Details & Covers For ‘Star Trek: Infestation’ Zombie Crossover Comics – Coming In February

In 2011 IDW comics is planning a zombie/comics crossover event, incorporating Star Trek, Transformers, GI Joe and Transformers. IDW have now released details for the February comics, including the two Star Trek Infestation titles. Details and covers below.


[FC 32 pages $3.99]

Scott Tipton, David Tipton (w) Casey Maloney (a) John K. Snyder III, Casey Maloney with Gabriel Rodriguez (c)

The first-ever event in IDW Publishing’s history crosses over into the Star Trek universe with this two-part, bi-weekly series! A routine visit to a colony world takes a horrifying turn when Admiral Kirk, Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy find themselves surrounded by hordes of the undead! Spinning out of the pages of last month’s INFESTATION, this series takes the crew of the Enterprise into a dark and deadly new direction!

*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio.

[FC 32 pages $3.99]

Scott Tipton, David Tipton (w) Casey Maloney (a) John K. Snyder III, Casey Maloney with Gabriel Rodriguez (c)

The second chapter of a bi-weekly Infestation tie-in! Admiral Kirk, Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy fight for their lives against mobs of zombie colonists! Will they be able to prevent the Infestation from spreading throughout the Federation? And will they discover the greater threat behind the undead invasion in time to save themselves?!

*2 regular covers will be shipped in a 1-to-1 ratio.

More details on Infestation (previously reported)

Press release

Zombie Epic Crosses into Blockbuster Hollywood Franchises

IDW Multi-Title Event Starts in January 2011 with Acclaimed Creators

San Diego, CA (October 8, 2010) – A first in comic book history, IDW Publishing is proud to announce INFESTATION! Starting in January 2011, INFESTATION will infect STAR TREK, GHOSTBUSTERS, TRANFORMERS and G.I. JOE comics with zombies, zombies, and more zombies. To help create this multi-dimensional saga, IDW is teaming up with fan-favorite writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning (The Thanos Imperative, Legion of Super-Heroes) and artist David Messina (TRUE BLOOD).

“This is definitely one of those ‘there’s no way they’ll ever do this’ kind of events,” said IDW’s Chief Creative Officer Chris Ryall. “But not only are we doing something fans never thought they’d see, we’re doing it in a way that should confound and exceed their expectations. And doing it with real pros like Abnett and Lanning just makes it that much sweeter, especially knowing what they’ve got planned as a follow-up to this event.”

Setting the stage for this massive event, Abnett and Lanning will pen INFESTATION #1, launching in January 2011. This initial 32-page story begins in IDW’s own ZOMBIES VS. ROBOTS universe, where something goes terribly wrong and ultimately infests the worlds of TRANSFORMERS, STAR TREK, G.I. JOE, and GHOSTBUSTERS with zombies and infected robots. From there, the story spins ferociously into each of the four properties throughout February and March, and culminates in April’s bombastic finale, INFESTATION #2.

In February, TRANSFORMERS: INFESTATION #1-2 and STAR TREK: INFESTATION #1-2 will ship bi-weekly. The TRANSFORMERS title will also be written by Abnett and Lanning, with fan-favorite Nick Roche handling the art. STAR TREK will be written by mainstay writers Scott and David Tipton and illustrated by Casey Maloney (Zipper).

March will see the release of the bi-weekly G.I. JOE: INFESTATION #1-2 by writer Mike Raicht and artist Giovanni Timpano, as well as GHOSTBUSTERS: INFESTATION by Erik Burnham (THE A-TEAM: WAR STORIES) and Kyle Hotz (Marvel Zombies).

Artist John K. Snyder III (PHOENIX WITHOUT ASHES) will provide covers for the two INFESTATION issues, as well as 1950s sci-fi film-inspired images for each of the four involved series.

To further commemorate this “decade in the making” event, IDW will be releasing special incentive patches with every issue. Each embroidered, sew-on patch will feature “infected” logos of the four titles. Additional incentives include a painted cover by ZOMBIES VS. ROBOTS co-creator Ashley Wood for INFESTATION #1, as well as a special 16-page sketchbook featuring zombified versions of the perennially popular characters from these four universes, as illustrated by artists associated with each property.

The entire event will make its presence felt on the cover of the January Previews catalog, showcasing a special INFESTATION “quadrtych” image of Snake Eyes, Mr. Spock, OPTIMUS PRIME, and Dr. Peter Venkman under attack from a zombie by LOCKE & KEY artist Gabriel Rodriguez.

“We’ve found a way to involve all of these diverse titles in a massive storyline that has ties all the way back to the early days of IDW,” continued Ryall. “I think fans will be amazed by what we’ve pulled together here, as well as the stories that will come out of this once-in-my-lifetime event.”

Infestation Schedule:

  • INFESTATION #1 ($3.99, 40 pages, full color) will be available in stores on January 19, 2011.

  • TRANSFORMERS: INFESTATION #1 and #2 will be in stores on February 2 and 16, 2011, respectively.

  • STAR TREK: INFESTATION #1 and #2 will be in stores on February 9 and 23, 2011, respectively.

  • G.I. JOE: INFESTATION #1 and 2 will be in stores on March 2 and 16, 2011, respectively.

  • GHOSTBUSTERS: INFESTATION #1 and 2 will be in stores on March 9 and 23, 2011, respectively.

