Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana In Consideration For Paramount Moon Movie

Star Trek’s new stars Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana may have another Paramount sci-fi movie in their future. Paramount and director Doug Liman are now shopping for leads in an untitled Moon project and both Pine and Saldana have (as they say in Hollywood) "taken meetings" along with other actors – details below.


Saldana and Pine in another Paramount sci-fi movie?

Producer/director Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity, Mr. & Mr.s Smith) has been developing a sci-fi thriller about a trip to Moon for years and it is now under consideration at Paramount. The film is about "a renegade group of former space employees, led by an Eastern European woman, who travel the world, stealing space equipment in an attempt to go back to the moon to acquire an energy source." And the last thing they need is to kidnap an ex-NASA employee.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the project is now ‘heating up’ at Paramount, which may be related to another report from Deadline that says the studio has put an end to its 4 year project to adapt Frank Herbert’s Dune. THR reports that Paramount is now considering a green light for Liman’s Moon project based on casting, and the director is now shopping for his leads, which includes taking meetings with the Star Trek stars Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana, along with other actors. While it is probably unlikely Paramount would put both Pine and Saldana into another sci-fi film together, THR does note "chemistry of the leads will be a factor in Paramount moving forward." Other actresses who have met with Liman include Rosario Dawson, Megan Fox, Rachel McAdams, Eva
Mendes, and Olivia Wilde. Other actors in addition to Pine include Andrew Garfield, and Emile Hirsch.

Do Chris and Zoe have the chemistry to land them in another Paramount sci-fi movie?

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Sexy couple. But wouldnt it be a little to much like Star Trek with both of them in another movie where they are the stars?

Yes. Yes, they do.

Also, would turn to one of them homosexuals for that Andrew Garfield fella

Have Saladana and Quntio hook up in Star Trek and have Pine and Saldana hook up in another movie, maybe even a franchise. It’d be completey sideways, I’d love it.

Despite the picture, they weren’t a couple in ST. But yeah, can’t see Pine, at least, doing another SF movie so close to Star Trek. Saldana, depends. She’s got two genre franchises (with Avatar) in her repertoire, might be in danger of typecasting if she goes for it. Not so sure about the plot. *chuckle* Sounds a little B-movie’ish, too.

Well, at least they won’t need to buy contact lenses for Pine…

That would actually make for a cool Star Trek plot. Add some Klingons, Federation and known ST figures. BAM.

…or not.

I dunno, all those actors seem really young to be “former” space employees…

I have an Idea. Make it a Prequel for Star Trek. Set about 65 years before the First Warp flight. They go to the moon and find things that they need to start developing the first Antimatter reactor and have the mission led by Dr. Cochren. Zefrehms Father. Maybe even have an actor play one Dr. Gary Seven. That could work.

#6 What does that mean – not needing to buy contact lenses for Pine? Anyway, Chris Pine has to wear glasses or contact lenses. It became very apparent if anyone has seen him in Princess Diaries 2 in one of the scenes near the end of the movie. Chris says that he has had to wear glasses since he was about 8 years old.

Too many rumours floating around and not enough facts – all maybe’s and possible’s. It is starting to get a bit annoying frankly.

#10 – I think it was supposed to be a “Dune” reference, as Spice users and Fremen have very blue eyes.

Unfortunately, I think #6 didn’t really read the article, as it said clearly that Paramount dropped “Dune” altogether.

Well, these renegades better have some wealthy backers. Going to the Moon ain’t cheap.

Space 1999, anyone? Gotta work on the title, though.

Oh, the current group of actors don’t have enough Trek under their belt to be typecast just yet. When I saw “Unstoppable” I wasn’t wondering why Captian Kirk was on a train…

Spock’s going to be pissed.

@15 Spock only really needs her every seven years. She’s got to fill the other six!

@12 Wait, but on any episode of Salvage One. Hmmm, this whole idea sounds damned familiar. Could we get Andy Griffith involved somehow?

@13 I always thought it could be taken as a zip code of sorts. The moon divided up into quadrants on each hemisphere which gives the first number (thus 1,2,3,4 on the near side, 5,6,7,8 on the far side, 9 and 0 for the South and North polar areas…), then with 100 numbered sectors from the upper left to the lower right in rows of 10 for the next two digits. The final digit indicates a position in that sector. Thus you get 999 being near the lower right corner of a quadrant. That puts Space 1999 pretty much at the point where Earth is directly overhead, and adjacent to Spaces 2901 to the east, 3093 to the south, and 4001 to the southeast. TMI. :)

Shatner must get a little miffed at all these lead roles in huge movies Pine is getting offered based on his Captain Kirk character.

post Star Trek tv in the 70s all shatner was offered was a chunk of celebrity game shows and a couple of Columbos!


