Happy 30th Birthday, Chris Pine + New Unstoppable Poster + Almost Cast In MI4?

Today is the birthday of Chris Pine. Star Trek’s new Captain Kirk is turning the big 3-0. All of us here at TrekMovie would like to wish the new Captain a Happy Birthday. Plus we have an update on what Chris is up to (including the latest project he was in consideration for), plus a look at the new poster and a still from Pine’s next movie, Unstoppable.


Happy Birthday, Captain

Chris Pine took on a big challenge when he signed on to play James T. Kirk in the 2009 Star Trek movie. The actor had been getting some good buzz and was juggling offers, but decided to take the risky move of taking on a role that some said could not be done. But as this clip shows, the actor was able to make the role his own.

Pine’s turn as Kirk catapulted the actor into the big time, turning him into a genuine star (along with the paparazzi to prove it).

Pine Almost Led Third Paramount Franchise? + Unstoppable Poster & Still

For now Chris’ dance card is full. After Star Trek he went on to work with director Tony Scott on the runaway train action movie Unstoppable, with Denzel Washington. Pine’s next project is This Means War, an action comedy directed by McG where Pine plays a spy battling another spy (played by Star Trek Nemesis baddie Tom Hardy) over the affections of a woman (Reese Witherspoon).

In 2011 Pine has the Star Trek sequel, and his first go as the new Jack Ryan in the film Moscow, both major Paramount franchises. And today Deadline reported that Paramount was also eying Pine to step into another one of their properties – Mission: Impossible. The fourth Mission film is currently in pre-production (produced by JJ Abrams) and the studio has been looking for an actor to star alongside Tom Cruise — to potentially carry the franchise into the future. According to Deadline, Pine was considered for the role, but since he was too booked up, they went with Jeremy Renner (star of The Hurt Locker).

Unstoppable comes out on November 12th of this year. A trailer was released earlier this month (see previous article) and 20th Century Fox has just released the first poster and a still.

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Happy B Day Chris. May you live long and prosper. Looking forward to seeing you in Unstopable wuth Denzal Washington. Looks to be one hell of a ride and can’t wait to see you once again as one James T Kirk.

Happy B-D to CP!

A good choice for Kirk, no ifs ands or buts about it!

MI would be a step down for Pine.

Happy Birthday

It is a good day to stop smoking.

Great clip to post from ST09 as well. The gag reel clips from the DVD are hilarious! Pine knows what he’s doing, his perfomance stands up, and I’m certain we’ll all be impressed again (and iffy fans will be converted) in 2012.

Sorry about the MI4 thing.
You would make Tom Cruise look short without at least three apple crates.

wow! Denzel! glad to see the nuTrek cast isn’t typecast like the original cast was.

and happy birthday!

Happy 30th birthday I thought Chris did a great job in Star Trek hope he has a great day xxx:0)

Happy Birthday Chris. I would argue that more than any other performance, Pine’s Kirk was crucial to the success of the film, and he delivered big time.

Are there snakes on the train?!!!

Oh, and why does Chris’ face look computer-generated in that poster? Denzel looks fine, but it looks like James Cameron got ahold of the bottom half.


I’m sorry, he made the role his own? You know that thing when you take a drink of something then hear something a bit surprising and you can’t help but spit the said drink out…… well, excuse me a moment but I have to go and dry off. Just be a second….. chat among yourselves…..

ok, thats better. So, about Pine making the role of Kirk his own.
I’m not buying into it.
He’s good an all, but wasn’t there once another guy that played Kirk? I seem to remember there was you know…..

Wow, kinda surprised to see his face on the poster like that. Even with the success of Trek, I didn’t expect him to be getting equal billing with the likes of Denzel Washington anytime soon.

Happy Birthday Cupcake!

Who Shatner off course

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CP!!!… I wish all the best always!….and … I’ll be waiting for you on the big screen!…….KISSES<333333!!!!

CP was awesome in Star Trek!….. and surely, I think he will be AWESOME in Star Trek Sequel, too!!!

Happy birhtday Topher!

Is he doing a impression of Spock’s eyebrow, in the still of the film?

Tom Cruise would not want Pine in the same movie as him because a real actor would only illustrate how limited he is in the acting department!

It does look like Pine is doing a Spock I
mpersonation doesn’t it in the still for Unstoppable

Twenty years from now…

CHRIS PINE: I’d like to thank the Academy for this lifetime achievement award for my portrayals of Admiral Nelson in “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea EXTREME”, Captain America in the 2013 reboot of the 2011 film, Captain Morgan in “Pirates of the Caribbean 6: Rum In Me Bom”, and, of course, what turned out to be my iconic role as Captain Caveman in the seven film franchise.”

TOM CRUISE: Wrap it up, sonny- I gotta’ mop the stage before I get to the dishes.

BND: Acks! Busboy Cruise- comes o’er here, I soiled me rubber undies agains. And me drool bucket be full. Say, izzat’ Kirk on stage? Kirk! I once saw him drinkin’ a pina colada at Trader Vic’s…


Chris Pine would wipe the floor with Tom Cruise.

Happy Birthday Bro

1. Go Chris.
2. I love Chris.
3. I really, really love Chris.

Why not have Chris in the MI franchise? Tom Cruise just isn’t the main-attraction he once was sadly, after jumping on oprah’s sofa incident. They need someone to step into Tom’s shoes and sorta replace him.

Why are we even wishing him a happy birthday? Pine does not read these forums. But just in case, happy birthday Chris! :-)

2009 was Spock-centric, 2012 should be Kirk-centric.

