William Shatner: Proud Of Work On Star Trek – Doesn’t Expect To Appear In 2012 Sequel

In a new interview promoting some upcoming events in Australia, Star Trek’s original Kirk William Shatner looks back and says he is "proud" of his work on Star Trek, and looks forward saying that even though he would like to be in the 2012 Star Trek sequel, he thinks we are "beyond that" happening.  


Shatner – proud of his time on Star Trek doesn’t expect to be in 2012 sequel

In a new interview with the Australian Courier Mail, William Shatner pondered his career, including his past as Captain of the Star Trek franchise, saying:

The level of Star Trek is both earnest and ironic. I think of Star Trek at its best as being really good and when I was at my best I was good in it. There were some – if not many – missteps but at its best it was really terrific. So I am both proud of it and at the same time I am aware that some people think it was a soap opera and the sets were cheap and the effects – I can’t even call them computer effects – were awful by today’s standards.

And of course there was also talk about appearing in the 2012 Star Trek sequel. Although he continues to express an interest, the actor seems resigned to not be part of Star Trek’s future:

I would be so interested in doing it, especially with that wonderful director J.J. Abrams, but I don’t see how it’s possible and maybe we all have gone beyond that.

But Bill did say that he has some more in store for Trek fans, talking up his upcoming documentary The Captains, noting:

I have shot a wonderful documentary where I talk to all the captains of Star Trek and try to find a common denominator and in the meantime have some fun talking to them about them and their lives.

William Shatner and wife Elizabeth picking up goodies yesterday at GBK Oscar Globes Gift Lounge in Hollywood – Bill thinks doesn’t think he’s getting into the Star Trek sequel


William Shatner’s interview was to promote two upcoming events in Australia.

April 2nd Sydney/April 3rd Melbroune: "Hub Productions: Star Trek 2011" at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre – Tickets cost $150 (AUS$). Described as:

William Shatner, Scott Bakula, JG Hertzler, Robert O’Reilly and Suzie Plakson will be appearing on Saturday 2nd April 2011 in Sydney from 9:00am to 6:00pm and Sunday the 3rd April 2011 in Melbourne from 9.00am to 6.00pm.

The event features the guests live on stage for a few stories, anecdotes as well as Question and Answers. There will also be a variety of events throughout the day, such as auctions, raffles and trivia. There will also be merchandise as well as rare collectables available to purchase from the dealers. You will also have the chance to meet the guests and acquire autographs and professional photographs.

April 11th -Brisbane: "Kirk, Crane and Beyond: William Shatner Live" at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre – Tickets cost $149 (AUS$). Described as:

Join the man himself for one, mad, glorious evening, packed with anecdotes, lessons learned and pearls of wisdom. With his wry sense of humour, this Actor, Producer, Director, Musician and Celebrity Pitchman will take you on an outrageously entertaining journey.


POLL: Shatner in the sequel?

Once again we must ask the age old question, do you want more Bill?



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Would be cool to have him involved with Trek 12, but then we’d have to resolve the eye color issue, wouldn’t we?

Cmon… a tip of the hat to the Shat wouldn’t hurt.

What with the documentary “The Captains”? Did he interview Avery Brooks?

Could William Shatner play Kirk’s grandfather? Anyway the man doesn’t need work. He’s everywhere! And if any of you Trekker Aussies know this, let us know. “How poplular is Star Trek in Austrailia?”

A cameo would be nice.

I don’t see how you could work him into the movie as essential though, why is that option there?

I have always said it is important to get him in the movie ASAP and not with some goofy gimmick either. He should play James T Kirk, the one we all know and love.

Maybe now isn’t the best time. Maybe by the next film or the one after they would be ready for that. But he’s 80 years old. Do it now. While you still can

How hard is it to have him in a scene randomly? Star Trek used to reuse their actors all of the time. Make him some Elder of a pre-warp planet named Kirok, or something.

