First Look At Karl Urban As Judge Dredd

Karl Urban, Star Trek’s new Dr. McCoy, is currently shooting Dredd, where he plays the title character in the Judge Dredd comic adaptation. Today the first image of Karl as Dredd has emerged, check it out below.


Judge Karl

As promised, Karl Ubran’s Judge Dredd will be true to the comic books and he will only appear in the film with his signature helmet, check it out.

Here is the official plot synopsis for Dredd:

DREDD takes us to the wild streets of Mega City One, the lone oasis of quasi-civilization on Cursed Earth. Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) is the most feared of elite Street Judges, with the power to enforce the law, sentence offenders and execute them on the spot – if necessary. The endlessly inventive mind of writer Alex Garland and the frenetic vision of director Peter Travis bring DREDD to life as a futuristic neo-noir action film that returns the celebrated character to the dark, visceral incarnation from John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra’s revered comic strip.

Filming on Dredd began last week in Cape Town, South Africa. The film is expected to be released in 3-D in 2012.

Karl seems to bee on a comic book adaptation run. He can currently be seen in the action comedy RED (adapted from the comic of the same name), which is still in theaters. And in 2011, Karl will next be seen in the post apocalypse vampire movie Priest (based on a Korean comic), playing the villain "Black Hat."


(From: 2000AD via CBR, thanks to Brian for tip)

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I’m glad to see Karl getting a lot of work, but what a waste of a good actor!


gotta love Dredd though I dont think Karl has the jaw for the part!

I hope it is better than Stallones version of Judge Dredd. Even he said he hated the final product years after it is made. Karl Urban has been in almost every good franchise movie in the last decade. Star Trek, Chronicles of Riddick, Bourne Series, Lord of the Rings, ……..ect.

Go Karl!

Livin’ the fanboy’s dream…

I think Karl Urban has always been a keen fan of comic books and, of course, Star Trek. It is really great that he is able to play out any boy’s dream of being these kinds of larger than life characters and what’s more, get paid wads of money to do so.

And then he gets to play a major character in one of his favourite TV shows.

I am so happy for him. You go, Karl Urban!

@3 Well, if they hadn’t cast Rob Schneider, who stinks the movie up beyond belief Stallone’s Dredd wasn’t all that bad. The same kind of flaw in casting a comedian as “comic relief that ain’t” sinks Fifth Element too.

The picture looks so fake.



So, it’s all CGI? Explain.

Yawn. Another one? Didn’t the first one bomb?

Good for him. Looks good.

OMG that helmet. XD!!!

Karl is a great actor and he always brings his A-game regardless of quality.

I’m trying really hard to judge the book by the cover, but I hoping Mr. Urban gets offered more diverse material, is all I’m saying.

Um, good luck.

am i the only one who actually didnt mind the first one??

it had diane lane!!

although it also had rob schneider….

did anyone ever really look hard at the main story there, a megolomanic who intnetionally creates a crisis so he can use a clone force to take control…

…sounds familiar…


“elite Street Judges, with the power to enforce the law, sentence offenders and execute them on the spot – if necessary.”

As if Congress and the Department of Homeland Security need any encouraging ideas.

Hey we have Karl Urban!! Really? Let’s cover him up in a helmet! Good idea!!!

Hey. What Karl is doing can only be good for Star Trek. Pine and Urbam and Zoe and the rest are doing some great things an when the next film comes out it will only help and the Box Office and that could lead to a new Trek Series.

Looks kinda like Karl is wearing his dad’s Dredd uniform. Kinda too big ‘aint it?

And is this a franchise that actually needed rebooting? Perhaps I am out of touch but was there a great groundswell of support for a retelling of the fabled Judge Dredd comics?

Anyway, like CmdrR said, good luck.


It’s a guilty pleasure for me. :) So bad it’s fun.
But heck, Karl even made Doom watchable so…I’ll probably catch it cable.
BTW my choice for nu!Nurse Chapel played his sister in the movie. :)

I heard this was a costume test- cuz yeah otherwise he’s wearing the daddy size…


It’s in keeping with the style of the comic. The Judge is never seen without his helmet. In other words, he IS the helmet. Kinda like Vader, Fett, Robocop, Ned Kelly, and all the other iconic guys with pots on their heads….

This Dredd movie is going to have to be far more serious to be any good. The first film already took the “so bad it’s good” award for this franchise. Just please, for old time’s sake, have just one corny line from the original:

Block Warlord: Let me guess: Life.
[he goes for his gun, but Dredd shoots him first]
Judge Dredd: Death. Court’s adjourned.

