Happy Birthday, Robert Picardo

Today is the birthday of Robert Picardo, Star Trek Voyager’s holographic Doctor. Today the actor is turning 57, and all of us at TrekMovie want to wish Bob a big happy birthday. Below we have a couple of favorite doctor moments, plus we check in to see what Mr. Picardo is up to these days.  



Picardo’s Doctor – standout on Voyager

Robert Picardo’s Doctor provided both the dramatic non-human "outsider reflection" role on Voyager, seen before by Spock (TOS) and Data (TNG), while at the same time he also provided much of the show’s humor. This scene of the Doctor daydreaming from "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy" epitomizes why Picardo’s holographic character became a breakout star on Voyager.

Of all the characters on Star Trek Voyager, the Doctor probably went through the most changes over the seven seasons, and much of this character development was the result of Picardo himself working with the show’s writers. This scene from the fourth season episode "Message in a Bottle" shows some of that development, and Picardo’s trademark deadpan humor.

Robert Picardo keeping busy

Since Voyager wrapped up at the beginning of the decade, Robert Picardo has consistently been working as an actor. Picardo also returned to space with a recurring role in the Stargate franchise which wrapped up as a regular on Stargate Atlantis. Since that show went off the air he has appeared in Smallville, Chuck, Justified, Persons Unknown, Castle and other shows. He will also be returning to the Stargate universe in a guest spot on Stargate Universe in 2011, and potentially in the Stargate Atlantis TV movie Stargate: Extinction (if it gets made). Here is a clip of Picardo thanking the Stargate fans for embracing his character.

Picardo has also been doing a number of films, mostly genre films (and some might say b-movies). He recently appeared in the Syfy movie Monstorwolf (which aired October 9th), and he is in the upcoming Megashark versus Crocasaurus, due on DVD in December. There are a number of other Picardo projects coming up, including the Joe Dante film Trailer of Blood (see official site). Picardo’s most ambitious film project recently is starring in the 2009 indie psychotically thriller Sensored, check out the trailer. 

Keep up the good work Bob, and happy birthday from TrekMovie.com

To keep in touch with Mr. Picardo and his upcoming appearances, visit his site at  www.robertpicardo.com.


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Happy Birthday! BTW Bob needs a new web site that thing is straight out of 1994!

“They must think there’s Romulan’s aboard.”

<– possibly one of my favourite Doctor lines ever. Or his guest spot as Zimmerman on DS9 was solid too. Or this

"Here we see fortress ovum besieged by countless little warriors.."

happy birthday

Mr. Picardo’s performance as “The Doctor” was by far the best thing about Star Trek: Voyager, “Darkling” notwithstanding.

I am a huge fan of Robert Picardo, He was one of the characters I really really loved when I was younger. Growing up in the nineties I had three characters: Picard, Bashir and The Doctor

Happy Birthday, many happy returns :-)

Hey Birthday Robert. You had the best Character on Voyager. Also someof the best lines. Also loved Robert on Stargate SG1 and Atlantis.

Amen Thorny. Everything gets better after Kes anyway.

Best Voyager character hands down followed by 7 of 9 and Janeway.

I’m with there Rah.

When the Kes had finally flown it definitely got better.
She was thoroughly irritating. And what a marvellous wig she wore!!

Maybe she should just have been left in a bin just like the other “Kes”! LOL :)

Hippy Bathday Bob!


Hmm really…I thought for sure it was 1984, but no matter maybe you should put your design together on what you think it should be,submit it to Mr Picardo and just maybe you could become its new webmaster!

I remember the time I went to see “First Contact” in the theatre and when the Enterprise E’s version of the EMH activated, everyone in the theatre clapped and cheered. Truly a great moment!

There were a number of times where “Voyager” got boring, but The Doctor never did.

Robert Picardo also played the gym teacher on “The Wonder Years” and guest starred on an episode of “Home Improvement”.

Happy Birthday, Roberto Picardo!

Overall, I liked the Doctor. I definetely enjoyed seeing his evolution during the series run (his character developed the most over the 7 years). There were a few times when his character could be annoying, I hate opera, for instance.

Some of my favorite doctor moments include “Tinker, Tenor…” especially when the alien realized he was watching nothing but daydreams. That “Oh, $#!+” look must be universal in the galaxy.

I also liked the episode where he created his holographic family. I still have difficulty watching the scene where his daughter died with a dry eye. Definitely one of Picardo’s better acting moments.

Have a wonderful blessed Bday . You were wonderful on voyager! And on Atlantis. You have the knack for showing multifaceted sides in your two caracters. True taleny

How could I have missed this article before?

Happy Birthday! even if its a day late….

Happy birthday robert