Heck, just have him walking on the Enterprise randomly in a Command track uniform and have him say “Good morning, Captain.”

That isn’t hard at all.

To be true to the current (alternate) time line, have Chris Pine experiening a dream while asleep in the the captain’s cabin onboard the new Enterprise. He see himself may years from “now” retired from Starfleet. He is sitting on a dock fishing, next to a lake with his grandchildren, telling them tall tales of tale ships . . . .

Oops typos…damn lag … “he sees himself may years from now…”

I think what Bob Orci wrote for him in Trek 09 where Spock Prime played a Hologram of Shats Kirk for Pines Kirk would still be the best way to go for Trek 12. It would be moving and touching and give us all that one last sendoff of Kirk and Spock Prime and or a Flash back of Prime Kirk and Spock before Kirk went on the Enterprise B.

That would have been good if it had happened. But unfortunately,
all of 09 scenes, made up creatures, sandwiches and other lovely “character developments” were incredibly relevant and just had to be there so they had no place for that.
I foresee the same screen time management problem in the sequel.

He’s dead there is no reason to bring him back. The new cast rocks and doesn’t even need nemoy’s help at this point. Getting some decent sets for the engine room, and getting rid of the horrible lens flares would help the movie though. I’m not sure I want JJ in on it after he felt the need to shove a flash light up the cameras in EVERY FREKING shot.

As a Hard Core Trek fan. I want one more send off of Kirk and Spock Prime.

How about a time travel movie?!? Wow, that would be original. Hasn’t Star Trek moved beyond that by now??? Need a new story line.

i love you shatner but new star trek new universe new kirk leave them alone to have there story good look on your new project

Oh man, I hope this Shatner issue does not drag on for the next film.

There was a point where I felt, yea I would enjoy seeing him in any of the new movies, but if he is not, I wont protest.

Now….I just don’t care at all. Let’s movie on and continue with this fresh young cast.


Hasn’t moved beyond it yet. Time travel was used in the last movie.

I hate to say it, but let’s leave William Shatner out of the new movie.
Leonard Nimoy did a great job linking the old with the new Trek. With that accomplished, let’s focus on the new crew and their new adventures.

It still wouldnt bother me to have him in the sequel. The guy was one of my childhood heroes (The character that is). So in that asspect I have respect for him big time. Off the top of my head I dont know how the guys can get him in there without it seeming forced. But they know what their doing and might come up with something out of the blue and pull it off with ease. Either way my hats off to you Mr Shatner! :]

I had to vote no as Kirk. I love William Shatner and have watched everything he has been in including TJ Hooker and Rescue 911 bu with the weight he has gained and his age it wouldn’t work. Maybe as a relative of Kirk’s or a starfleet admiral or he could be a alien. A klingon adversary?

Given that 80 year old Larry Hagman and the rest of the original cast are coming back in a new Dallas, with younger leads, wouldn’t it be a surefire to re-jig the timelines a bit again, revive the Shat Kirk and have him and all other interested survivors of TOS in the sometimes mooted Starfleet Academy show, or perhaps a TV movie every year?

Sorry, but the need to have the Shat on Star Trek 12 would make the movie look too much like bad fan fiction. It’s time for them to stand on their own, knowing that they can succeed the original cast of the intrepid crew of the USS Enterprise.

I agree that the cameo written for Shat or the last film would have been ideal. I can tell you, I know many people who would have been in tears.

I dont care about time travel, alternate universes etc. Good storytelling is good storytelling regardless of the plot device.

And yes, I want Shat as Kirk and I’d love for Nimoy to cameo once again so Kirk and Spock can have their final send off in a big budget, uber popular Trek flick.

Yes, you were great in Star Trek. I don’t care what anyone says. And you know,….people like Kevin Pollack think so too…even though he doesn’t exactly say so in his stand up act. No one does an impression that well of someone that don’t admire. Long live Shatner.

I would still enjoy seeing William Shatner as James Tiberius Kirk one more time in a CAMEO. Anything longer than a few minutes might distract us from and overshadow the new cast, Chris Pine in particular.

On the other hand, as each day passes by, I won’t be losing any sleep over the fact that the moment for Shatner’s return as Kirk might have gone by.

Maybe its because Chris Pine is a worthy successor, even though he can never outdo the Shat.

Nonetheless, I will always appreciate William Shatner’s contribution to “Star Trek”. And I always have the options of watching TOS episodes and the movies to enjoy Shatner’s Kirk. :-)

Well said! My thoughts exactly.

#3 yes Avery Brooks is in The Captains. I really can’t wait to see it.

Shat had never met Bak till he interviewed him for the Captains–remember the uproar over what it might mean when they were spotted in a restaurant together in the Valley?–but now they’re everywhere together. Monday Bak’s on Shatner’s Raw Nerve; they’ll be onstate together in Australia.

And I’m afraid Abrams will pick up the phone to ask Shat to be in the next film, ONLY to find out he’s too darn busy! Shatner’s EVERYwhere! Well, more power to him. People apparently still want it that way.

shat was even on an episode of American Pickers….and he was awesome in it, LOl

I agree with Cmdre Mike.

It would be nice if ABRAMS actually made a comment on it. Obviously, no one expects it, but Abrams did open the door when the last movie came out.

I really want to see Kirk Prime and Spock Prime together, riding off into the sunset, Generations forgotten, and back to the prime universe, which is established to still exist.

But what sucks is the silence from Abrams. Shatner is the man. They can’t keep him down, even if Paramount and Trek turned their respective backs on him.

I’m totally against a cameo of Shatner’s Kirk in the new film. There isn’t even a plausible way to do it: we would not witness Kirk Prime, but the older Kirk from the alternate timeline, a different Kirk. And we’ve had too much time travel stuff anyway. No Spock Prime either. Let the new crew shine on their own. Spock Prime is there in the new universe, right, but he shouldn’t return immediately.

If any cameo at all, they should rather put in Bakula’s Archer, as an old admiral or something, with a T’Pol at his side as a Vulcan attaché, still looking young and gorgeous of course (being Vulcan and everything). :) And Scotty would hide from Archer, maybe in the pattern buffer—as a slight nod to TNG. ;)

This must’ve just been posted. Any quatloo wagering for 300 comments? 400? 500?

I do not want to see him the new film, full stop. It would be unoriginal after Spock Prime was in the reboot, and it’s too bad if he’s changed his mind about killing Kirk but he wasn’t very gracious about the last film until it became a hit.

I *would* like to see Nichelle Nichols, as the only original cast member who has not appeared in TNG, Voyager, Generations or ST 2009. She could be Uhura’s mother, an admiral, or even the new computer voice now that Majel Barrett is gone.

Why doesn’t Trekmovie start talking this up instead of rehashing the very stale Shatner discussion?

@33 (Soran): I’m not sure about Nichols as another character than Uhura. It’s always okay for actors who had minor roles at first like Tim Russ or Robert Duncan McNeill to step up and play prominent and major recurring characters, but once that is established (as in Nichols’ case with Uhura), once an actor’s face is tied to a specific iconic role, then it might not be such a good idea to leave that role behind and play a different character. I think it simply wouldn’t feel right. (But maybe that’s just me.)


Trek isn’t *particularly* big in Aus, but likely just as popular as it is with every country outside the U.S. There are countless casual Sci-Fi fans who quite enjoy it, but I’d say it’s rather rare to run into a true Trekkie here. I’ve only every really met two or three who were encyclopedic.

Got me a ticket to the ‘Kirk, Crane and Beyond’ show when it hits Sydney. Can’t wait!!

@ 35 That said, ST09 was a huge hit here.

