TrekMovie Picks – Best Star Trek Products 2010

2011 is here but today TrekMovie begins a look back at 2010 to pick the best of year in terms of Star Trek products, from toys to wearable items, to posters. Check out the winners below.



2010 in Star Trek products

2010 was not the best year for Star Trek products in terms of quantity of new releases. Most of the new products were themed around the original 1960s Star Trek which is ironic for a year following the big success of a new movie with fresh faces and designs. There also seemed to be much less of certain products, such as toys being produced.  However, while there may be a limitation of supply, there were certainly products of both great fun and quality this year to celebrate.  TrekMovie presents its fourth annual look at the best Star Trek products and collectibles of the year as selected by the editors.  Hopefully, 2011 will bring a diversity of products in much greater numbers.  Until then, we look back at some of the year’s best. 


by Diamond Select Toys/Art Asylum ($35.99 w/ 2-figure set avail. at Entertainment Earth)

There were very few Star Trek action figures this year, and even less purely original ones.  However, Diamond Select Toys/Art Asylum really scored with their Romulan Kirk (as disguised in “The Enterprise Incident”).  It has a good likeness of the character and a nicely detailed costume.  The 7” action figure is available in a two pack with a Spock action figure. 

by Starfleet Academy Bookstore ($8.99 w/ 2-figure set avail. at Entertainment Earth)

The official Star Trek store offers an entire line of Starfleet Academy products, and one of the best are the Kobyashi Maru items including this mousepad.  It is affordable and useable with a cool design that allows a fan to show their affinity for Star Trek in a unique way.  In troubled economic times, products that are both functional and fun are appreciated.

by Mattel (sold w/ set of 6 + SceneIt game for $80, discounted to $30 at Costco)

The long-anticipated first Narada toy (being that the Playmates version never materialized) does not disappoint. Mattel did an excellent job detailing such a complicated ship, especially given the small scale (about 4" long) of the Hot Wheels series.

by Mondo ($35.00, sold out at Mondo)
by QMx
 ($29.95 set of 4 at QMx)

A limited collectible, the "Journey to Babel" poster is 18”x24”.  Like all Mondo posters, the design is unique and fresh.  It boldly shows the characters and captures the essence of the famous original episode that introduced Spock’s parents. And their limited time availability make them very collectible.  

This year was a good year for posters, and so we also acknowledge the beautiful set of alternative Star Trek 2009 movie poster prints from QMx. QMx picked some of the best alternative poster ideas first seen in the 2009 "Art of Star Trek" book and put them together into "WPA-style" themed set of four 18" x 24" lithographs at an affordable price. Hopefully we will see more series from QMx in the future.

by Titan/SDS  (£19.99 at SDS Shop)

This CD-ROM collects issues 25 to 38 (March 1997 to January 1999) of the original Star Trek: The Magazine line from Europe.  For fans in the United States, this is the first time these interviews and articles have been available.  For all fans, this is a nice archive and a trip to the past of Star Trek.  Volume 1 is also available.

by La La Land Records ($29.98 at La La Land)

This year was a great one for soundtrack collectors and this is the hardest of all categories from which to choose the best.  There was the unbelievable impressive 14 CD Ron Jones Project collecting the composer’s music from Star Trek: The Next Generation (FSM/SAE), the excellent deluxe edition of Star Trek (2009) by Michael Giacchino, and the surprise of Jerry Goldsmith’s Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.  The Star Trek V music is beautiful and heroic, mythic and some of the best of the franchise.  Of all the movies, this beautiful music is hidden when listening to the actual film and this soundtrack is a joy. [NOTE: full reviews of both the STIV & STV soundtracks released later this week].

by QMx ($9.99 each, avail. at Entertainment Earth)

These pins first appeared as part of the exclusive Best Buy imovie DVD set in 2009, but this year QMx made them available individually. These well made metal pins are reasonably priced fun accessories while still being screen-accurate replicas.

by Dynomighty ($39.99 – bundle of 3 at Star Trek Store)

Made of tyvek and available individually or as a set, these three wallets expand to a good size and feel good in your pocket as they are not as bulky as other wallets.  The designs are retro cool and again are a useable product perfect for gifting.


by Kurt Adler


by Hallmark

Both of these are great for celebrating Christmas, and will also look good after the holidays on a desk or as decoration.  The Spock lights are very nice, with a soft futuristic glow on a nice long strand of lights meant for indoors.  Tying for best product is one of the few Star Trek 2009 products this year, another winner from Hallmark and sculptor Lynn Norton.  The Hallmark ornament may be available at local stores. 

by Video Service Corp ($14.96 at Walmart)

Featuring James Doohan, DeForest Kelley, Leonard Nimoy, and William Shatner in 1950s and 1960s westerns television shows and movies.  Watching these is not only fun and interesting because fans get to appreciate the talents of the Star Trek stars, but it is also fascinating to realize how much in common Star Trek has with this genre. [NOTE: full review of this DVD set will be posted this week]

by Medicom  ($499.99 at Entertainment Earth)

