Shatner Jokes About Lobbying For Star Trek Sequel Role + Video of Bill Singing For Genie Award

We are now in the second round of the "will William Shatner be in the new Star Trek movie" saga. Bill is out promoting his new CBS sitcom $#!* My Dad Says and the actor is again being asked about the next Trek. In today’s excerpt we have Bill joking about getting sushi with JJ Abrams. Excerpts below, plus some new video previews of Bill’s sitcom and Bill singing for Canadian Genie special.

Latest Bill/JJ/Sequel comment

Here is the latest exchange from William Shatner talking about JJ Abrams and the 2012 Star Trek movie (via Vulture).

Vulture: When the Star Trek remake came out, there were reports of contentiousness between you and director J.J. Abrams over not being cast in the movie. Are you guys all squared away now?

Shatner: Well, he’s so busy with his new series [Undercovers] that I can’t get him on the phone anymore. And I’m busy with my series [$#!* My Dad Says], he can’t get me on the phone anymore. But we’re going to meet for sushi one of these days.

Vulture: Would you lobby for a role in the Star Trek sequel?

Shatner He can have a role on my series. Up to now he hasn’t turned it down.

Shatner’s Sitcom Airs tonight on CBS + Hosting CBC Genie special Friday

William Shatner’s new sitcom $#!* My Dad Says premieres tonight on CBS at 8:30 PM (following The Big Bang Theory). Here is a preview

And here is a new video of Bill talking about the new show.

And for Canadian Trekkies, you can catch William Shatner hosting the special "Making a Scene: 30 years of Genies", looking back at 30 years of films which won Genies (the Canadian Oscars). The show airs in Canada on CBC on Friday at 7PM. Here is a clip of the show with Bill singing a special song.

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Is there no end to the man’s talents (and energy!)

Looking forward to seeing the Shat on T.V again. Should be good, I wonder if there will be any Trek References on $#!* My Dad Says. Will be funny.

Only Shatner can pull off a role on TV like he has tonight. Maybe if Sam Kennison or Rodney Dangerfield were still alive, they could do a great job. Although Don Rickles in his prime was unbeatable.

Better watch tonight, word is this show will be canned within 5 eps if it’s lucky…

Wow he looks terrific. Has be lost weight? Had some work done? Seriously, he looks ten years younger than he did a year ago.

God, Shatner is the best!

There are two men who just get better with age.

Clint Eastwood being one who is making his best films ever.

The other is Shatner who though doing more comedic stuff is still creating iconic characters that will be talked about for generations to come.

Uh, that should be CBC for the Genies, not CBS. CBS is an American network, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp.) is the home of the Genies.

Shat rules!

Get Shatner involved in the next Star Trek movie!

No glowing reviews yet from all the Shatner sycophants??? Haha.

Did anyone else watch Shat My Dad Says? I didn’t realize it was on tonight and missed it. I’ve read a few reviews; the gist of them is the show stinks and Shatner is better than the material. More than a few of them called it one of the worst new shows this season.

Just watched the new show. It was fairly funny. I’m sure that it was great though. Maybe it’s just too hard to see Shatner as anything other than Capt. Kirk. I hope the show gets a good run though.

Correction…”I’m NOT sure that it was great” but it was OK.

It sure would be nice if the Shat could go away for 5 minutes so we could miss him!


It’s difficult to type while being in worshipping posture…:))



I only hope I have that much get up ang go when and “if” I make it to 79!
Remember TOS “Deadly Years”…that aged Kirk was around 70 or so and looked like death warmed over…Shat has done considerably better…

Well, I watched Shat’s show last night. It’s so-so. Did I laugh? Naw. It may take time for the actors to find the characters. What I hated was the camera angles! OMG. Every time his son was saying a line, we saw Shat’s back of his head, and Bill remembered his lines, but it was like he was reciting them, not selling them. Hopefully now that this pilot/set-up ep. is done, they can get into more funnier situations.

“Politics is not what I’m a-boot” — cute.

I love Shatner but have ZEEERO interest in the new show.


If he did that, everyone on this site would fear that he had just died. :-)

I suspect that when Mr.Shatner leaves the show business, it’ll be when he leaves us. The guy enjoys doing what he does too much to stop. It keeps him going.

Thomas is right – Shat is better than the material he’s delivering. He has great comic timing, though. If they’d get better writers (and lose that obnoxious laugh track), they might have a decent show.

Had to love the way Shat kept saying “Ruh-coon!” though. :) LIke his costars and crew were afraid to tell him he was pronouncing it wrong.

At this point for me I’d like to see the new crew go off on their own.

so the big question of whether Shatner will be in the movie could be decided over sushi

“We didn’t accidentally kill a hooker, we had brunch.” was mildly amusing. Nothing was else was funny. I don’t think this show will make it…

I want Shatner in the new movie.

Bring back Bill for the next trek!

People who think Shatner couldn’t be good in a Trek movie at his age have never seen John Wayne’s movie “The Shootist”. You can tell a good story with an old guy.

Shouldn’t it be my grandpa says?