A Shatner appearance would only work if he appeared for just a few minutes. Any longer and it wouldn’t fit with the new direction of the movies. There is no plausible way to have him appear as James T. Kirk. Not to mention his ham-fisted corny acting style would pull the audience out of the movie. Also, his ego is so big he’d be pushing for a much larger role while filming his part. He’d be a huge headache to everyone concerned. So why would the producers want to pay the Shat millions of dollars for a brief appearance when it wouldn’t fit in with the “flavour” of the next movie AND cause them numerous problems? The answer is they wouldn’t! He won’t be in the next film.

My wishlist for Trek 12 again:
NO Shatner Kirk
NO Khan
NO time travel

Its that simple

38 You just named three of the elements that have made the biggest contributions to Trek’s success in the past 45 years. I understand your point, something fresh, of course, but I think we have to give some credit to those who made Trek great, and credit to boborci and the new court who have made modern Trek great.

Spock prime in ST09 was one of the best moments of the film.
Kirk in any form, would also have that effect.

and its now or never

don’t screw this up boborci

if Shatner doesnt even have a tiny cameo, and I can tell everyone now that many fans won’t accept excuses like:

“it was not organic”
“he died in another movie”
“we wanted to move on”
bla bla blaaa

Just do it. Pine is the focus, but Shatner is the prime Kirk and a) he deserves it and b) we want to see him

#3 yes he did and apparently Avery scored the music used in the programme.

How about filming a scene with Shatner and Nimoy together on the original time line prior to Star Trek Generations. Using the technology of Tron Legacy show the actors as they were in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and have that be the last installment of the new JJ Alternative universe series be it movie 3, 4 , 5 or 6 when the time-line is once again restored to that of the original movie series.

I hate to say this because I love the Shat, but I think that he put the kibosh on appearing in the Trek sequel with all the stink he made about not being in the first one. Even if it was all said in alleged jest or half-jest, who wants to deal with that kind of a pain-in-the-ass if they don’t have to? I’m guessing not JJ Abrams, but who knows—maybe he didn’t mind it.

If you were going to say that the parallel timelines are why Kirk is alive in the nuFuture, you would need Nimoy for expository reasons. Only he knows that JTK is dead.

I have contradictory impulses on this issue. I want Shatner back as Kirk, not some other character, but I think time travel is a bit played out. UNLESS there are logical after effects of the time shift events of the first movie, things that play out organically in the sequel, that simultaneously allow for a Shatner cameo.

Having said that, I would like to see him in the sequel do a cameo of the sort that was written for him in ST09. It would be a good way to wrap up that character and redeem the travesty of Generations. And then everyone would be happy, the pro-Shatner camp as well as the Shat, himself. A Shatner cameo would be a fitting way to end the sequel, though he’d have to put aside his “no cameos” policy and take one for the team.



I’m sure the writers could come up with something that would allow William Shatner to appear in a cameo that would have an impact yet not overshadow the new cast at the same time. I’m pretty sure that it wouldn’t necessarily entail paying Shatner millions for just a couple of minutes. Sure, he’d want to be paid, and deservedly so, I just don’t think money is the issue. The writers wrote a scene for him, but J.J Abrams decided against it without talking to Shatner. I think he was a bit miffed. And yes, his acting style has changed, but I’m sure he’d be able to get back into character for a couple of minutes of screen time.

But from this article, it seems to me at least, that Shatner has realized that his time as Kirk has likely passed and that he’s comfortable with his legacy. He also seems to be letting go of the past and focusing on his other things that he’s got going on now.

I really doubt we’ll see William Shatner demanding to be in the next movie.
He understands show business.

I do think, though, that he regrets agreeing to killing off his character in “Generations” but has probably come to the realization that bringing him back would be incredibly difficult.

Ryan, as to salary, how much do you think Shatner would demand to reprise playing Kirk for just a few minutes in the next film one more time?

I would bet at least 3 million.


I think it would probably be about 1 million. Even if it was more, he’d probably donate a large portion to charity. But I bet he’d take a bit of a pay cut. He certainly doesn’t need anymore, since he’s gotten so many other sources of revenue.