Chris Pine Wants More Humor In Star Trek Sequel + Talks ‘Pine Nuts’ Fans & more

Believe it or not, there is even more video of Chris Pine out promoting Unstoppable and talking about Star Trek. The new Captain Kirk says that he has faith in the Abrams team but hopes there will be more humor in the sequel. He also gives an update on his upcoming projects, talks about his "Pine Nuts" fans and more. 


Pine has faith in Abrams team – wants more humor for Trek sequel

Speaking to Hollywood Buzz (video below), Chris Pine talked about the Star Trek sequel and joining the Trek family

Q: What do you want to accomplish in the Star Trek sequel

Chris Pine: I put my faith in the filmmakers because in many ways, moviemaking is not an actor’s medium. You have to put the faith in the people behind the scenes. Between JJ [Abrams], Bryan [Burk], Robert [Orci], Alex [Kurtzman, and the whole gang – I trust them to take it forward in a new way. I do really enjoy the humor in it, so hopefully there will be a taste of that in the new one.

Besides a steady gig for years to come, what has been the best part of joining the Star Trek family

Chris Pine: Really just meeting great people and forging lasting relationships with people I respect, and being able to take over a character I really enjoy.

Chris also says that he is likely to start shooting the Alex Kurtzman directed drama Welcome to People early next year, following his current work on the McG directed action comedy This Means War.

And talking to Access Hollywood, Chris talks about the break that he got by appearing as Kirk:

Clearly that was my big break. A career is like a ladder and there are different plateaus and rungs, and I feel like that got me a couple of notches up and I got a chance to work with people like Denzel [Washington] and Tony [Scott] after that. I will always be grateful for the opportunities that that film offered me and it is a different world definitely.

In the video below you can also see Chris talk about how the script for the next Jack Ryan movie "look good" for but he isn’t counting his chickens just yet.


Finally, Chris was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, where he talked about his "Pine Nuts" fanbase, getting injured doing his latest play, and his recent Details Magazine cover. Here is the video:


Funny Trek?

Humor has always has a role in Star Trek. Relative to the 2009 Star Trek movie, would you like to see more or less or the same in the next one?




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There was enough humor in the last one. Please don’t over do it. Now, please pass the Pine nuts.

That sounded much worse than I meant it. Sorry.

as long as the humour is true to the characters, a la The Trouble With Tribbles then be cool.

I do like Chris Pine as Kirk, don’t ever think that I hated him. I think he did a great job in the role.

I just hope its not a crime to still prefer the original Kirk?

I thought the first one was one whole big joke, do we really need to get funnier in the sequel.

OK… corrected my name now too! First, second and third?

Um, it has enough humor the first time. But I wouldn’t be adverse to some witty humor.

you know I liked most of the humour in the last one but I have to admit I no longer find Scotty in a waterpipe funny. I don’t know why but I did not laugh at it last time I watched it.

I still laughed at McCoy getting Kirk on board the Enterprise but I hated the Balloon hands gag.

As I just said as long as the humour is true to characters then it should be ok but just pointing out that somethings in the last movie did not completely work.

Just don’t do Letterman again. I can’t believe that he put a nobody on before pine the week before star trek. Then he had practically no time left to interview him.

@7 Good god man!!!!!

Agreed the water thing was ridiculous. In fact, so was the whole Budwiser engineering section.

The humor was fine overall, but I don’t think there should be more. Star Trek is meant to be serious even though it can get silly at times. It’s not supposed to be, “Action Comedy in Space.”

Humor just for the sake of humor in a Trek flick?

That both sounds and reminds me of “Star Trek V”.

Let’s hope the next film doesn’t end up being that kind of debacle.

I love how CP makes fun of himself. …. I thought it would be funny he explaining the “photoshoot” for Details magazine. … LOL… okay Chris put the blame on the stunt guy “Rudolfo” !!!…… HAHAHAHA!

Humor as in “Don’t mince words, Bones. Tell me what you REALLY think” – Perfect

Humor as in “I know this ship like the back of my hand.” – Forget it

And I hope a little humor in Star Trek 2012! … why not? … but only a little, subtle, nothing extreme!….I think the producers know how to do this!….I trust!

Headline is a bit misleading. He’s not looking for ‘more humor’, he just hopes there’s some humor.

EH NO, no more of this HUMOR, in the cinemas i liked it the first time… after a few showings it gets stale and cringeworthy, sorry. I rather have the mood of the first 12 minutes, which btw have been applauded by ALL trekkies, event the ones who hate the movie! hahaha!

Agreed to more humour.
Especially if they continue to add on the unrealism of the engineers in the series.
Won’t be able to seriously believe another system failure that compromises a whole star ship anymore.