While 2010 wasn’t the biggest year for Star Trek products, it did have some strange entries. And the strangest are probably the Japanese "Bearbrick" imports from Medicom. Bearbricks are popular with a loyal set of collectors, and there are a number of licensed version available. all modeled like an anime bear. The 2010 Star Trek offerings were in a number of characters and sizes,  the weirdest of the weird being the "Spock 1000%" which is 10 times the size of the regular bearbricks at 27 1/2 inches high with a giant sized price tag to go with it.  

by ThinkGeek ($24.99 at ThinkGeek)

It should have been a joke, and it is certainly is fun.  However, there is something about the ThinkGeek USS Enterprise pizza cutter that captures the imagination.  It is functional and surprisingly it has an almost ergonomic feel to it as if the Enterprise was designed with being a pizza cutter in mind.  However, the real joy is seeing how Star Trek continues to inspire and amuse after 45 years.  This is a quality item, with a great feel.  It is cool as both a collectible and a way to enjoy tasty pizza! 


More Best of 2010 coming up

Tomorrow TrekMovie will post our picks for the best books and comics from 2010.

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The pizza cutter was/is a great idea. Wish I had though of it.

Here’s hoping DST’s 1701-B, Excelsior, Klingon BOP AND Reliant get released for 2011!

4th !

or…..3rd maybe.

It is very cool Chris.
BTW, I was lucky enough to meet your dad twice. He was a really great guy!

I thought they might have had best apps.

I love my TOS communicator for the iPhone.

Some great stuff there. I want those wallets!

The pizza cutter is genius.

Should have had the ST XI Enterprise record player up there too!

I love the trek stuff. Keep it comin’. More, more, more, more…

Pizza at Doohan’s!

Chris, do you have any comment on that DVD set?

hahaha what the hell is this


8. Scotty

I Haven’t seen it yet, but it looks great. Last week I saw the Gunsmoke that my dad was in. He was killed by Burt Reynolds

In related Western TV news, I saw De Kelley on Bonanza last week.

Don’t have the Romulan Kirk figure, but I do have the Romulan Centurion version. Really excellent. I also have the pins that I got with the Blu Ray. I also bought the Kirk/Gorn double pack. They are limited in number, so I haven’t opened the package.

I’ve listened to the “The Final Frontier” double album. Classic music, unlike the movie. Highly recommended.

Hopefully, 2011 is a better year for merchandise. But we’ll probably only see the same amount. Maybe less, since IDW won’t be publishing any new “Star Trek” comics this year.


Ooops, I forgot about that one.

My Hallmark Enterprise ornament was broken when I opened it. I was unable to find a replacement. Hallmark needs to do a better job next year. Especially for the prices that they charge on ornaments. I was very disappointed with the Enterprise one in terms of quality this year.


Did you return it? Because Hallmark should replace it. Or at least give you your money back.

Chris — Your dad and Majel Barrett appear in the same ep (I don’t think they share a scene) of Bonanza, called “Gift of Water.” It’s on YouTube.

Anthony — Wow, so many threads. Nice to see you back.

My cousin got me the pizza cutter and an Enterprise bottle opener for Christmas. I don’t want to use either of them because they look so cool. LOL It was a hilarious gift….but it (The pizza cutter) looks really cool

Anthony P, good to see you are still alive!

Uh, am I the only one that noticed the Go West Boxed Set appears to have misspelled DeForest Kelley’s name? It reads, DeForest Kalley!

Don’t forget that the soundtrack to Star Trek III also came out this year.

I have the Star Trek V extended soundtrack…very great goldsmith at his best—also have the mattel 6 ships they all look great, I have the Narada next to my right vizio hd monitor speaker and the Enterprise 09 dvd carrying case on the left side—-whats cool is the Narada looks tiny and the Enterprise looks huge hahahah

I also have all three Hallmark ornaments from this year and the 09 enterprise is the best..15 Squire of Gothos….my enterprise was also broken…where was yours broken….the right nacelle popped out before i could even get it outta the box….and I had to have my local hallmark store bring in some of the enterprises from a different store cuz they were out…fortunately they tranferred several of them to that store so I immediately went back and got a replacement….

If anyone does find any of the Enterprises at any Hallmark stores they should be 60% or more off but in our area most stores sold out way before Christmas….I did find a few of the Kirk Figures left….but no Babel or Enterprise ornaments anywhere after the holidays….


I got the Kirk/Gorn and the Kirk/Spock from WNMHGB sets for Christmas

I think they have a good likeness.

Missed out on getting Kirk as the Romulan, a shame as I was really wanting that one.

I think the WNMHGB and the Arena set have a good likeness for Shatner.

