Chris Pine’s busy schedule could delay Star Trek 2012 shooting, but not release date

Chris Pine’s starring turn in the new Jack Ryan movie for Paramount may push back shooting on “Star Trek (2012)”…but not to the point that it would delay its release. Details over the jump.

According to Heat Vision | THR, Paramount is in negotiations with Steve Zaillian to rewrite the new Jack Ryan movie, which will star Chris Pine.

Filming was scheduled to begin in Budapest next month, but has now been pushed back to the spring.

Paramount has every intention of making this movie happen, and bringing Zaillian on board — which will push the start date back up to four or five weeks — could in turn force the studio to “slightly” delay the production start date of “Star Trek (2012).” However, such a delay would not push back the film’s currently slated release date (June 29, 2012):

“…although Paramount can’t risk any more time since the studio needs Pine for the Star Trek sequel, which will also likely be nudged slightly, but not enough to impact its release date.”

The “Star Trek” sequel currently has that date all to itself, but Sony’s 3D “Spider-Man” reboot hits theaters just five days later on Wednesday, July 4, 2012. “Jack Ryan” will be directed by “LOST” director Jack Bender.

Chris Pine most recently co-starred alongside Denzel Washington in Tony Scott’s action thriller “Unstoppable”. He’s currently filming “Welcome to People”, an original drama co-written by “Star Trek (2009)” scribes Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci and directed by Kurtzman (his directorial debut). “Welcome to People” is scheduled to hit theaters in 2012.

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Honestly I think that, if it came down to the two, Paramount would be more likely to push back the Jack Ryan reboot than the shooting of Star Trek, which already has a release date set.

But has anyone heard anything about the state of Star Trek’s script, or did I just miss it being finished? I’d be more worried about that, although them taking their time will probably mean a better story.

Aw, c’mon, Trek had him first!!!

As long as Pine is in Full Kirk Mode and the Next Trek Movie is of Top notch in everything I’m fine with that. Chris Pines Star is on the fast track to A List and that is Fantastic for Star Trek.

Harry. Yes Trek had him first. But also as he gets out there and makes more great Movies. His Name Reconition will be better known and that means more People will see Trek and maybe soon we can get another Trek Series. That is the Plan that Paramount has in mind. At least I hope so.

More news, less gays. nice

#4 More news, less gays. nice

Hey. Let’s not get into that again!. Or you might find your self in the Agoniser Booth.


Totally uncalled for, jerk!

Rule of the Internet #14:

“Do not argue with trolls – it means that they win.”

#5 cool Mike. I harp on this often, but will continue to do so until people calm down. Mostly i’m talking about the speaks against Anthony and the crew, but here I’m jsut going to say cut it all out.

On other news, I’m glad to see that some posts are still making it, even if other sites have reported them already. If you sell the site Anthony, then good luck to you in other endeavors. And hopefully I will run into you when I go to my first convention in Vegas, so I can tell you in person what an awesome site you guys put together, and to say thank you. (I hope to be able to do so one of these years).

and I agree that face recognition for Trek is essential. You will get pletty of people who will to see Pine or Zoe, or Antone, etc. That will bust profits, and allow for more trek in the future. Besides Pine is a very descent and Charismatic actor, so good for him. Theo only thing I’ve noticed is he’s kinda “I really don’t care” during the interviews I’ve seen for various movies (Except for trek, he was exceted during Trek interviews).

I still think the movie will be pushed back a year. Chris Pine wants to be Jack Ryan as much as Captain Kirk, plus the studio might want to not release the sequel so close to other blockbusters, like “The Dark Knight Rises” and “The Avengers”. Plus, J.J Abrams, who also has other things going on, won’t direct the sequel unless its good. And the movie won’t be made without either Pine or Abrams.

If they decide they need another year, so be it. Better to take their time than rush out a piece of garbage just to appease impatient fanboys and fangirls.

You know, we finally got some new articles and we have a) folks who are spamming false news, b) trolls, c) people still bitching about the so-called “lack of new articles” even after Rosario and staff put stuff up for us.

Go figure.

