Videos of the Day: Star Trek v Star Wars v Lady Gaga at German Carnival + Trek Theme On Saw In NY Subway

Today we have another musically themed video to share, this one a rather bizarre bit of street theater from a Carnival in Germany last week featuring a battle between Star Trek and Star Wars and Lady Gaga…hard to explain so just check it out, plus more Star Trek street music from the New York Subway.


Star Trek v Star Wars w/ Lady Gaga at German Carnival

We have often written about how Star Trek is big in Germany, and this was evidenced last week at a Carnival (or ""Fasching") in Plaue, Germany, which featured a strange musical street theater version of Star Trek vs. Star Wars with Lady Gaga thrown. Check it out. (via ProfHenry).

Star Trek Theme on a Saw Entertains New York Subway Riders

In other Star Trek music street theater news, here is a new video of the New York Subway’s "Saw Lady" playing the Star Trek theme (via StreetPerformersTV).



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Saw Lady was B)

Gosh, that German Carnival was cheesy and fun!

that woman looked like she was just “singing” the theme and making weird movements with the saw and bow. LOL.

You have to admit. Those Germans know how to party.

I want the 6min and 40 seconds of my life back!

I gag when someone makes me think about Lady Gaga.


How come the day this was going on, I didn’t get off the Q train at 14th street? The Saw Lady needs to set up shop at Grand Central, so I can request this live!


So, instead of going “Ga-Ga” over Lady Gaga, she just makes you “GAG-a”?

PS. I guarantee we’ll see Lady Gaga do a cover of Queen’s “Radio Ga-Ga”! It’s only a matter of time!

Heh—I walked right by that lady while listening to my iPod and had no idea what she was playing. Union Square station is such a madhouse that I don’t stop for anything. It’s all I can do to just get through the crowds and to/from the trains.

The U.S.S. Enterprise:

Constitution-Class bathtub.

… better a bathtub than a garbage scow…. har har

Nacelles Monthly says: These nacelles get 0.5 out of 10!

Saw Trek rocks.

…and seriously, Germany? WTF?

# 15

Germany is quite normal compared to the weirdness that comes from Japan ( not currently as they’re busy w/ the quake & other things )


As for the 2nd video…. Lady Saw-a…. heh heh heh heh heh heh heh

8 – Radio Gaga is where Lady Gaga got her name..

On second thought, let’s not go there. it is a silly place.

Not speaking German actually enhances the experience of that video. I wish I didn’t speak English for the Gaga part.

Were these entertainers on seriously hard street or prescription drugs? WTF?

i only watched 2 minutes- who made you watch all of it jerry lol

Love the ‘Saw Lady’! If you talk with her in the subway, check to see if she blogged about you: