Preview Images of LeVar Burton on Thursday’s “Community”

On Thursday Star Trek: The Next Generation’s LeVar Burton will appear on the NBC sitcom Community, playing himself. To get you started we have more details and photo previews of the episode below.


LeVar Burton on Community this Thursday

Star Trek: The Next Generation’s LeVar Burton will sitcom Community this week playing himself. The episode "Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking" airs on Thursday at 8 PM on NBC.

Episode synopsis:

A brush with death prompts Pierce to bestow final gifts upon his pals. Britta receives a blank check to donate to a charity of her choice; Jeff has a chance to meet his father; and Troy meets his idol, LeVar Burton. But the gifts soon turn out to be more than the gang had bargained for.


LeVar Burton (as Himself) and Joel McHale (Jeff Winger) on NBC’s Community "Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking"

LeVar Burton (as Himself) and Donald Glover (Troy Barnes) on NBC’s Community "Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking"

LeVar Burton (as Himself) and Donald Glover (Troy Barnes) on NBC’s Community "Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking"

LeVar Burton (as Himself) and Donald Glover (Troy Barnes) on NBC’s Community "Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking"

Photos: NBC

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What’s Mr. Burton doing in the third picture, going a little “reading rainbow” on the guy ;)

Community is one of my favorite shows for the past two years. I am thrilled that Levar decided to guest star on this show and is able to poke fun at himself. Can’t wait for the episode!

Levar look great. I think if they did another Star Trek Series they should get Lavar to be in it. Either As Georidi. Or Maybe as a la Forge in the 22nd Century say during the Romulan War.

Freakin’ love Community. It became even better when I became a community college professor.

Does that man ever age?

Levar looks fantastic. He definitely should still be doing Star Trek. I could easily see him as a Captain of a Starfleet Corps of Engineers ship! That would make a great show with tons of possibilities for new AND existing characters.

Love Community! Great show.

And yes…more TNG, please!

Love the Reading Rainbow pic. :)

@6: Yeah, a Captain Geordi La Forge of the USS Challenger would be great (but, unfortunately, somewhat unlikely at the moment).

Gret to see LeVar on TV again.

And Happy Birthday for tomorrow Levar.

D&D and LeVar Burton in a mere few weeks? I’m concerned that this show may become overloaded with awesome.

I look forward to seeing this. Love the pics but what, doesn’t NBC provide video clips?!

“Moldy Spud!” My all-time favorite book!

Great show; great to see LeVar on it. I’ll have to keep an eye open for TNG/Roots/Reading Rainbow jokes.

#12 Sadly, they don’t have clips every week for “Community.”

This is my favorite show and I can’t wait for Thursday and LeVar!


Can’t believe I’m the first to say it but, *clearly* LeVar is telling Troy, “Take a look, it’s in a book.”

…But you don’t have to take my word for it.

OH MY GOD! It’s been almost 24 hours since Anthony posted anything! Surely doom has come upon us all. This site is done for…

As for LeVar, I’ve always thought he didn’t get a fair shake after Trek ended. Actually, he never really got a fair shake in TNG. His role was never that dynamic, so LeVar didn’t get to show his acting chops. He had to speak so much technobabble that they didn’t have enough time to write him a real story. Much of the time, I hate to say, I found Geordi boring. But no fault to LeVar. He did great with what he was given.

Agreed, On further viewing Geordi got a bad shake. I think LeVar is a fine actor though.

Community is the funniest network sitcom on TV, just a nudge ahead of Modern Family for brilliant writing.

But you don’t have to take my word for it…

Oh, yeah, don’t get me wrong. Burton is a very good actor. I’d have liked to have seen meatier, grittier Geordi stories. LeVar could have handled it easily.

“Star Trek: The Next Generation’s LeVar Burton will sitcom Community this week playing himself.”

I hear from OTHER sources that today is LeVar’s birthday. Wake up!!!!

I give up.

Inconsistency is the new consistency on
I predict another new consistency: condescending posts about how those who prefer consistent posts are inferior to those who can claim to be unfazed, due to their superiority, about consistent posts.

Is this going to be pattern with Trekmovie? Post a few articles take a week off? If so readership will go down because people will think Anthony doesn’t care about this site anymore.

Sorry I should have take a few days off unless this turns into another week? Unless their isn’t any Trek news to report anymore? If so maybe Trekmovie should become a general Scifi news site?

#23 Craiger-
I am superior to you because you get upset that this site is not consistent anymore. You are a crybaby and I am above it all.
I just wanted to be the first of these types of posts. However, unlike those, I am being sarcastic.

I am not crybaby this site used to be fun for Trek news now its not. Its getting to where I am not sure about keeping it bookmarked anymore? I got rid of Trekmovie once from my bookmarks then saw the post started happening and put it back. Sorry I don’t get sarcasm sometimes.

Also Trekweb updates daily. Trekmovie will start to loose readership to them and Trektoday if this inconsistency keeps up. Just keeping an eye out for Trekmovie.

meh.. whatever Ill check this site out once a week .. maybe less.. other sites take my time up now. NOTE TO ADVERTISORS ON TREKMOVIE.COM… ABANDON SHIP!


I wish they’d just front up and tell us what’s happening. Like #28 I only stop by occasionally now, used to visit daily. It’s made me hunt around for other Trek sites. Sad, Trekmovie used to be so good.

Do I want more updates….yes. But if there’s nothing to update us on then I’m not stressing. I still love this site.

I watched this episode last night. So funny!

Often in these celebrity cameos, actors aren’t essential to the plot, just a novelty. In this case, LeVar had several scenes and helped one character grow. You rocked LeVar!