LeVar Burton Wraps On “The Big Bang Theory” + Watch Last Week’s Star Trek Gag

LeVar Burton, Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Geordi LaForge, has become the third Star Trek vet to do a cameo on the CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory this season. Today the actor tweeted that he had wrapped up work. We also have video of the Trek gag from last week’s Big Bang episode. 


Burton latest Trek alum at Big Bang

The geeky CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory just can’t get enough Star Trek. So far this season they have had cameo appearances from Wil Wheaton (returning to play an evil version of himself), and George Takei (playing himself in a dream sequence). A few days ago Burton posted an image of a Big Bang Theory script (see below) with his name on it, for an episode titled "The Toast Derivation", and today LeVar Burton sent out a tweet after wrapping on the show, saying "Thanks to @BillPrady and the entire cast and crew of The Big Bag Theory. I had a blast!" It appears that Burton will be playing himself. After Wil Wheaton asked if he was going to be playing an evil version of himself, Burton replied "No, just regular me!"

And The Big Bang Theory is not the only Thursday night sitcom that will sport a LeVar Burton cameo this year. The actor will also be appearing as himself in the NBC comedy Community, in the episode "Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking" which airs Thursday February 17th.

Burton’s script for "The Big Bang Theory"

Watch Sheldon act out his Star Trek FanFic from Last Week’s TBBT

Speaking of The Big Bang Theory and Star Trek, last week’s episode once again went Trek. The episode had Sheldon looking to Penny for acting tips to help his teaching  Below is the clip

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Another Trek actor scraping the bottom of the barrel…

Need to watch this show at some point. I wonder if Burton will try and pitch another TNG film during the show, lol!

This show is awesome.

Norman. Burton is not Scrapping the Barrel. He is a very Busy man with his Directing and Acting and many Projects. I havt to Admit I have never watched Big Bang. But. I just may Start watching.


I have watched some of the Big Bang Theory episodes. It is actually very funny sometimes.

I only hope at some point Marina Sirtis will end up in one of Howard’s fan-boy hot tub fantasies!

You all should, I still feel weird watching a Chuck Lorre thing but it’s actually one of the better sitcoms out there.

They need to get Shatner somehow. That would be amazing.

The Big Bang Theory is good. But I prefer the first series, which was very good.

I just don’t get this show, I can’t even make it through the first two minutes of that clip.

The IT Crowd is better.

1. Norman Bates – February 9, 2011

Scraping bottom??!! He had a career before Trek, and after, that didn’t consist of convention appearances and Trek parody guest appearances. Cut the guy some slack, okay?

12. Phil – February 9, 2011

Don’t feed the trolls.

Shatner could appear in a $#*! My Dad Says/Big Bang Theory crossover, but as Ed Goodson, who of course would be mistaken for William Shatner, who also appears as himself. They insist they’re completely different people, but they’re never seen at the same time.

Shatner is going to be on American Pickers on History Channel next Monday. Should be interesting to see what “The Shat” has in his attic… hmmm… might be a little scary, too!

You mean his ‘Shattic’ :D

15. Vultan – February 9, 2011

My guess is Leonard Nimoy….or Jeri Ryan.


Maybe Shatner has a pair of panties he scored from Jeri Ryan. He is William Shatner afterall. ;-)

I know this show has lots of fans, but I just don’t find it witty or clever in the slightest, it just comes across as obvious and pedantic. I’ve tried to watch it while traveling for work, either on the plane or in the hotel, and it all falls flat to me. Maybe I can’t relate at all to the characters, I was never that much of a sniveling, pathetic weenie.

I just love this show, they hit the nail on the head with this one and just keep going. My only fear is how long can it continue.

# 14 Magic_Al …I love it

I can see it now.
sheldon: “hey aren’t you that guy from reading rainbow?”
burton: “what about my work on star trek?”
sheldon: “he-eh I saw all 76 episodes. You weren’t in it”
burton: “you never watched the next generation?”
sheldon: “that’s not star trek and i refuse to watch it” (includes several sheldon reasons that I can’t come up with)

(I love ALL 5 star trek series, but I’ve noticed they focus on TOS in big bang)

“Big Bang Theory” can be hit-or-miss. Some eps are great, some (especially from the 2nd season) are unwatchable, but (despite that) I think every Trek fan should watch the second season’s Christmas episode. The last 2 minutes are enough to make any Trek fan (especially TOS fan) smile for days.

23. Yeah best Sheldon moment ever (if you’re refering to the Leonard Nimoy/DNA/napkin scene)

Sometimes I think the only reason I watch the show is for Jim Parsons’ hilarious acting

20. They’ve already renewed the show for 3 more seasons after this year. I guess they’ll keep it going one way or another, but I’m afraid the concept is going to get run into the ground by the end…


“I was never that much of a sniveling, pathetic weenie.”

Can you get 5 people who actually know you to swear to that?

Never cared for the show

In this week on channel 9 Big Bang penny revealed a weakness of hers which made her chuckle.What was it-I forgot