those specific shows or Star Trek in general. For Paramount/CBS, that is not good enough. I think it is clear that for them, on screen, JJ Abrams vision is a fact of life and will not change for the forseeable future. I’m happy to have the novels continue the stories, because I realize the other shows are DOA on screen. It will never happen, no matter how much we want it to.

MY own wishful thinking would have the Destiny series by David Mack on screen. I would love to see that on screen and they combine elements of TNG, DS9 and Voyager (along with Captain Hernandez from Enterprise). It would have tied up the Borg storyline and how they came to be all at the same time (I actually believe that series is big screen worthy, IMHO).

With the way 24th century Trek was tanking, there is no way CBS would ever spend the $ it would take to recreate the sets and pay the salaries it would take to bring it all back together. Not Ds9, not TNG, and certainly not Voyager or Enterprise. The studios are in it to make money and the bottom line is financing and profit. So any kind of venture like this, just for a brief mini series or DVD one-off, in light of the numbers Nemesis and Enterprise brought in, would be seen as a too large a risk.

Now a series based on JJ’s new take on the Trek universe, that’s a different story…but even then you have the conflict of Paramount vs. CBS. I wouldn’t look for any type of Trek on television any time soon.

#38 Paramount is about making profits. They could care less about timelines and continuity.

If they feel they could make a buck with a DS9 or Voyager telemovie or mini series and the subsequent dvd sales thereof they will be all over it.

I believe there is still gold to mine from the Berman era franchises.

The question is if there is someone in Hollywood who will champion the endeavor?

I would have loved to see some Trek TV movies too, but I think what it comes down to is that the SETS for such a thing would be way too expensive to build (and even storing such things for the future would be expensive).

With a Syfy movie, all you typically need is an empty warehouse, some open fields, and a handful of cheap CGI monsters. I’m not sure I would really want to see a Trek movie done that same way. lol

sigh. i would love that. reality however, thinks it’s a dumb idea.

There Goes Mr. Grey Beard approaching Ms. Hottie. Ohhhhhh,

He’s should try just for men.

I’m sorry I couldn’t help it. I’ve seen those commercials all over the place. Actually, I like Sid’s Beard. It says that he knows what he’s doing, and can still do it!

No cheap ass straight to dvd or miniseries, please. Star Trek should be treated as an A-list property from now on.