William Shatner Headlining Calgary Expo 2011 + Planning 10 Con Appearances in 2011

[UPDATED] Yesterday we reported on how Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy will appear at the San Francisco Star Trek Convention. Today we have news on how Nimoy’s Star Trek co-star will headline the Calgary Expo in 2011, which is just one of ten cons Bill is headed to in 2011. Details below.



press release



Calgary, Alberta – He’s a classically trained Shakespearean actor, a writer and a musician. He’s won two Emmy awards and a Golden Globe – not to mention the fact that he’s Canadian, but despite all of his other artistic endeavours, William Shatner is known, and adored, primarily for his portrayal of the notoriously celebrated captain of the Starship Enterprise – Captain James Tiberius Kirk.

Last year, the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo (CCEE) brought Spock (Leonard Nimoy) to Vulcan. This year, we are bringing you Captain Kirk. Science Fiction Icon William Shatner will appear at the 2011 CCEE for one-day only, Saturday June 18 at the BMO Centre, Stampede Park, in Calgary, Alberta.

“I remember a time when I thought it would be impossible to bring someone like Shatner to our event,” explains Kandrix Foong, CCEE Event Director. “To bring in Spock last year and now Kirk, who embodies the genre for so many fans, really dictates how large this show has become.” The 2011 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo will be held June 17 – 19 (now including a sneak-a-peek night) in Halls A, B and C of the BMO Centre, Stampede Park, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Founded in 2006, the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo is Western Canada’s largest pop-culture event. Dedicated to all elements of pop culture, the show programming includes science-fiction, fantasy, anime, gaming, animation, horror, and comic books. Current announced guests for the 2011 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo include: George Romero (Night of the Living Dead), Doug Bradley (Hellraiser), Jonathan Frakes (Star Trek: TNG) and Mike Mignola (Hellboy).

Advance tickets are now on sale; the perfect stocking stuffer for the holidays! To order your tickets, for more information, or to volunteer for the 2011 weekend, please visit our website at www.calgaryexpo.com or follow us on twitter @calgaryexpo. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements coming soon.  and join our Facebook group.

More Shatner appearances in 2011 [UPDATED]

Bill’s appearance in Calgary is just one of many conventions he is headed to. Here is the full list:

William Shatner
Shatner travelling the world in 2011 (Photo: Brian Wilkins)


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go shat!!!!

Shatner is also Scheduled for DRAGON*CON Labor Day weekend in 2011.

Come to Great Britain Bill please!!
Greg UK

Wow. The Shat is just amazing. He is about 80 and has so much energy. Look forward to seeing him in Vegas next year.

My first Star Trek convention, next year, Boston, to see Mr. Shatner. Can’t wait.

Ha, and none in Texas. He was 40 minutes away from me in October and I missed it. Alas.

This expo got big, fast. They need twice the room, and they had twice the room last year!

I’m grateful that both Shatner and Nimoy are still going strong at almost 80 and are giving us the unique chance – in TOS’ 45th anniversay year – to see the real Kirk & Spock on stage. Legends!

@8 ” to see the real Kirk & Spock on stage. Legends!”

Aye, lass. Indeed!

Shatner’s coming here to Calgary? AWESOME! Shat’s the best, he keeps going and going. Truly an inspiration.

Just once I’d like to see Shat come somewhere close to where I live! Grrrrr!!!!

The man is a machine – love him or hate him – he is one of the busiest 80 year olds I have ever heard of. And for fans like me who TOS and the TOS movies ARE Star Trek, I’m so grateful that Shatner and Nimoy are willing to keep going and give back to the fans.

I wish he’d come to FedCon in Germany. So, Mr. Shatner, if you happen to read this… its from Apr. 28 – 3. May or something like that. Please come :)

Wow! Shatner’s going to Ten shows!

I’m not gay, but I wish I was a TSA worker!

Still working those halls. Good for him, the man is irrepressible.

come to the uk denny crane, you know you want to….

Heck i just commented on Mr Nimoy’s appearances getting to see these guys in Nashville, but looks like The Shat is returning to Dragon Con next year!! Gonna be one hellava 45 celebration!

Fantastic! He’s coming to Dragon Con! And I’m coming too with my grandkids! Want a autographed photo. With the Shat and grandkids @ me! Yea!

We’ll hopefully also see the real Kirk & Spock in the next movie. Nice to hear from you again Iowagirl, is Bill’s forum still being hijacked by ignoramuses like Spudgun with Paul giving him and other members of their little clique free rein to belittle and insult people who dared say they didn’t like Abrams Trek?

And they wonder why Bill & Lisabeth no longer contributed to the forum?

Shatner was announced for the Phoenix Creation show in April, but is no longer listed on the Creation website.

Both are slated to appear in July in Boston, may have to drive on up there.

This is the opportunity I have been waiting for! Nothing Star Trek related ever happens here in Montreal. I will be flying out to Calgary to go attend this Expo.

Saw him in Tulsa in ’98. Put on a great show and the air was electric with enthusiasm.

Shat will be 80 years old and still getting around like he is 20. I love it.

Shatner will go on forever….just like a good starship CPt should.

I got my tickets for the Seattle event. Going to be cool to meet the actors responsible for Riker, Data, Captain Sheridan and CAPTAIN KIRK!!!

>Hey Bill, come to Germany!

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