TrekMovie Science Antarctica Update: Live Audio Interview From Mount Erebus

Greetings once again and a happy new year from Mount Erebus, Antarctica! Your humble science editor is reporting once again from the southernmost active volcano in the world. Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of speaking with Ira Flatow, host of NPR’s Science Friday radio program, to celebrate the end of 2010 at the end of the Earth. Hear the short interview (below) to learn about my research here in the Great White South.


Live interview from Antarctica

For more on my trip to Antarctica including images visit my blog at and see my blogs at

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wow how cool is this?

keep an eye out for missing escape pods and certain Vulcans hanging out in caves :)

Hope ur staying warm enough out there. Drink plenty of Vodka or Scotch, for warmth and liquid courage. It worked for James May and Jeremy Clarkson when they went artic traveling in a Toyota Hilux.

Live Long and Prosper and definitely be weary of green blooded vulcans bearing gifts, including mind melds!

This year is my 25th wedding anniversary. I suggested to my wife that we celebrate with a trip to Antarctica. This was greeted with a resounding silence….

*sigh* Hope you’re having fun, Kayla! :-)


Great job, Kayla. Fantastic pictures and great research. Have fun down there

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… cold!

Thanks for the coverage, Kayla! Great report.

LOL your comment on talking to him from the future is funny. When I was in New England to visit family, I called my friend back home and told him the same thing.


That is so cool! I can’t believe you can acually go and look inside the volcano. :) thats amazing!

Oh, Hey Kayla! I would have commented sooner, but you must know you’re competing with a thread about Trek pron.

Anyway — hope you’re having a great time. Do you rush out to the volcano every morning so you can feel your toes?

You’re studying Vulcan-ology? Cool!