Patrick Stewart: Star Trek Is The Highlight Of My Career

Sir Patrick Stewart has said many things about his time with Star Trek The Next Generation, contrasting it with his first love, Shakespeare. But now in a new interview, the actor behind Capt. Jean Luc Picard says TNG was the highlight of his career. Details below.


Patrick Stewart: TNG highlight of career

Sir Patrick Stewart is the subject of a new 5 Minutes With… BBC video interview where the actor talks about his latest stage work and looks back on his career. Of course the subject of Star Trek came up, first with Stewart noting that before Trek he was really an unknown, saying:

Right up until 1987 when I went to Hollywood to start filming Star Trek: The Next Generation, if you didn’t go to the Royal Shakespeare company you would have never heard of Patrick Stewart. It was after that, that everything changed.

When asked what has been the highlight of his career, again Stewart noted Trek, saying:

It would have to be Star Trek: The Next Generation, because it changed everything. After that series was such a huge success – which it was immediately – Everything was changed for me.

You can watch the full 5 Minutes With Patrick Stewart at



The Best Of Patrick Stewart?

Star Trek: The Next Generation may be his career highlight, but is it Sir Patrick’s best work? Here are some other possible fun highlights.

Patrick Stewart on “Extras”

Patrick Stewart in “Jeffrey”

Patrick Stewart on “Sesame Street”

Patrick Stewart on “Family Guy”

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Hooray for Patrick Stewart!!! Sounds like no regrets. I love this man!

Undeniably true.

Nice to know Patrick

It is very generous of Sir Patrick Stewart to cite Star Trek as the highlight of his illustrious career.

Right back at you,Sir Pat.You were one of the highlights of Star Trek.

Right on! I can’t imagine anyone else playing Picard. And thank goodness the producers had the nerve to cast a bald, middle-aged Shakespearean actor as the leading man in an American TV series. Yeah, you didn’t see much of that back then… matter of fact, you still don’t.

Very kind words, Sir Patrick! Not that I would expect anything else. Class act, that man. :)

I think Frasier was probably the highlight of his career, just for the line :
“Do you have any idea how sexy you look in that tux?”

Yes i luv tos but also love tng and patrick stewart was a major reason why–i remember 1st seeing him in the dune movie wishing his part was bigger as he was very good—im glad he realizes how big trek was for him-

He’s looked virtually immortal for so long, but now you can definitely tell his age.

Shat, take notes…this is what is called CLASS…try to get some.

#11 why must somebody always seize the opportunity to Shat bash? Its very depressing that thats the first thing to go through someones mind.

I’m not old enough to have watch TOS until it was in syndication, in the mid-seventies, but I’m a long time fan and loved all the incarnations, up to DS9. Looking back, I’m amazed that I could watch TNG (during its first run). Like the many tos and tng fans I knew, then, I had difficulty tolerating any of the tng characters (no offense intended) except for Picard and Data. Everyone I knew seemed to feel likewise. We all LOVED Picard – and while someone here mentioned the actor was a bald, middle aged guy, I recall that we all thought Picard was HOT – far more so than Kirk had been even in his youth! Even the guys agreed. Few actors ever achieve the ‘stage presence’ Stewart has. He carried the show. I’d still love to see him in anything, but I’d make sacrifices to see him on stage, portraying King Lear, or Prospero!

At about 5.00 Karl beautifully picks apart Kirk and Picard. If its good enough for Karl to like both Captains then its god enough for us….

He was the strongest element of Next Generation. The success of that series really falls back a lot on his shoulders.

@12 “Why must somebody always seize the opportunity to Shat bash? Its very depressing that that’s the first thing to go through someones mind.”

Because the contrast between Stewart and Shatner’s behavior is so starkly contrasting. Bury your head in the sand if you must, but yes, that was the first thing that popped into my head…so sue me! :-)

Great clips.

Gotta love Patrick Stewart.

Stewart sees the world around him, Shatner sees the next opportunity for himself!

And this is why Patrick Stewart is AWESOME

Quite true ..I loved TNG because of Picard .. The other characters will always be in the background .. He never overpowered them in the show ..but somehow he was always what the show will be remembered for …
Unlike Shatner … The show was about him ..and I think he attempted to overshadow every one else ..
Picard rocks !!

Patrick Stewart, one of the best actors of all time. he made Captain Picard a legend and always great in any role he plays.

Sir Patrick Stewart , AWESOMENESS!!!

#16 they are different people. Why must they be the same?
I don’t have my head in the sand, but I do appreciate them both for the different individuals that they are.
If you prefer Stewart thats fine- your choice, do that- but why must you qualify your choice by slagging Shat? Are you so lacking in confidence that you have made the right choice?

Patrick isn’t a deity. He’s quite capable of making a fool of himself too!

