Leonard Nimoy Confirms Return To Fringe

Star Trek’s original Spock is coming back out of retirement one more time for JJ Abrams. Leonard Nimoy has confirmed that he will be returning to the Fox sci-fi show Fringe, reprising his role as William Bell.


Nimoy confirms return to Fringe

When Leonard Nimoy appeared as William Bell in last May’s season finale for Fringe  (the sci-fi show created by the Star Trek team of JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman) he had said it would be his last job as an actor. However, it appears he has a bit more work to do. This afternoon Nimoy confirmed (via Twitter) earlier reports that he would be returning to the show, saying "Coming to Fringe. William’s bell rings soon. LLAP".

Nimoy in Season 2 finale of "Fringe" 

No word yet on when Nimoy will appear but a good bet would be for the season finale. Following tonight’s episode there are just seven more episodes left in the third season, most of which have already been shot. Nimoy has previously appeared as William Bell in seven episodes of the series (including a couple times just by voice).

Tune into Fringe tonight

The third season of Fringe has been very sci-fi heavy, with dueling stories spanning the alternate realities. Most fans agree that this is the best season so far, but the show is still "on the bubble" for renewal. And if you are a Fringe fan, make sure to watch tonight’s big flashback episode "Subject 13", which is getting lots of good buzz. Fox is also running a Tweet-a-thon with producers and a star of the show for both the East and West coasts.

Here is a clip:

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