No worries on the front. Chris Pine will be cool and so will Star Trek, but, Damzz, Its taken so bloody long. LOL

I agree with the previous posts.

But how do you ban someone from a site that you don’t log in to?

I don’t like the current release date anyways. As stated in the article, it’s less than a week before Spider-man and it’s also a few weeks before Dark Knight Rises, maybe bump it up a week or so, so then Trek doesn’t have to give up screens (especially the nice big digital ones) for anything else. But wouldn’t it speak to the rebirth of Trek if Spidey had to move forward or back to avoid the competition.

So, today is february 5, 2011 and ST 2012 has not script, no director and, it seems, Pine’s busy schedule could delay the movie?
My opinion is the pre production of this movie is beeing a botched job.
Spiderman’s reboot is now filming.

7. That One Guy

Good advice.

We’ll try to take care of the trolls. In the meantime, I would simply suggest to just ignore the trolls and focus on the articles.

Thanks everyone.

Thanks Rosario for taking care of these Spaming Children.

You heard boborci ? It looks like you guys are gonna have to delay again ! So don’t rush the script ! This movie has to be PERFECT. Otherwise, the third film will be Star Trek 13: The Wrath of The Fans

Isn’t spam usually emails trying to get money. I haven’t clicked on the link but isn’t google free? Sorry, maybe I’m missing something.

…as long as they don’t get us all excited and then leave us blue-balled for 6 months like last time.

my definition of spam needs some refining, lol.

Seems like from a financial point of view it would make more sense to push the new Jack Ryan movie back since I honestly doubt it will make nearly as much as the next Star Trek.

I hope that the new Jack Ryan Movie comes out early sothat Chris Pines name can already be out there. So when Trek comes out people will more reconise his name and go and see Trek.

As I’ve contended for as long as the 2012 release has been public, Trek is sacrificial in the broader list of Paramount priorities. Don’t know why that’s the case, but I think as the events unfold, its becoming increasingly evident. No script, no director, now conflicts with Chris Pine’s schedule.

I will be delighted to be proven wrong, of course. But right now, all the great momentum Trek had after the ’09 reboot seems a distant memory.

@18 @jas_montreal: Dare we give it a go?


I can see boborci screaming that into a communicator… or cell phone now. :)

…JJ will decline, it’ll slip another year… ST09 becomes a throw-away…
…it’ll get Re-rebooted =P

I’m willing to wait a bit longer for a quality product, I think 2012 is going to be a bit rushed at this point so maybe a pushed back release date might be a good idea. I mean if we look at the somewhat lacklustre sequal to Iron Man, then rushing out Star Trek 2 might result in something similar.

Nice article….which was on almost a week ago.

Is being sold or retired? Anthony should let us know with a future of update.

@26. You are indeed Herbert.

Is anyone else starting to get a bad feeling about Star Trek 2012? It seems like everyone involved in Star Trek 2009 is busy doing other things and Trek is just something that will happen when they get around to it. Honestly, how many movies/TV shows can actors and writers juggle at one time and still produce great product? Look what happened when David E. Kelly got wanderlust and did Picket Fences/Chicago Hope/Ally McBeal all at the same time. Or Joss Whedon trying to juggle Buffy, Angel and Firefly at the same time. The result was all theirsshows went into decline (or Firefly never ignited at all.) Is Chris Pine going to be a bleary-eyed, exhausted Captain Kirk by the time the next movie actually starts filming?

Anyone else remember the summer of 2009 with reports here that the next Trek would have its script finished by December 2009? 14 months beyond that, and still no indication the movie is ready for filming. In many cases, that means the studio didn’t like the script. I hope that isn’t the case this time.

Another “Star Trek: Generations” ahead, where Paramount twiddles its thumbs for months and then finally says “go!” and gives the crew only a few months to actually film it?

I hope Trek 2012 gets out in July of next year still — we really don’t want Trek to be overshadowed by The Hobbit in December 2012.

#28 Agreed. Appreciative of this site during the last couple of years, but it’d be nice to know where it’s heading before too many of us assume it’s folding and stop visiting.

@31. Yea and now Orci and company are going to produce Ender’s Game, probably the most overrated sf novel of all time. Come on guys, there are only so many hours in the day, and we needed a good Trek script 2-3 months ago.