And I still can’t bring myself to watch that. Its sounds hideous from what i’m told and Pat did himself no favours getting into a spat with the buffoon Corden. He’s better than that. I don’t wish to see it.
Shat would have handled that particular situation with far more wit and flair.

Oh, and MJ, I’m British, we don’t sue at the drop of a hat over here. ;-)

#18 its funny Harry but in some ways you remind me of Shatner.
He isn’t afraid to take a go at entertaining people even if he sometimes misses the target. Much like you.
You chuck it out there on here- sometimes hitting, sometimes not- but you aren’t afraid of giving it a go.
As with Shat, its a worthy trait. Being afraid of even trying is worse than trying and failing.

Star Trek really put him on the map.
He is one of the finest actors to ever appear on the show (discounting the first two seasons; those were bad for everybody, as the dialogue in those early years was unspeakable). “Inner Light” and “Chain of Command part 2” are my personal favorites from his ST-TNG work.

This is one of those times where a Star Trek association has not limited a career, but rather opened it to new venues and possibilities.

Yes, Harry likes to “put it out there.” And that’s why the judge says he can never go back to Saskatchewan. Or go within 1000 yards of a moose.

At least he didn’t make some sort of Albatross comment this time.

Sir Patrick did an EXCELLENT host spot on SNL; really expected to see him back once or twice. Unfortunately, it’s nigh impossible to find clips online.

To build on #26; NBC is missing the boat by not doing a “Captain’s Log” kind of SNL best-of DVD or download; Shatner also had a great ep of SNL, and when JJ’s Trek came out in ’09, Quinto, Pine and Nimoy had a bit segment on Weekend Update. Can’t recall who else from Trekdom has been on SNL, though.


Yes, I like to see the humour in life.

As the mad scientist said, “send in the clones!”

Sir Patrick, you had me at happy.

Class act. Stewart is a nice and talented man, and in my opinion he is the best Trek actor. I love TOS, I love the classic crew and I loved the new movie, but TNG was a terrific show. I’d like to see Capitain Picard in action one more time.

The charming Sir Patrick … great as usual! … and yes definitely great voice! :-) :-)

Its time we reboot TNG.

And what would be fun if all people were equal? … people stand out for their differences … at least I can appreciate the differences of each … nobody is perfect in this world … what a relief!

:-) :-)


I’d be happy with a blu-ray release. It is time.

I must know what has happened to Captain Picard, to Captain Riker, to Deanna Riker, and the rest of the crew of the Big E! We need a MFTV miniseries directed by Frakes!!!

But not Spiner. Not since….the incident…

I think he did more for star trek then star trek could do for him. We owe him a big debt.

This Article just makes happy. :)
Thank to the Staff of Trekmovie for always brightening my day.

A class act.
Make you see how deficient (in my eyes anyway) the present Star Trek production(s) are.

As much as I love TOS over TNG, I enjoyed my experience of meeting Jonathan Frakes and Brent Spiner over Shatner (and I’m a big Shatner fan)….these two guys were very impressive and personable while it seemed that Shat was there (by the way, the EmeraldCity Comicon) to get a paycheck and go (not personable at all, and kinda grumpy).

I have yet to meet Patrick Stewart, yet he seems to be a pretty classy individual, and I hope I get the chance to meet him in the future.

Sir Patrick Stewart and William Shatner are the only two actors who could say the words – “Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the….” with nuance, depth and meaning. Unfortunately, others have fallen short, more of a yawn, imo. Chris Pine needs to take lessons from the other two best captains of the Enterprise. In his defence though, he was saying those inimitable words as part of a Gag Reel.

Note to the KO team: The captain of this Enterprise will also get to say those words! This is a “must have”!

Little does Patrick know just how much his acting is being watched every single day.

Honestly, there are times I’m just totally shocked at how he never won a major award for his performances in TNG. (Chain of Command Part II, is an excellent example). And for that matter, Brent Spiner and co, also.

There just always seems to have been an enormous bias against the science fiction genre. It’s too bad the people giving out the major awards can’t see the value of an intellectually driven story as compared to the many dreadful productions over the years that center on death, and drugs, and sex, and betrayal, and all that very old-routine-crap Hollywood has been pushing down our throats for the better part of the century.

9 – Thx for the Bradbury luv.

Not that the Royal Shakespeare Company is anything to sneeze at, but at least Stewart recognizes that TNG was his gateway to expanding his opportunity in show biz. And if the Family Guy clip is any indication, he’s not taking himself too seriously….

Did I miss something? The Klingons joined the Federation?

#43 – Keachick

Yes I totally agree … voice and action to say this … definitely important … I wish the best for Chris Pine if that happens in Star Trek 2012 … I hope he finds his way better!

:-) :-)

What a classy guy Patrick is! :)

Gurney Halleck!!