The Star Trek III expanded CD was a great purchase but due to no longer having a job I had to cut a few purchases and got the Ron Jones Project and Star Trek V through a friend instead. THey are all cool.

I totally agree about the LaLaLa Land CD release of “STV – The final Frontier”. I got my copy of the limited CDs last Thursday and it rocks! So much beautiful music was lost in the old 1989` release.

Although I fail to recognice any alterations the Maestro did on the second disc`s “alternate cues” the score is simply brilliant. Even better than the complete edition of “ST: First Contact”.

Note: in some tracks of STV there is a hint of the “ST: FC”-score! :-) So Jerry did re-use this tune about 7 years later!

So besides the 18-tracks version (collector`s edition) of “ST: TMP”, this new STV CDs are among my favourites! But the 40-track edition of “ST: Nemesis” is still among my most beloved music from Goldsmith.

Now the only thing we need are expanded CDs of “STIV – The Voyage Home” by Rosenmann and “ST: Generations” by McCarthy. Those 2 Scores were not expanded yet.

whether or not it was released in 2010 or not, the Blu-Ray disc of the last film is absolutely smashing. I just watched it yesterday.

It DOES make one wonder why JJ did not use the Klingon footage, and it all begs for a ‘Director’s Cut’ later on. But, the amount of extras, and the quality of the release itself, are simply glorious.

Second vote goes to the BR releases of TOS. Glorious transfers and terrific extras.

STIV cd review? Do you know something or are you guys reviewing the 1986-album?

lol that giant spock bear thingey wtf

I need to get the the ST V sound track, I did not know that was out. Perhaps I am one of the few who actually like and enjoy STV for what it is and I understand what Shatner was trying to convey. Too bad he did not get all his money. Although the Romluan Kirk is next on the list, that is great an I have to add it to the collection.

The ST V soundtrack is really GREAT! I love the music with all the variations of the main theme and Klingon theme…

Really? That Hotwheels Narada is the best toy ship from 2010. Were no other toy ships produced in 2010?

My husband say I have a problem now since I received mostly Star Trek items for Christmas…..Other women get all the frills, and I get Star Trek!! LOL

I was happy as one who had been given an expensive sweater or whatever- I really like the ornaments this year too.

What western was Shatner in? I’ve seen all the other guys in Bonanza. I was a tv western fan before sci-fi fan. Before I ever saw Shatner in Star Trek I used to see him at the National Horse Show back in the late 70’s/80’s (and 90’s) at MSG in NYC. My husband ‘converted’ me to Star Trek while we were dating (all those vcr tapes…)

On another note, I LOVE the pizza cutter!!! So THAT’S why the Enterprise was designed that way!
I have the Hallmark Enterprise but my damned cat knocked it off the shelf and broke it in two! (I felt like breaking the cat in two…but didn’t) My husband was able to fix it (the ornament – not the cat) just fine tho’.

That Hotwheels Narada kinda reminds me of a giant locust. (eww…)

Speaking of the Hallmark Ship ornament, did anyone notice that alot of them had the the nacelles or saucer not level in relation to one another? If you look at the ship head on, one nacelle is lower than the other. Or was I the only one who had a very difficult time finding a semi-level one?

personaly my fave has to be the romulan Kirk. Lke to see the Romulan commander though

Romulan Kirk was Great. Wish i could get my Hands on the I.S.S Enterprise from the terran Empire. Or a Spock Doll from the Empire with his Beard. Love the Music from Trek 5. Enterprise pizza Cutter. Hmm. Is that Canon.

Ahem… EFX tricorder?

No Star Trek Online?

33. yeah me too, except I was leaning more towards a cockroach

34: Yes, the warp engine section of the ship was glued on at a really, really bad angle. It seemed to affect about 95% of the ornaments. I went to buy another in hopes of finding one that was fixed, but every box I opened had the same issue.

Really, Really bad in terms of construction quality, although the detail and lighting of the Enterprise was awesome!

I was a bit sad that Hallmark did not do a Tricorder ornament to go with the Phaser and Communicator.

Next year is the Romulan Bird of Prey from TOS and Spock from the new line of Legends.

10. Chris Doohan – January 16, 2011

I think Burt has had that effect on a few careers, too..

Soooo, where is the list of worst products?

Narada looks to much like a bug and not a ship. I never liked it…

I got the Enterprise pizza cutter, but also the Enterprise bottle opener, which was not mentioned above.

I just inspected my Star Trek 9 enterprise ornament…Nacelles look straight to me I musta got one of the 5 % when I took the first broken one back! Yeh the blue lighting on the ornament is magnificent….

The state of Trek is unfortunately fast becoming as mundane and juvenile as Star Wars has. Such a shame: a franchise once known for it’s intellectual awesomeness has been reduced to popcorn filler and shiny baubles of crap. How unfortunate.