  • INFESTATION #2 will be available in stores on April 6, 2011.

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No thanks!

Buying this will only encourage them to move on to vampires next!

Lame. Keep the Trek Universe on its own – it does not need lame crossovers to other IPs. They tried this with the X-Men and it didn’t work.

If I were still able to afford to buy comics I’d probably cave and buy all of ’em. I’m a glutton for punishment like that.

I would like to see a Ghostbusters vs. Zombies event. It would fit there. If I recall correctly, they even fought Cthulhu (and one Google search later):

Lighten up guys this looks like fun and it won’t mess with the canon. I’m interested in how they get the different universes together. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t GI Joe and Transformers supposedly already in the same “universe”? I know Zombies have been a little overdone recently but a good Zombie story is still a good story.

Zombies in Trek. Hmm. Simple. Target Photon Torpedoes on to the Planet and Bobbared it. Zombies gone for good. End od Comic.

The second cover is pretty lousy. Kirk and Spock weren’t drawn very well and why is Kirk holding a TMP/TWOK phaser? And the emblem on Kirk’s shirt is a combination of the command logo and the TNG version.

I’m pretty certain that these movie companies and whatnot are watching my youtube account and my friend’s youtube account, because over a year ago, he came up with this concept for a Star Trek zombie like film and he called it Star Trek Infestation. This is not the first coincidence of this nature………

Ooh! Vampires AND lens flares! Can’t wait.

Still seems like a bad idea. Up next, sparklely vampires….


Maybe because it’s a slightly different universe? Have you seen/read Marvel Zombies?

How can people nitpick without seeing the whole picture/product/package?

Oh right…because we’re Star Trek fans.

The creature on the first cover looks like the M-113 Salt Vampire

@7. Darkwing – November 24, 2010 – I think that happens too.

Back between seasons 2 & 3 of “Chuck” I posted a thread on IMDb musing about what might happen to Chuck if the Intersect crashed – what eventually happened to him when that did actually occur in season 3 was suspiciously similar to what I & the respondents to that thread had posted…

Hmm… ¬_¬

The Trekking Dead? I think I’ll pass. Still, with Zombimania in full swing (lurch?) it’s not surprising. Worse things have been done to Trek. I guess.

I hate crossovers. Trek should not be treated in such a juvenile manner. EPIC FAILURE for this.

Oooh, can I play too?

Yeah, I know I could of thought something up, but really…who cares?

#6 I believe that is the Starfleet logo from The Motion Picture, since he looks like he is wearing a uniform and away team jacket from TMP. It kinda makes sense that he has a TMP phaser.

#1– they more tried that in Nemesis with the Remans/Shinzon’s need for Picard’s blood. Hell, making the Remans genetically engineered vampires might’ve actually made Nemesis a decent film… Maybe…

@6 it could be TMP emblem for Federation uniforms…

and I have to agree. That second cover is pretty awful. The arm is just in too awkward a position, as if he is clenching it too close to his chest or has T-Rex arms (toss in “Meet the Robinsons” quote … “I have a big head and little arms”). The artists needs a little anatomy refresher course.

Wait, didn’t they already do zombie Vulcans on Enterprise??

That said, I love the zombie issues of these comics. I can’t wait to see what they do in Trekverse. :)


Jesus, how simple is this for people out there to understand.

Putting Zombies in Star Trek is like putting Ewoks in Star Trek.

“The horror…….The horror…..”

Oh noes! Star Trek is being treated as something less than 150% SERIOUS F*****G BUSINESS ™!! Gaze upon IDW’s works, ye Trekkies, and despair!

Seriously guys. Take a step or two back and ask yourselves: Is this really worse than space hippies, airheads in go-go boots stealing Spock’s brain, or Scott Bakula prattling on about watching a gazelle give birth?

This might actually be (gasp!) fun. Silly, but fun.


Usually IDW does a great job getting the characters’ faces accurate. But Kirk’s face on this cover in particular just doesn’t look at all like William Shatner. Though his movie-era looking hair was well drawn. :-)

And those are definitely TOS uniforms Kirk and Spock are wearing.

Not a huge deal really. But it just isn’t at the same level of quality we’ve gotten used to from IDW in regards to TOS comics. The cover is lousy, but its what’s inside that counts most.

He’s dead Jim?

The second cover looks like the TMP costumes, but colored wrong. The inks are better than most IDW art, but the layout’s a bit dull. Overall, I prefer this to the other cover–at least the actors are on the cover!

Guys: “The second chapter of a bi-weekly Infestation tie-in! Admiral Kirk, Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy fight for their lives against mobs of zombie colonists!”

Admiral Kirk. TMP uniform. Explains the phaser too I guess. haha

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – I think it’s a great idea – It’s not canon… It’s just for fun. Trek and zombies are two of my favourite things anyway so I’m very interested in reading these when they are released.

@23: He’s undead, Jim.

Does anyone remember the TNG / X-Men crossover novel “Planet X” and how uncomfortable it made us feel? Curiosity is natural, but I suspect we’ll regret this foursome in the morning.


Yeah, but we also got Spock nerve-pinching Wolverine!! :D

@28: Yeah, I read that novel. I put it down to Michael Jan Friedman’s drab writing — he’s like the literary equivalent of unflavoured baby food.


This looks fun and doesn’t look like it’s supposed to be canon anyway.