Mondo Limited Ed. Star Trek Borg Queen Poster Goes On Sale Thursday

Earlier this month TrekMovie first reported the next poster in the popular Alamo Drafthouse/Mondo series of Star Trek limited editions would be The Borg Queen. Today Mondo is showing off a much better version of that image, and they have announced it will go on sale on September 2nd.


Mondo’s Borg Queen

Mondo has moved into the TNG era with their version of a Star Trek: First Contact poster featuring The Borg Queen.

Mondo’s Borg Queen poster

This limited edition poster goes on Sale on Thursday September 2nd at the Mondo website. The posters tend to sell out in just minutes so your best bet is to follow  @MondoNews on Twitter and buy as soon as they announce availability.

Previous Posters

Here are the previous Star Trek posters from Mondo

Tribbles Posters (July)

Space Seed poster (June)

[Source: io9], thanks BJ

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Space Seed poster is still the best!

I don’t know about that…The First Contact one looks pretty awesome.

I love these!

Umm .. so why did they make the Borg Queen look like an 80 year old hag? Why not use the actual actress from the movie as a base?

Let’s poster of the qween in my room and a 2nd one for my grandaughter’s room that should do it. Eeeeks we’ve been assimulated!

It is so good to live in Austin Texas wit the Alamo Draft House. All of the Posters look great.

Need Posters of the terran Empire. That would be even better.

Anatomy is irrelevent. Lose the breasts.

#3. If you can’t tell by now, all of the posters that Mondo commissions are stylized art pieces.

#8 The Ladies Stay.

I like the stylized nature of the posters. they add a certain since of Art to star trek merchandice.

Best of the lot so far, though Tribbles is pretty clever too. Space Seed still seems completely detached from the actual episode.

I have a small original First Contact poster framed in my closet. (I may be the CmdrR, but I live with an Admiral.) I like this one, but I find nothing not to love about the one I have.

I love the new approaches to some of our fav Treks, though. Keep it up. And, Phil (#8) — biology is NOT futile. The boobies stay!!



there’s apparently demand for this sort of thing. I work in a print shop and I must say I’m pretty decent at Illustrator. hmmmmm.

Fascinating. What a delight to know that Trek inspires such creativity!

This is awesome!

What a misfire the Borg Queen idea was. The idea of a swarm of unstoppable locust-like assimilators was great, and truly frightenting. Then they had to devalue the entire concept with a malevolent embodiment with a personality. No longer were the Borg their own menace. They became just henchmen zombies of a TV-grade queen villainess.


I hope they do some DS9 ones.

I thought the Borg were still pretty frightening after the Queen showed up, especially since they included assimilating people (besides just tea-drinking French captains) along with technology. I suppose the image of drones sticking tubules into necks might’ve reduced them to space vampires a bit, but nevertheless they were the first Trek villains to give me the creeps since Khan’s ear slugs. It was Voyager that really pulled the Borg’s teeth—at times they seemed more like a simple nuisance than the genuine threat they were in TNG.

I thought Hugh weakened the Borg menace far more than the Queen. That was TNG’s penchant for touchy-feely relations with everybody. “Q Who” and “Best of Both World” are still the absolute best of the Borg.

Well, if the boobies stay, shouldn’t they be enhanced with proper Borg implants? Mmmmmmmm,…implants…..

Despite the fact that Classic Trek is naturally older than TNG Trek (which, in case anyone has forgotten, was the “nu Trek” of its day!), the old guys associated with Classic Trek are still making news.

See, e.g.,

The progression of thematic inquiry from CST to TNG need not be the only means of portrayal, as everything old is new again at some point. Artistic portrayals based thereon, thus, would be most welcome.

They don’t call it “classic” Trek for nothing!

(Can I get an “Amen” from the choir?)

23 – I might “amen” if I had any idea what you are talking about.

That is one awesome poster! The best one so far! Even though I won’t/can’t buy these, I can’t wait to see what else they come up with!

24, touche’. What I mean is that when I see artistic creations of this type, I am reminded of that the Classic Trek characters, as well, remain prominent in the world’s consciousness.

Perhaps, in time, TNG characters will be equally so.

On another note, someone upthread hinted that Hugh was probably a greater misuse of the Borg concept than the Borg Queen could ever be, and as to that I would have to agree. The equivalent of Hugh in the SW universe would be, say, Darth Vader’s Mini-Me, which wouldn’t be very appropriate at all.