How much you want to bet that the critics pan the new movie with the headline, “Unstoppable Proves Unwatchable!”

It felt odd watching the trailer for Unstoppable. I kept thinking ‘what’s Kirk doing in that movie?’ and then it hit me …how once upon a time, I only associated Kirk with William Shatner.


“Now I’m Captain Kirk, you’re Scotty, I need more power.”

Happy birthday, Chris!

22 – And his hair was perfect!

Happy Birthday, Chris. 30! You’re a baby!

I wish Chris Pine was doing the next “Mission: Impossible” so I could watch him use the “Kirk-Fu” against Tom Cruise!

Oh well. One can dream I suppose!

#28, Harry, I have a feeling Unstoppable will be.

stoppable that is!

I was just re-reading my ST 2009 prequel comic book. Did you guys know that the Narada is Borg technology?

In ST 2012, would be fascinating if we saw just 1 nanoprobe of the Narada escape the blackhole and the Borg infiltrate the new timeline; forcing a rapid growth of the number of planets in the Federation (under the threat of ahnilation). And the Vulcans, now planetless, except for the new one Spock Prime is helping with, would share all their technology with Earth. The Borg would be something like in BSG.

A new meaner, more powerful Borg, with more special effects. Unfortunately that would be classic ST and I am not convinced Paramount or the writers want that for now. I have a feeling they are going the Harry Mudd, sex route.

If the Borg were to be in the next Trek, this would be the trailer.
Absolutely amazing, what a gold mine franchise this Paramount is sitting on.

Phobos the Borg have been done to death in the last few years, and Trek is on BSG an never will be, we need more Classac Trek without the Borg. Klingon, Gorn,Cardaisains (maybe) but not Borg. Borg were overdone in Voyager.

sigh, maybe you’re right.

Like Gene Roddenberry once said, the creative stage for Star Trek is the whole galaxy. I guess constant new ideas are the way to go.

See, if there was a TV show there would be more room for creativity.

@Phobos –

The Borg are ‘NOT’ classic Trek, not by a long shot. They’re Next Gen characters. Aside from all that, the Borg have been so overused that they lost their effectiveness.

Classic Trek would be a story with some depth, character development, and less reliance upon SFX to sell the tale.

I have faith that Damon, Roberto and Alex will deliver a Trek tale requiring a little more brain matter to process this time.

I hope Chris has a wonderful Birthday.

I have 38 years as a Conductor/Brakeman with the Southern Pacific/Union Pacific Railroad. Unstoppable looks to be one heck of a rollercoaster ride and might even be enjoyable.

However, this is a Hollywood movie and some (not all) events shown in the trailer are a bit beyond belief. Chances of a “LOST” (unknown location) runaway train are very doubtful. Trains just don’t vanish from view, especially one with Haz-Mat! Plus, All locomotives have a fail safe system that will stop a train in the event the controls appear to be unmanned. An alerter will sound if the controls haven’t been moved after a few min’s. The Engineer must then acknowledge the alerter by depressing a button otherwise the entire train will go into emergency, all the brakes on the train will apply and the train will be stopped. The brakes cannot be reset until the Engineer restores the air pressure, 90psi.

With that said, my Wife and I will probably go see it and I’ll have to forget all the real railroading in my blood and just have fun.


@Buzz – Yeah, he really did make the roll his own ‘portrayal’ of the character. I don’t know if you’re interpreting that to mean he somehow claimed ownership of the role, that’s now what it means….all it means is that he didn’t imitate Shatner. He demonstrated that he could be Kirk without Shatnerism’s.

31- Ahhhhhhhh… me Zevon Colour o’ Money reference has been spotted… pass tha’ torch from Tom ta’ Chris…

32- While I agree, I would be confused and frightened ta’ see tha’ Pine Trinity… be he Kirk? Be he Jack Ryan? Be he Ethan Hunt?
“We’re taking the Enterprize into the terrorist camp to collect information. Help me put on my Klingon face-mask and call the President. And Paris… errr… Spock… put out that damned fuse!”

And one last bit… let’s hear him say “I’m Captain Kirk!”





thanks for clarifying!

Chris have a blessed Bday and. Have many more to come. Thanks for bringingin dignity and honor to James T Kirk

Cruise still has marketablity, unlike other more imfamous biggots in current news… His jumping & being stupid was well lampooned… the other guy? I just keep hearing his phone calls on the radio…

Happy birthday, Mister Pine, sir.


“Cruise still has marketability,….”

And just what would that “marketability” be? Tom Cruise movies have had diminishing returns the past five years or so. “Mission: Impossible III” is a good movie, but Tom Cruise had the benefit of working with J.J Abrams.
But it didn’t do well at the box office. Plus he ruined Katie Holmes’ career by marrying her and “converting” her to Scientology.

I think most folks in Hollywood are realizing that Tom Cruise isn’t a good actor and that he can’t market a film like he did ten or fifteen years ago.

Chris Pine, on the other hand, has a well-recieved blockbuster under his belt (“Star Trek”), has other projects in the works and has been praised for his talent. He is seen as one of the top up-and-coming actors in Hollywood.

Chris Pine’s sun is rising, Tom Cruise’s sun is setting. Just that simple.

Pine may pass Bruce Greenwood for appearing in Paramount films if this all happens!


You got that right, Ryan! When it comes to Cruise, I’ve seen much better acting from kids in high school plays! Somebody should put him out to pasture!

Has anyone noticed that in the clip above from ST2009, Zachary Quinto is almost laughing after Simon Pegg asks for a towel? His eyes are clearly laughing!!! I nearly laughed seeing that too..