Happy Birthday Simon Pegg + Video of Pegg Promoting “Paul” opening today in UK

Today is Simon Pegg’s birthday. Star Trek’s new Scotty turn 41 today. We here at TrekMovie want to wish our fellow geek Simon a big happy birthday. Today is also a big day for Simon as his new sci-fi comedy Paul opens today in the UK. We have compiled some of his video interview promoting the film below.


Simon Pegg’s Paul open today in UK

Simon Pegg’s newest sci-fi comedy Paul opened today, on his birthday, in the UK. Pegg stars and co-wrote the film about a road trip with a couple of Brit-geeks who encounter a real alien in the Southwest American desert. Reviews are mostly positive so far, with a 65% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Empire deems Paul "clever, cheeky and very, very funny". And the Hollywood Reporter says Paul is a "sci-fi spoof for everyone with funny encounters that will require close attention.". And regarding Pegg, THR notes: "With secure spots in the Star Trek and Mission: Impossible franchises, and The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn coming up, Pegg is now an established star with a patented mix of good-guy innocence and street smarts".

Paul will open in the US March 18th. More info at www.whatispaul.com.

Here are some videos of Pegg promoting Paul in the UK.

BBC Top Gear

BBC Paul Red Carpet

Open video at BBC.co.uk

Leicester Square TV – Paul Red Carpet

ITN interview – Pegg & Frost on next project

ITN Paul Red Carpet

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Happy B-day


Happy birthday Nick errr Simon!

Always get those 2 confused..

I said knicker :)

In the next Trek film I’d like to see the more serious side of Mr. Scott.

No wonder I like him — some of the best peeps I know were born on Valentine’s Day. He must be a sweetheart.

For the second time today:

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaaay!………

Happy Birthday Simon!!!

Happy Birthday Simon! Simon Pegg is one of my favorite actors along with Nick Frost. Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz are two of my favorite films. I love the geek references in their films. I am excited for Paul.

Happy Birthday Simon. May you Live Long and Prosper.

“It’ll be like manga meets Disney meets Harlem Globetrotters meets Rudyard Kipling.” Hilarious! I look forward to that otter flick!

Happy birthday Paul… I mean Simon!

Yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! … and “Paul” seems to be an interesting movie … I’m curious!

Simon’s the man!! Hope UPS gets that package to you

Looking forward to seeing Paul.

Oh & a happy belated b-day!!

and of course happy birthday to Andrew Robinson!

Yes! Happy belated birthday to Garak, perhaps DS9’s most interesting character!

Happy Birthday, ya g’nar knickered voosh. (I have no idea, but if you drink 4 birthday Guinness Stouts and survive, I bet that sounds like something meaningful.)

Happy Birthday Simon, loved the top gear lap!

Happy Belated Birthday to Simon Pegg!

Love Top Gear UK. It is actually on twice a week here in NZ. The first of the latest series started last Sunday night – must watch out for Simon Pegg and Nick Frost over the next few Sundays, and a “Best of” composite repeats are screened on Tuesday nights, both at 8.30pm prime time slots. We love our Top Gear UK down here. It is watched twice a week in our house as well.

It is fortunate that we have two TVs as Hawaii Five-O screens at 8.30pm Tuesdays on another channel. I am a bit peeved that the two programmes run up against each other, but I’ve gone with watching Hawaii Five-O, since I have not seen it before. Just saw the second episode last night (15 Feb. NZ time). I thought it was better than the first one. Looking good, Bob!

Loved the line from “Paul” the movie about probing anuses…LOL

Happy Belated Birthday to Andrew Robinson (Garak) as well! Who knew… Garak was my favourite DS9 character.

Happy Birthday Scotty. Beam me up some cake!

I loved Shaun and Fuzz but somehow Paul doesn’t interest me.

And in the next Trek can we get a bit more of the Scotty that we know rather than Simon doing his usual schtick, albeit with a pretty good accent!

Happy birthday, Simon!

I saw Paul yesterday and it is very, very funny. It’s so clever and has loads of little things that sci-fi and adventure geeks will surely pick up on. Very good film indeed

Siman have the best of all birthdays,with more to come…..and you’re alien friend too

Happy Birthday to a fellow geek and trekker. And may you have many more.

I still think that some of these photo’s & vids make him look like Adam Savage’s twin brother or something.

Happy B-day Simon Pegg

Although Simon Pegg was not Scotty to me, I still think hes a great comedy actor.

And ‘Paul’ was absolutely fantastic. Loved every moment on it. And there is a s a cool Star Trek reference in there.

That’s just say they are at an iconic ocation from TOS and recreate a classic fight scene.

Saw “Paul” on Friday just gone and it was hilarious. One of the best films I have seen for years. Goes to prove you don’t need umpteen hundred million dollars to make a good film…

Simon if you are reading, please don’t let Scotty get made into a purely comic relief character. Let the humour come solely from the situation. No banana peels or overhead beams…. :)

Paul looks funny oh and Shawn of the dead was awesome but I didn’t like hot fuzz as much cause I didnt get it