Despite Hugh weakening the image of the Borg’s (near) invincibility (remember, an entire cube had been previously defeated by Data sending them an MP3 lullaby), his character was keeping in line with Roddenberry’s philosophy that Trek aliens aren’t meant to be completely evil killing machines. There’s always a way of reaching someone and understanding them—a message that needs to be told today more than ever. And to those who want all-out evil, see the Big Burning Lighthouse Eye from The Lord of the Rings, Emperor Paleface Lightning-Fingers from Star Wars, etc., etc….

There’s plenty of baddies out there; Trek is one of the few that dares to understand them.

Also, there was a similar episode in DS9 where a Jem Hadar infant is raised aboard the station. Unfortunately, the only understanding that episode gave us was that the Jemmies are a bunch of psychotic drug addicts with an appetite for violence that borders on professional wrestling fandom. Oh well, that’s DS9 for you—very dark…. ;)

i liked the borg queen done so well–i admit voyager n how easily janeway dealt with her kinda weakened the borgs evil scaryness-but then again janeway was one driven superior officer who never let anything including death/time paradoxes get in her way haha-loved seeing the return of the queen in borg 4d at the experience–that poster is excellent like all the other posters–well done!

Its very Alien-esque, I love it!

Not my favorite. I would urge Alamo to stick with TOS for now. Would love an Amok Time, Mirror, Mirror or Doomsday Machine art poster.

It’s like a mechanized Art Nouveau style. I kind of like it.

Oh, and whatever your feelings on the Borg Queen as a character, I think we can all agree that Alice Krige did a magnificent job, acting-wise. :)

The poster kind of reminds me of HR Giger’s development drawings for Alien.

I don’t see the WOW in these –
On the other-hand I’m not offering any WOW substitues
Except my daughter made a cute 7 of 9!

Very interesting comments, Vultan! I had written a lengthier response, but it fell into the Internet void and did not post. In the post I had made references to Seven of Nine and Captain Picard. Both of them were Borgified and then de-Borgified.


Thanks, Hat Rick. It’s too bad your response fell into the void; I always enjoy reading your comments. But try again. The black hole doesn’t get ’em every time… ;)

#33—so too, though sadly underrated, and in a different way, did Susanna Thompson in Voyager…though not as good as Krige…

Begs the question, if Kirk and crew face The Borg in a future film, who would play The Borg Queen? (and if anyone says Kristen Stewart I will assimilate them LOL)

I’d say Eliza Dushku, who admits she is a big Trek fan and wants a role in a future movie. ALSO to Orci and crew: the Borg would be a logical next step, as Nero’s ship was made of Borg tech. Maybe not 2012’s film, but perhaps the next one…

I appreciate the day-before heads-up. Seeing notice of the Space Seed one on the day of sale was headache-inducing.


I’m thinking Cate Blanchett might make a good Borg Queen. I think she has the acting ability and facial complexion to pull it off. But I hope that the writers don’t bring in the Borg for the sequel. Which I don’t think they will, as Bob as stated that they are focusing on TOS-related villlains like Khan and the Klingons (and perhaps Gorn and Tholians).

For the third movie(if there is one, of course) then the writers can bring in the Borg or Cardassians or other TNG-era aliens. But I think the sequel must have a TOS villain and plotline to firmly establish the new timeline Trek as a bona fide blockbuster movie franchise.


“mechanized Art Nouveau”

Perfect description! I love this poster, I actually think it’s miles better than the previous 3 (though the Space Seed poster is certainly not too far behind).

Still, $45 & $80 is a bit steep for one poster. At least QMx gave ya 4!


Kristen Stewart is actually quite good in most everything outside Twilight, it’s just that Twilight doesn’t give her a lot to do. She was great in The Runaways as Joan Jett.

How are these posters limited edition?

Just hit the PRINT button on their computer again… BOOM…. not so limited.

So much B.S. hype.

I really like these posters. -makes them her wallpaper-

There. No need to spend 45-80 for one. Just have it on my computer screen.

@38: I don’t know, Eliza Dushku is kind of young and sort of generically hot (if that makes any sense ;) )…

I picture the Borg Queen as either someone more imperious and majestic (great call on Cate Blanchette, RDR!), or very mysterious and exotic, like an evil Audrey Tautou.

I’m not noticing the difference between the $45 and the $80 versions…

#46. This is what the $80 variant looks like in the dark (thanks to the glow ink)…

I picked this one up.

The $80 variant sold out in 3 minutes, the standard one in 10 minutes.

I’m glad I was hitting refresh when it went on sale. I really do appreciate this poster run by Mondo/Alamo. Now let’s see an Amok Time print :)

Is it possible that Alamo could do an Alaimo poster? ;)
Seriously though, Gul Dukat would make an awesome poster.