Video of the Day: Shocking – Find Out “What’s In Spock’s Scanner”

A hilarious new Star Trek video is going viral on the web and has even got the notice of Star Trek co-writer/producer Damon Lindelof. The video answers the the question "What’s In Spock’s Scanner?" with an imagined 23rd century social networking answer.


Spock shocked by ‘SpaceBook’ posts

The "What’s in Spock’s scanner – Part 1" video posted was yesterday by BlackMoonCGI on YouTube and has been whipping around the web.

Lindelof endorsed

Damon Lindelof, who is currently working on the 2012 Star Trek sequel script, posted a tweet about this video today and even cited it as canon ‘proof’ for a controversial relationship in the 2009 Star Trek  film.


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He’s obviously checking out the latest issue of “Space Jugs”!
(Tip ‘o the hat to Spockboy for that one!)

The FUNNIEST Star Trek video I’ve ever seen! I truly LOL’ed!

However, I do have one nitpick: Spock’s scanner had a rectangular screen, not a square one. DISASTER! : D

So many people with so much free time … I wish I were one of them.

That’s gold

I laughed throughout-that took ALOT of research!

GOLD! Man that was great.



(And I never use that abbreviation.)


That was hilarious! And I’d sooner believe in the Bill/Nichelle fling before Spock/Uhura. BUT XD Poor Dr. McCoy. Found out his girl was hitting it with Spock XD XD XD

Not as funny as Hood Trek, but pretty damn good.

*Bill/Nichelle fling rumor I meant to say


That was great. Good job with the edit!


That was awesome! I will be watching that one several times at work tomorrow! Just don’t tell my boss…..

That was just about perfect in every way.

pure gold. star trek: the social network

That’s the best Star Trek viral video that’s ever been posted here.

Please please please post part two if it comes out.

BlackmoonCGI = WINNING!

*Joy Joy*

This was hilarious! Step back, Plushenko. The Platinum Medal goes to BlackMoonCGI!!!!

this is fantastic, well edited, the wordless ambience really captures the facebook vibe…..great video


Oh my god: i think i’m gonna die. that was awsome! i loved spock’s expression at the “dirty laundry”!

put up Part 2 soon!

Oh my God, that was so great!

Winning! #ShoreLeaveTigerBlood #WhoMorunsForAdonaisDNA

VERY AMUSING! I laughed out loud.

It is sooooo great to see TOS done right. Even if it’s comedic.

Ingenious. Great! Perfect comedic timing. I want to share it on my Facebook but it might be too much humor for me.

FTW that is Awesome

Way cool and funny!

That’s the most coherent bit of fan editing I’ve seen. Absolutely brilliant. There was only one shot that didn’t quite match, which is astounding. Well done!

Oh my!

Good idea but for whatever reason it failed to tickle my funny bone.
Probably because I won’t go near these social networking sites. Networking they may be, sociable all too often not.

That was amusing (get rid of LCARS though).

That was funny. I bet even Harry had to laugh at that one.

Cute. First-class bit of editing — all those reaction shots. My, how quickly Kirk changed shirts on the bridge.

That was great. It was all I could do to not howl with laughter here at work.

Loved it but I agree with Jamesingeneva, I think the LCARS display does not work in the clip apart from that it was GREAT!!!!!

Hey!! Shat got his cameo!

loved it

Laughed so hard, it left me totally off my tits.



…Dirty-ass Vulcan.

So that’s what Damon Lindelof is watching while writing the script … hmmm … OK!!!! … LOL…

Will we see funny scenes in Star Trek 2012 ? … some, I hope ! … laugh a little at least it would be great ! :-) :-)

That’s was so funny I nearly choked on my drink and died.

One of the best Star Trek videos I’ve seen.

I thought the video was great and I loved the LCARS insert. It really fit the screen and seemed organic, bringing TNG and TOS together rather seemlessly IMHO….

Just great, great work. And judging by this thread, who says that Trek fans don’t have a sense of humor about this franchise we all love? :-)

If I may say so, I do find the video conceptually quite interesting and formally very well executed. However, a rather strong personal aversion towards scatological humour of all sorts does keep me from truly enjoying it.

Other than the constant use of offensive language (unfortunately, accurately illustrating many blogs though), the video was really, really funny. I can’t wait to see part 2.

Look up the TNG Edits and Recuts on youtube, there are hundreds of them by different people and they are all great.

For example:

Do it now, make it so.

Far superior to the video posted above and there is so many of them on there!

That is all.