I know it’s in the style of the comic, but you could recognize Bale as Batman easily.

#14 – No, guilty pleasure for me too. BTW: hot as Diane Lane is, it was Joan Chen that got my heart racing…

#2 – I agree, Karl has a very round face. Dredd has a square jaw (rhymes with “I *am* the law!)

Is it me or does the helmet seem too large for his head?

25 – I believe it was designed that way on purpose.

This movie has epic fail written all over it..

I’d much rather see a movie called Citizen Dread.

Why? Why? WHY??
Just cast him as the TV Batman, please!

Looks like the old movie.

This guy’s filmography is a genre film fan’s dream. Seriously, his career consists of pretending to be the sorts of characters I pretended to be at recess in the second grade. Of course, he gets millions, and I got wedges. Other than that, same thing.

Not that I’m jealous or anything…

What is wrong with some of you people? “Looks like the old movie” ?? Dredd has been an established comic book characer for over 30 years – in England. Yes, I would hope that one close-up of the actor in an appropriate costume would look a lot like the last actor who wore a very similar costume,

Which of course tells you absolutely nothing about the script, theme, quality, mood, budget, acting, or direction of the new movie.

Dredd’s trademark is never showing his face. He is The Law. He is not merely a man. That’s why fans got pissed when Stallone got to run around unhelmeted. To the poster who commented sarcasticallly “We got Karl Urban, let’s not show his face” I would reply that that’s exactly why they got an mid-level star like Urban and not a superstar. I love Karl but I don;t think his face is going to make or break any movie.

It just kills me when Trek fans, of all people, act superior to comic fans.

I love Karl but I don’t see him as Dredd. Stallone had a fitter face.

Looks good, and I hope its better than the Stalone Judge Dredd. The only thing I like better in the original movie is the style of the helmet and the huge shoulder pieces on the uniform.


Yes, but you can also see Batman’s eyes, which greatly helps in recognizing someone.

Anyway, is it really that important to see the actor? It seemed to work for Mel Blanc! ;D

The new version of the uniform is totally wrong and shows how inept these film makers are. The original version of the uniform can work in live action. Here is proof:

Sad to see the producers of this new film can’t get the basics right.

@32 “It just kills me when Trek fans, of all people, act superior to comic fans.”

Who said anything about “act.”

His nacelles are way too big!

I “Dredd” seeing this movie!

(hey, somebody was going to say it)


Now that’s more like it!

Looks like a brewery! ZING!

Hey Judge Fred, can you post that retarded link once more?

With any luck, it will be unlike Stallone’s Judge Dredd. Meaning with any luck, it will be good for a change.

as long as he doesn’t shout out ala Stallone “I AM THE LAAAWWR!”
Hopefully Karl doesn’t rack up a slate of roles in reboots or remakes or reimaginings…so far his tally stands at 2….1 for Star Trek and now 2 for Dredd

Good! The helmet is right. The gun looks like a custom C100/110 (could be AirSoft replica), modified to look somewhat like the “Peacemaker”.

I have the original comic ,”200AD”, from 1977 featuring Dredd’s first ever appearence in my Mum’s loft,,,,,,Dredd only appeared in Prog 2 and not Prog 1….

Useless fact for the day, thank you…….

10: Phaser Guy: You might just as well have said that when you heard they were making “Wrath of Khan”.

“I find you guilty… you’re dead, Jim.” ; )

I think the world needs a Judge Dredd remake as much as it needs a bigger hole in the ozone layer. I realize they’re basing it more on the comic book than the ridiculous Stallone movie, but really; does anyone care anymore?

Karl Urban does have the potential to take it up to another level, though. As long as he never has to say, “I am da lawwww!”

If someone really wants to make a dystopic-future movie… how about a followup to Blade Runner? That was a fascinating pantheon and setting. How would it be 20 years later? Put Karl in *that* role instead.

I’d love to see a fan edit of Stallone’s Dredd that cut out as much of Schneider as possible. Really though, the helmet-off wasn’t as bad a thing, because of the nature of the story they were adapting: Dredd had been sentenced, he technically had been de-fanged, de-judged, whatever…. it was more of a Rogue Dredd movie. My big question is which running storyline of Dredd are they planning to use for the Urban film? Surely not the Rico storyline….