No to more humor.

Next time his feet swell to enormous proportions. Cue laughs!


I don’t know about starships, but that cruise ship in the Pacific certainly had a systems-wide failure. ;)

More humor? If there’s going to be more humor in the next one than you might as well label Star Trek as a comedy, which Star Trek isn’t. It has a ton of great comedic episodes that can be ranked as classics like trouble with tribbles, by no means do they make up the majority of what Star Trek did best at.

The challenge I think the next movie has is the danger of reducing characters to their labeled roles like having Scotty be the comic relief. I NEVER saw Scotty as comic relief in the original series. Sure, he had his moments that stood out, so did the rest of the cast with their many comedic moments. Spock included! Scotty’s best moments I would argue would be the ones where he was dead set on getting the job done with that stern look on his face. I would like to see a much more serious Scotty.

Chris Pine: I put my faith in the filmmakers because in many ways, moviemaking is not an actor’s medium. You have to put the faith in the people behind the scenes.

Oh, come on Chris! Actors can be creative people to you know. After all, the writers, directors and producers are *not* actors, so why shouldn’t you chime in with the crew in figuring out how best to play the scene out?

Chris Pine handled the humorous bits very well in Trek 09.
That being said, I think they shouldn’t go overboard on the humour in the next one; too much of the funny and you’ll have Galaxy Quest 2 instead of Star Trek 12.

More humor? Definitely! :)

Same amount of humour as the last one.

Any more and you start to slide toward Shatneresque camp!


Maybe he wants more humour as in, “let’s do it again” kind-of-thing as opposed to more humourous content.

Re: #11 StarFuryG7

“That both sounds and reminds me of “Star Trek V”.”

I was thinking the same thing. Was wondering which one it was. I know Shatner loves to laugh but there was way too much silliness (for me, anyway).

Re: #13. Captain Dunsel

“Humor as in “Don’t mince words, Bones. Tell me what you REALLY think” – Perfect. Humor as in “I know this ship like the back of my hand.” – Forget it.”

Exactly. After I initially laughed I thought that having Scotty say that (in ST:V) made him look like a buffoon and I felt bad. He was an extremely good sport to do that. I agree — hope they don’t go that way.

Re: #21. Jeyl

“…The challenge I think the next movie has is the danger of reducing characters to their labelled roles…”

Totally agree.

I LOVE humour. Especially when it’s done well, like:

Young James T. Kirk [after the car goes over the cliff] “Is there a problem officer?”

Kirk [to McCoy: “Who was that pointy-eared bastard?”
Bones: [sarcastically] “I don’t know, but I like him.” (Nice touch.)

Kirk [to Sulu] “So… what type of combat training do you have?”
Sulu: “Fencing.” (The look on Kirk’s face is priceless.)

Enterprise Security Officer [to Kirk] “Come with me… ‘cupcake’!”

Spock [to Kirk on the bridge] “Out of the chair…” (Brilliant!)

McCoy: [After listening to Chekov’s idea on how to go unseen by Nero’s ship] “Wait a minute, kid. How old are you?
Chekov: “17 sir.”
McCoy: [to Kirk] “Oh, oh good, he’s 17. ”

Sulu: “The fleet’s cleared spacedock, Captain. All ships ready for warp.”
Pike: “Set a course for Vulcan.”
Sulu: “Aye-Aye, Captain. Course laid in.”
Pike: “Maximum warp. Punch it.”
[One by one, the rest of the ships jumps into warp drive leaving the Enterprise behind. Sulu frowns at the console, puzzled]
Pike: [to Sulu] “Lieutenant, where is Helmsman McKenna?”
Sulu: “He has lungworm, sir. He couldn’t report to his post. I’m Hikaru Sulu.”
Pike: “And you are a pilot, right?”
Sulu: “Very much so, sir.” [he trails off, hitting buttons] “I’m uh, I’m not sure what’s wrong here.”
Pike: [Smiling] “Is the parking brake on?”
Sulu: “Uh, no. I’ll figure it out. I’m just, uh…”
Spock: “Have you disengaged the external inertial dampener?”
Sulu: [Embarrassed. Without looking at anyone, he punches in the correct sequence] “Ready for warp, sir.”
Pike: “Let’s punch it.”

Not silly. Humourous. Clever. Tongue-in-cheek. That’s the way to go, guys.

One last unrelated comment: J.J., PLEASE, go easy on the ‘flares’ next time. Waaaaaay too many. Got kind of annoying after a while. You can have too much of a good thing.


As long as the humour is of a decent quality and not forced then sure, chuck it in. But don’t labour it.
Some of the worst ever Trek humour was in the TNG movies. Cringeworthy.

All the humor of TOS came from the Shatner & Nimoy using classic Vaudevillian humor with McCoy as the straight man.

It’s classic Jewish humor. That’s why the whales are George and Gracie.

You guys have really got to read Nimoy’s books. He and Shatner improvised a lot of the humor, intentionally ruining unfunny takes. Thank V’Ger Nimoy’s memory is better than Shatners, but if you read Shat’s books, you’ll see where all the comedy came from.

PLEASE Bob.O, pick up on that classic Vaudeville humor. TNG, DS9, VOY & ENT suffered from lack of a good Jewish writer.

Cerebral humor, but not too dry please.

You’ll know it when you see it.

Oh, what a talented tongue could do with those Pine nuts…

Rudolfo, the stunt man, indeed…Chris, prove it…:)!

#21 Jeyl: Chris was defining his role as in his job description when it comes to making movies. If you watch the Special Features section on one of the Star Trek DVDs, there is a part where Chris and JJ Abrams are working on different ways a line, lines or a whole scene could be done. Chris was giving the director options on how the character and scene could be done. I suspect it is a case of the better the actor the more options he is able to provide the production team. However, it is the director (or other) who makes the final decision. In this way, the character is defined for both the director and actor. I don’t think Chris sees his job creatively limiting necessarily, especially if you are playing a character like Kirk and working with people like JJ Abrams. Anyway, that’s my take on it.

You can’t pull your sacrum but you can dislocate and/or bruise the sacrum – not nice at all, very painful. You can pull groin muscles though – Ouch! I hope everything has healed up. Chris needs to take care.

Chris can do humour OK. I think that what 27 said is right – more of that kind of humour. That works and Chris would be good doing it. Lord knows, we do need a good laugh sometimes, especially in this often busy, miserable old world that it can be for so many people at times.

More humor like in ST 09? Please not. It was over-the-top, slapstick, forced-funny humor that didn’t fit the characters and the story. But I think the reason they put in this kind of humor was to make younger viewers laugh and thus make them interested in the franchise.
Oh well, veteran Star Trek-fans don’t seem to count anymore…

The headline is misleading (once again.) He did not say there should be more humor.


Grow up

I’m starting to really hate all the… Ermm… Hate directed at the last film. Star Trek has been rebooted however Bob, Alex and JJ want to sugar coat it with saying it’s a sequel-prequel

This is a new Star Trek, catered for new fans. Accept it and move on, you’ll find life to be much simpler then :)

I loves the new movie, I do however think Trek 12 needs to dip a toe slightly into te darkness this time and give us a story ala Undiscovered Country or Nemesis


When you’ve been a TOS fan for over 40 years.

When you have watched the shows a dozen times each, carried the lunch box to school, played Star trek with your childhood friends, stayed up late to see it in syndication before VHS, bought the VHS, then bought the DVDs, collected the figures, gone to the movies with your dad each time a new one came out, worn the costumes for Halloween, read all the novels, read the comics, belonged to the local ST club, gone to conventions, met the actors and had things autographed,

….and been a TOS fan back before it was COOL to be a TOS fan and endured the teasing and ribbing (by some of the same folks who are now *into* Star trek.

Then find out they are rebooting your passion…. and express your concerns about some of the directions the *new* improved version is taking…

And have some of the younger *new* fans (who just discovered Trek) come along and tells you *your* opinion is not important anymore cause you are just some out of touch, washed up old Trekkie and it is all about *them* now…

It bites.

And no, we will not just “accept it”.

BTW, there is a lot I loved about the new film.

And some things I am greatly concerned about.

THAT is my opinion and I have every right to express it.

I really don’t think a headline or an article should be enough to send some people into a tizzy. Pine is just expressing his own thoughts about humor, but he’s not writing the script. I’d be willing to bet he has no idea what the sequel will be about, nor has he seen one line of dialogue. So, to start
worrying about Star Trek turning into a comedy is way off base, IMO.
As far as I’m concerned, Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof know exactly what they’re doing, and will remain on track with Star Trek, even in a new universe.
I fear the day if a headline like “Quinto Intersted In Spock’s Emotional Side” comes around.
Some people would simply explode.

Yeah I’m gonna have to say DON’T increase the humour. Sure we like to have the odd chuckle, but the “fat hands” gag in the last film was a step too far in my opinion. It’s boarders dangerously on “comedy” territory IMO.

I’m concerned if Chris Pine seems to think that the likes of his cringe-worthy ‘balloon hands’ scene was some kind of ‘highlight’ in the reboot!

It was not. It was down there with the nadir that was ‘alternative-Scotty’s’ ‘water’ scene, and the equally ridiculous ‘dwarf alien’ sidekick he was given.

