Video of the Day: DIY Star Trek Sliding Doors

Do you want to Trek Your Crib? Well a good place to start would be to add Star Trek-style sliding doors. One fan has done so, and posted a guide on how to do it online. Check out the demo video below.


Star Trek doors in the home

Marc from UI Productions has brought his love for Star Trek into his home by building a Star Trek-style sliding door. Here is his video demonstrating them:

Marc has also posted a detailed guide on building Star Trek doors on the UI Productions site.



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This fellow would appear to present an “open and shut” case!

Doors will certainly open for him!

Very cool – but what happens if the fuse goes or you have a power failure? how do you open it then? Or if three people follow you into the room does the last one get squished?


I suppose it’s okay if you like the
doors in your home to stay closed
all the time…

a-door-able. I’m not proud of what I just did there.


Irregardless of the afformentioned problems

What a door-k!

fantastic !

@1 Harry, can’t believe you didn’t get a rimshot for that one. Tough room!

This is really cool and I applaud the guy but you’d think after all he achieved with this that he could have installed a motion sensor instead of a button to push. Maybe with his next paycheck..

Wonder how much that all cost.

I want a TOS style door!

Make it Red.

Make it so!


OK this is epicly cool! BTW: on a previous TrekTech topic, regarding the guy who made an LCARS computer, I stumbled across an iPad app in iTunes that made the LCARS display into an RSS feed app called LCARS Internet Media Reader (if you type the name of the app or RSS reader into Search it’ll come up), for those who are interested. That bring said, I love this guy’s drive in making custom sliding doors for his home:) I’d much rather see someone invent the replicator, but so long as no one tries to turn the Large Hadron Collider into a black hole weapon, gaining inspiration from Nero, it’s all good.

It all seems quite clever, but will it be strong enough to hold back toxic atmosphere if the structural integrity of the bathroom becomes compromised by a violent Klingon gas explosion?

All I’m saying is, if he wanted to be true to star trek he would have two stage hands waiting to open each panel as you walked up to it. Sure you’d break your nose a couple of times but it’d be authentic.

@10. I saw a guy in one of my lectures who appeared to have that app. I’m not sure if it was the same one but he appeared to be able to interact with it. It took all my self control not to do a Majel Barret impersonation when he asked a question.

Door Pun; When is a door not a door? When it’s ajar. I feel dirty.

Funny. I don’t see a wife or girlfriend in that video. Hmmm…..

Hmm. Thats all I got.

He should add a motion sensor and rig up a control panel interface so you could set it to auto-open/close, press button to open, press button to close, press button and door is open for 10 seconds, and some manner of lock which requires a code to open the door.

Oh, and make it not wood… or at least pad it so there isn’t a wooden “thunk” at the end of the cycles. And make it close a little bit faster(although, I imagine it closes slowly in part for safety and in part due to the mechanism he’s using).

Nice idea.

LOL – I will be incrementally happier, however, when “_____ your crib” joins “Far out, man” (among other phrases) as being archaic. I guess that makes me an old f_rt, now.

[“Get off my lawn!”]

If the fuse blows you have to use a phaser to cut the bulkhead and manually operate the doors because, of course, we really need to quiet a particular Lieutenant on the other side.

“I’ll take you home again, Kathleen
Across the ocean wild and wide
To where your heart has ever been
Since you were first my bonnie bride.

The roses all have left your cheek.
I’ve watched them fade away and die
Your voice is sad when e’er you speak
And tears bedim your loving eyes.

Oh! I will take you back, Kathleen
To where your heart will feel no pain.”

Far out, man.

(Oh, sorry, TrekkerChick.)

^ #11 You know ….I was wondering about that too!

Bitchin’! Woops, sorry.

CmdrR: He may be gay. Oh no! I’m sure you’ll have a warp core breach with that thought in your mind! Or as Scotty said in ST3: “Up Your Shaft”.

A friend just called me “a Herbert”

He just put two stagehands out of a job. I’m kidding.

Happy Birthday, Star Trek the Motion Picture! I was there when you were born. I’ve just added a blog entry to that effect.

As for the door, married male fans could enlist their wife to be ready at all times on the manual door opening rope, taking the place of the stage hands or expensive pnuematics. She could also verbally supply the “shh-veet!” of the door sound effect.

Most wives wouldn’t mind, I’m sure.

On thinking about this further, I have decided that having automatic doors would be a real boon to stores and businesses, This guy should go start such a business, he’d make a killing!

Oh, wait…

Awesome! He actually invented sliding doors that don’t require you to make the Star Trek air sound with your teeth! I want them!

This is a great door. And I’m sure if a fuse blows out there is a manual way to just push them open.

The doors are supposed to be red.

“The doors are supposed to be red”

Yeah, THAT’S the problem a girl visiting on a date would have!

While it would deffinitely be impossible to seduce a girl with the Star Trek themed doors, what if you went the whole hog and theming each room of your house to look like a section of a Federation Starship? She would Either respect your bravery or scream, spray your eyes with mace and run away…. I like those odds.

And behind swooshing door number 3………a 37 year old virgin!

And it was the worse gameshow ever.

The doors are cool, but I wanna know when somebody can show me how to build a functioning bridge.

Wow, what happens when they jam?

Great business idea for the elderly who have trouble opening doors!!!

Wake me up when someone figures out to make an engineering section that doesn’t look like a brewery! (can’t let it go, can we?) This guy with the doors probably could! Hire him!

wait, you have to push a button?

Harry – you’re all over the place this time! And that last one (#31) had me busting my guts!!!

Very neat, but this brings up the obvious question as to whether someone has written a book or built a website devoted to the history of automatic doors in science fiction.

Hey, I think that may be even better than a coffee table book about coffee tables! Publishers, are you listening?!


I know i say this a lot…but if you’re gonna make a trek video…


I thought we all understood that???


I think the risk of injury goes down if you have to have voice recognition software and microphone set up to this door so someone has to loudly whisper (“Shhhhh”) to open OR close the door. I think they had a prototype in one of the Airplane movies.

@1, 8:

Sorry guys. Better late than never, right?

@37: I’m sure you could rig up a motion sensor… maybe like a hacked kinect or something… :)

I’m not exactly what you would call “green”, but come on now, machinery, tech, air lines, and power to open a door? Isn’t this a bit wasteful – just because you can do something dosent mean you should.

I know the folks who pride themselves on “starship design” are going to scream, but will power be so plentiful (and cheap) by the 23rd century that it can be thrown away in mass to eliminate even the most mundane of tasks? We don’t have to open doors, shower, cook, or clothe ourselves because all we need to do is pump massive amounts of power to manipulate matter?

Those doors are not canon. That being said. I want one. With a motion sensor.

21 – Was suggesting nerdism, actually.


Thanks, GO! Hey, if I pass you, do I collect $200?


Nice sound effect, pal! I wish I could carry that with me wherever I go!

Well, at least there’s no chance of the doors hitting him on the ass on the way out after his divorce!

And I wonder if the guy listens to “The Doors”?

The sound effect is cool, but it definetly needs a motion sensor on both sides, not a wall switch. I imagine it leads to the kitchen or garage : )
Where can I DL the specs?

Not only do I agree on the installation of a motion sensor to detect the approach of a person and open automatically, but I believe that the system should also include the sensors currently in elevator doors that detect if a person is standing in between the open doors, so that they won’t close on them.