Never heard of Chris Pine or Zoe Saldana.
Who are they?

I would love to see Spock properly pissed. You know – a whole 10 litres of Saurian brandy pissed….

I like this idea.

You can doo it!

17. Not Fair

I’m waiting for when people start complaining about how the actors/writers/producers aren’t “focused enough” on the next Star Trek movie. People have done this on previous threads and it got me thinking: until the last movie, we were used to Trek being produced by those for whom Trek was the “big project” they were working on at any given time. Now, Trek is just one of many big projects they have going on at any time.

Oh look at them. The photographer interrupted their kiss.

I wonder if it’s a Space 1999 film. ;)

Of course Chris and Zoe have chemistry… that photoshoot for EW was great, by the way… and the Chris Pine ‘s agenda is full of rumors for sure!… will he make at least one of those films mentioned this week?

From my side I want to see him in every film possible… because of course I know who is CHRIS PINE…

And Zoe SALDANA, too… COURSE I also know who she is! … LOL and +LOL

Hey guys!… Salanda? … attention please! … but funny! … I love … :-) :-)

^17. It’s such a different situation. When Shatner was Pine’s age, 30, he was also a hot young actor, about to get a lot of notice for his role in Judgment at Nuremberg. He then had several years for a career as a movie star to take off, but it didn’t and maybe Shatner wasn’t even discriminating between accepting film roles and TV roles. Shatner did Star Trek in his late 30s, so by the time it was cancelled he was pushing 40 and his window to be established as a “leading man” (being age-appropriate to have on-screen romances with 20-something rising starlets) was closing at the same time that being typecast to a TV role was limiting the offers coming in. Star Trek is not so much Pine’s Star Trek as it is his Judgment at Nuremberg, except it was a bigger part in a more commercial movie. It’s also useful to compare the actors who are not Harrison Ford in the original Star Wars trilogy to actors in the Star Wars prequels. Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher could not escape typecasting, yet Ewan McGregor and Natalie Portman were immune from it. Different situations because the later actors as well as the audience had foreknowledge of what they were getting into.


Oh I know who they are alright!

I also know where they live.

…look out, I’m coming to get you………^ )P

OMG!!!!…………………………. :-) :-)

Noooo! No one is going to mess up the mental image I have of Zoe Saldana and Zach Quinto in my head! Get that picture away from me!

Finally, the “Salvage 1” reboot!

26 – yeah thats quite true.

if for some crazy reason Star Trek had been a huge movie in 1966 starring ‘unknowns’ shatner, nimoy etc (like 2001) then i guess shatner wouldve been firmly established as a leading movie actor and been cast in other big movies of the 60s and 70s

#17 Shatner was type-cast because he did that role very well and it was forever associated with him.

Pine will not have this problem based on the first movie alone because it was very generic. I think he did a great job with the material, but it’s hardly earth-shattering stuff. It’ll take something a lot more unique to stick Pine with a problem like type-casting.

Glad some of you remember Salvage 1. Thought I’d be the only one showing my age :)

I agree @ 15.
Don’t piss off Spock anymore than he already is.
He’ll definitely kill Jim for sure.

This just proves how cool Captain Kirk is….he can take Uhura away from Spock anytime he wants! Hell, even if it’s in another movie playing different characters! Smooth!

21. Thomas – March 23, 2011

Good god, that started six months ago….

26. Magic_Al – March 23, 2011

It’s been said, tongue in cheek, that all the actors in Star Wars, not named Ford , had their careers destroyed. Shatner, Nimoy, Ford, McGregor and Portman all had a wide variety of roles under their belts before they hit their respective franchises. Most everyone else either didn’t, or were at the tail end of their careers, so typecasting was less of an issue because all they were going to get were bit parts anyway.

Best moon movie ever…. “Moon.”

#4- can Pine and Quinto hook up for yet another franchise then? =D

@39. “2001: A Space Odyssey” leaves “Moon” in moondust. “Space 1999 Season 1” also is better than “Moon.”

I thought Uhura was dating Spock….this is all so confusing.

This is absolutely hilarious.

so ?

This just proves how cool Captain Kirk is….he can take Uhura away from Spock anytime he wants! Hell, even if it’s in another movie playing different characters! Smooth!


Uh, I said that at post #35. Any reason you’re repeating it verbatim?