Preview of Bio’s Captains of the Final Frontier Star Trek Doc

On Wednesday the Bio Channel is airing a new Star Trek documentary, "The Captains of the Final Frontier", and Bio have sent along a video promo, check it the video below.


Preview: Captains of the Final Frontier

The Captains of the Final Frontier premieres Wednesday, November 03 at 9 pm (ET) on the Bio Channel. Look for an early review here at

official description (previously posted)

The Captains of the Final Frontier

STAR TREK is the most influential science fiction television series of all time.  In the 44 years since its inception, Star Trek has spanned six series and 11 movies, indisputably paving the way for every science fiction series that has followed.  What began as a cult following, stands today as a worldwide phenomenon that only grows stronger and more widespread with each iteration. With its most recent blockbuster film breaking all previous franchise box office records, it’s clear the STAR TREK buzz has never been louder!

And at the center of it all stand the fearless captains of each STAR TREK generation: a class of iconic characters whose leadership and choices changed the course of their own universe forever.   So in the next 2 hours, The Captains of the Final Frontier a show for Trekkies, Trekkers and the casual observer alike is riding shotgun on the incredible triumphs and epic dark moments of the most legendary captains in Starfleet’s history, one by one, and comparing them against each other as leaders and lovers.   

Taking a hard look at the creation, background and history of these captains, this show will delve into their development and examine the evolution of the role of CAPTAIN itself, as it progressed with each consecutive series and film. We’ve assembled and incredible cast of experts from creators and directors, episode writers, novelists and Star Trek actors to bring the story behind the story to life they’ll reveal how these characters came to be, who was up for the roles and will compare their styles across the leadership spectrum.

This cast of experts will not only bring new perspective to the onscreen action, but will be the ultimate source for revealing the dramatic decisions that were made everywhere from the writers room to the screen…and beyond. So step onto that transporter, because we’re boldly going where no show has gone before, taking a telescopic view of the most powerful men and women in the STAR TREK universe.

Prepare to engage…this is The Captains of the Final Frontier.


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Will this go online as well?

I’m glad they included Chris Pine’s Kirk as part of this. He may only have one movie, but he did a good job.

Don’t suppose there’s any hint of a UK airdate?

i can’t wait for this, another chance to revel in the glory of the SHAT
JJ please put him in the sequel

Looks awesome!

Anyone no any uk dates yet?

What – so all the captains had good butts? I guess, not being a butt person, I missed that. Must make a point of watching for “that butt” of butts next time I watch any Star Trek. Clearly I will need to pay extra careful attention to the Pine/Kirk butt for starters…:)

I couldn’t care less about this.

I hope this comes to the UK soon. I especially want to see the Avery Brooks episode.

Not the best of all possible promos.

So, more stories we’ve all heard 100 times before eh?

A good tush? Really?

I can’t wait to see this :-D

Wait is this Shatner’s own doc or something else?

@8: Liar. You cared enough to comment.

None of the mainstream channels (ie BBC or ITV) show Star Trek in Britain.

Of the rest, that leaves Virgin/Channel One on Freeview, which is going out of business and CBS Action on Satellite, who show TOS and DS9.

Here’s hoping I actually see this documentary. I somehow doubt it though.

Yeah really, if some of you don’t care about this, then why click on the article and comment?

As I and douzens of others asked on the last article about this and didn’t get an answer in this one:


Or in any other country for that matter. Not all Trek fans live in the USA.

Well, Kate Mulgrew did say on several occasions that she caught some guy taking pictures of her butt on set one day, asked for an explanation, and was told that it was reference for her toy, so someone is paying attention to their tushes!

For those asking, Bio UK and Bio Canada do not have this documentary listed, sorry.

# 7

Hey, keachick!… I don’t believe you didn’t watch that scene of Kirk / Pine and green girl? CP’s butt … WOW!… LOL! ..LOL!
I guess we were paying attention to another part of the anatomy of Chris in that scene!. ..HAHAHAH!
Sorry…. but Picardo started it…LOL!

Yes I love seeing all these captains and CP included !…. I really want to see this documentary anyway!!!!

They’re doing a whole bunch of Trek that day!

Nice to know it was more than just their charisma. They had to have great butts or no go. I did notice that they have fabulous rear ends…But I didn’t realize it was part of the criteria.

Terrible trailer!!!

I am guessing that this is NOT the shatner directed “Captians” documentary

Does anybody know if they will release it to DVD since I do not get the Biography channel?

21. Oh, I have watched that scene of Kirk/Pine and the green girl. I suppose I’m more of a front and centre girl myself…

If this isn’t Shatner’s doc, what’s the deal? He has two series on Bio (Aftermath and Raw Nerve). They wouldn’t put on a show that takes the same idea as the Captains show he’s going to do. And they’d want Shatner in their Captains show but he wouldn’t be in it if it’s competing with his. So….?

Very cool!

Looks as though Shatner got scooped!

Oh, Kate is so pretty! And her laugh!

I really, really hope I will get to see this (I’m outside of the US as well).

I echo others’ big question here: Is this different from the Shat’s Captains project????????

No this is not Shatner pic; Yes it is afferent one done for the BIO Channel.
I don’t think Shatners version is done yet.

This the documentary directed by Shatner. You are aware that he has two other shows on the Bio channel.

#35 – It is not the Shatner project. The Biography channel project was underway well before Shatner announced his project publicly. I know this because I am one of the people interviewed in the Biography special, and I confirmed these details with its producer. The synchronicity of the two projects was an unfortunate coincidence.

Got my DVR set for this.

Should be interesting to watch and then hear what the critics on the day after will have to say.

According to my Direct TV guide, the Shatner doc will air just before this one. Unless it’s another Shatner doc where he interviews castmates that was made this year?

16…log into…not sure if you can get the site there, but i just re-watched all of Enterprise

38…the program you mention is not the doc with shat interviewing his channel always broadcast these old programs anytime they have a new one involving trek…all of them leading up to the new one at 9pm eastern are previously broadcast…sorry

There is the SHAT…and then there are all the others who have tried to live up to his difinitive portrayal.

Mr Stewart came the closest and the jury is still out on Mr. Pine, the rest could only aspire.

LONG LIVE THE SHAT!!! (please honor him one last time in ST12/2012 Mr. Orci!)

I’m sure after seeing this, all of you will come to the correct conclusion that Jean-Luc Picard wins the best Trek Captain award!

(evil grin)

I am one of those who think that all the captains are terrific, mostly because the men (and woman) who embody them are terrific people in real life. and they are solid actors. Shatner’s not the greatest, but neather is Stewart, or any of the other ones. They are all equally great, because they are captains of a starfleet ship going out into the unknown, exploring, and espouses a solid set of moral values, that the world could use right now. I love it. Who can find a better set of leaders to emulate. (Okey, maybe kicking butt every other day isn’t the way to get things done, but courage is an important atribute of a leader.

I would assume that this is the same project Shatner was doing, he does currently have two series running on the Bio channel

As well as kicking butt, you should also have a nice one.

Starfleet General Order 2.

Personally, I’m hoping they include Pike, too.

@46. They could feature greenwood as pike, why not?