@32 “Appreciative of this site during the last couple of years, but it’d be nice to know where it’s heading before too many of us assume it’s folding and stop visiting.”

Yea, we need some kind of message from Anthony concerning the status and future of this web site. I really don’t think just providing us a couple sentences of info on “what the heck is going on” is asking for too much. We would naturally empathize with any situation on the staff that is constraining the site, but we need the INFORMATION first before we can provide that empathy. Where is The Empath when we need her? :-)

Maybe Anthony has some inside info on the state of the script and the Trek franchise in general and could this be the reason for the lack of upadtes? Maybe Anthony is geting out of Trek business also?

Some delay in the filming date will be OK. Summer is when my co-workers take time off with their kids out of school. I can not work background on the film if I can not get time off work. You have to be ready to show up like tomorrow.

All this uncertainty about the script for “Jack Ryan” … any news on when it will get done screenplay for Star Trek 2012 … I would bet that Star Trek would begin shooting in July or August … my guess!

And beyond these projects, CP will make the voice of Jack Frost in “Rise of the Guardians” … seems that is already in pre-production … so he definitely has a lot of work ahead …I can’t wait for definitive news about Star Trek …. hmmmmm …. PATIENCE IS REQUIRED!

Well if the script is still not ready then I believe that it is going to be pushed back a year at this rate.

Perhaps the extra time will allow them to make Star Trek XII a lot stronger in plot.

#27. “Nice article….which was on almost a week ago.”

Would you like some cheese with that whine?

Lets hope star trek isn’t 1 of Mr Abrams colouring pages that he likes to start but not finish

@38 “Perhaps the extra time will allow them to make Star Trek XII a lot stronger in plot.”

Unless there’s another writers strike in which the writers will be more than happy to say “We had no choice but to deliver a sub-par script and not make improvements!”.

So they can frontload the trek shoot with the stuff Pine isn’t in.

Can’t believe it is February 2011 — why didn’t we have a script for this movie 2 years ago?!?!?!?


you said you were going to watch TOS front to back. did you do it? I did with my son. Started in January 2010 and finished just after the turn of the year

@ 43

Because everyone still had the trek 2009 hangover.

43. Pat D. – February 5, 2011

I just finished watching every episode (including TAS & Phase2), movie (including OGAM), along with reading every comic book (including IDW), and playing every STO episode (excluding todays release of “The Vault”) – all in story-chronology order.

My wife and I started right after our 1st viewing of ST-2009 with the first bookend “Enterprise Broken Bow” and later today I’ll play “The Vault” as the most recent concluding bookend. It has been a ton of fun. My wifes favorite Trek is still DS9 and ST-2009. I love all of it!

I’m stoked for the next movie and hope that it is not delayed but don’t mind waiting if that’s how it all shakes out.

Long Live Star Trek

There is no way that the “Star Trek” sequel will be filming in the summer. Bob and Alex aren’t even done their script. There still needs to be revisions, designers need to design and build sets and props, the make-up people need to get prepared. J.J Abrams still hasn’t committed to directing, and may decide to do other things instead. The cast have all got careers outside of Trek, and may prefer to do other movies or shows. Chris Pine probably wants to do Jack Ryan before returning to James T. Kirk.

And then there is apparently the possibility of a joint actors/writers strike in the fall or early next year.

Summer of 2013 is more likely. In the meantime, we’ll have to wait for the one remaining IDW comic series, the two or three novels that are expected this year, and hope Art Asylum releases the Bird of Prey and Enterprise B. 2011 looks like a dead year and 2012 doesn’t appear to be any better. :-(

At least I’ve got a ton of “Star Trek” dvd’s, comics, fiction and non-fiction books as well as ships, props and action figures to keep me going. :-)

All of this negativity…. :(

Someone lie to me – please?? lol

Charla. You are the most Beautiful Woman in the World.

@46 “There is no way that the “Star Trek” sequel will be filming in the summer.”

If the script in green-lighted NLT the end of March, then there is no reason why the can’t start filming in August, and still make the July 2012 date.