Yes, the opening of the movie was a triumph overall, which hooked everyone in, but the remainer of the movie was nearly torpedoed by overly-silly moments throughout. It certainly reminded me of most of TOS series 3 in many ways, and that wasn’t a good thing!

What next? Flatulence jokes ala ‘The Phantom Menace’?, you know, for the kiddies in the audience?

Treklady I wasn’t a fan for 40 years like other Trek fans I have only been a fan for a year and it was because Abrams Star Trek that made me a fan and has made me go back and watch old trek and I love it it’s great so don’t think I attack other fan’s opinions because I don’t

I’m a Pine Nut! The dude is awesome!

So am I he is awesome


Most excellent casting, overall, no?

No!!! If I wanted funny sci-fi I’d go watch ‘Galaxy Quest.’

In most cases, funny science fiction has fallen on its face… I REALLY dislike funny science fiction.

I just cannot think of any funny sc-fi I have liked …well, I did enjoy ‘Flash Gordon’ and The Voyage Home… both being rare exceptions!

I vote an emphatic Nooooooooooooooo, thumbs down on more humor in the next TREK film.

I know some trekkies dislike humor because it reminds them it’s not real. But the humor was one of the main strengths of the film. It definitely had mainstream appeal. Not a coincedence that Star Trek IV was the most succesful until the current one.

I agree Galaxy Quest is a hoot

“following his current work on the McG directed action comedy This Means War.”

I can’t believe the studios gave that McG idiot another crack at directing a movie after he pretty much buried the Terminator franchise. The guy is a lightweight clown.

No more comedy than ST 09, especially the balloon hands, and let’s just forget Scotty’s sidekick comedy relief. I personally hope they forget Scotty’s comedic sidekick, much like Lucas put Jar Jar on the sideline. Does anyone remember that Lucas wanted to put “The new Kids on the block in one of the 2 Star Wars movies, but thanks to Persistant Star Wars fans, New Kids were canned. By the way, where are they now? Kind of like Jar Jar. Phase out Scotty’s sidekick like Lucas did with Jar Jar.

Pine, I hope u don’t get your way, no more comedy. And u can keep your nuts.

Who ever said that the scene with Kirk waking up to find he has big hands was meant to be funny? Unless, of course, a lot of people found those scenes, well…actually funny. Nobody was making anyone laugh. In the cinema I heard no canned laughter, nor is there any on the DVD version.

My foot blew up to the size of one of those hands when I got a bee sting many years ago and the sight brought a mixture of humour, shock and concern from family when they saw the results of that one sting. That was my reaction when I watch(ed) those scenes. Anyway, I don’t think that Chris Pine was specifically talking about just physical comedy, just humour in general.

44. I wasn’t aware he was offering anyone his nuts…

Don’t let these guys annoy you! … HAHAHAH!
Have you seen? … There are good reviews for “Unstoppable” and the performance of CP, too! … Great! …:-) !!!

I’m talking with #45 keachick, of course!

Ah, let Chris dream on! More humor? I’d rather have more Uhura, LOL! I saw humor in many episodes of TOS and others; sometimes obtuse and hidden, sometimes blatant and sometimes just right.

Trek prime will always exist, although some new aficionados wish it would just beam to deep space on a wide beam spread, that shall never happen, IMO.

I laughed at the 2009 Trek film and I cringed too, but I can say that about some of all the Trek Prime eras.

BUT, if someone tells me I must choose TOS or the 2009 Film, SORRY, I will provide you with a free tap-test courtesy my steel cane!

That said I will go to see the 2012 film as well, BUT, only if they tame the solar-flares, er – lens flare! LOL

I long ago stated the mission was to jump start the franchise into a new direction and attain a new, wider audience. That is not very debatable, the 2009 film did so. I found the 2 hours as interesting, even if I did not agree with much of the story line and humor. We all are free to like, dislike, be neutral or complain or support the 2009 film!

However, I am fortunate that I can go back to my preferred world and era of Star Trek any day of the year, So the official direction really does not upset my equilibrium at all, Paramount and their compadres do what they wish as do I.

What I MUST positively say is that the buildup and immediate first weeks of 2009 brought hundreds of new members and thousands of new unique visitors to the New Voyages Phase II sites and for that I thank J. J. Abrams and his team!

Star Trek was a funny, entertaining, enjoyable movie. And that line “Jim, I think I love you” “That is so weird” bit was hilarious. The only “slapstick” in the movie was the giant hands bit, and that at least kept things zippy. The humour in the Kobioshi Maru scene? All dialogue and all character. Not somebody doing a pratfall. Star Trek has funny moments throughout it, it’s not as dour as some fans would like to believe.

It was a origin story what do you expect in the first?