Star Trek: Infinite Space K’Tinga 3D Model + More Fedcon Video

Today Gameforge has revealed another 3D model preview of one of the ships for their upcoming browser-game Star Trek: Infinite Space. Check out the 3D Klingon K’Tinga ship below, along with some more videos from Gameforge at FedCon XX.


Infinite Space K’Tinga plus more FedCon Videos

Star Trek: Infinite Space is the new free-to play role playing game set during Star Trek: Deep Space 9’s Dominion War. Gameforge are continuing to reveal one new ship from Infinite Space, so here is the new 3D preview of the Klingon K’Tinga.

(NOTE: you need to download the Unity3DPlayer to see – the same player that you will need to download to play the game)

Click and drag into the graphics to examine the ships from top to bottom. You can zoom-in and out using your mousewheel. To see more ships (including Romulan Warbird, Federation Defiant, Jem’Hadar Fighter and more) visit

Earlier this month TrekMovie visited Gameforge to check out their booth and interview a couple of the game producers at FedCon (click here if you didn’t see that article). Gameforge has also released a video featuring Mike and Denise Okuda that was shown at Fedcon XX earlier this month.

And gaming site TrekRadio has just put up a video shot at the con, which also includes some game play footage.

Star Trek: Infinite Space will be released this summer. More info at

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Looks like a lot of fun. May have to give it a try. Oh. I’m not first. I’m Last. lol

I’m really excited for this game! I have high hopes.

Looks like fun!

You know what, I’m on board with this! Where do I sign up?

Honestly? I’ve seen better ship models than that from Bridge Commander, and that game is about 11 years old. Hell, even the STO models are better, LOL!

Not bad at all.

ill pass. they have a ST game already out, as ‘crappy’ as it is…

#5 – This is a web browser game

And the 3D models of Bridge Commander did NOT look as dimensional as these.

5 – Maybe, but it is not bad for a browser game, especially one that is free! I am very much looking forward to this!

If you think this browser game is amazing, you should give STO a try – that’s awesome, Imho!

Considering I only have a Mac, “Star Trek Online” is out of my range. “Infinite Space” looks impressive for just simply being a browser game and the game is free. So, How can I not play this?

@11 I have a Mac and use WINE to play Star Trek Online, works great. Here is a link, you will need an Intel Mac.

That’s a pretty good low poly game model. It can’t be much more than 1000 or 1500 polys max. The normal mapping is what really sells it.

Obviously, a model with so few polygons and low resolution maps cannot hold up to close up scrutiny (such as the opening shot of Star Trek 09 where the camera skims over the hull of the Kelvin), but in the game engine while moving in the middle distance, this is a really solid model.

If you can’t see the 3D image, try Firefox. Can’t get it to come up on Explorer at all…

“No suitable plugins were found”…

I use Firefox…

Mac, Mac, Mac. If you love playing games, don’t buy a Mac. It was applicable advice when I was 5 years old and it is still applicable today.

#15, you need to download the Unity plugin. It’s the same plugin that nearly all of this new generation of 3D browser based games use, including the super impressive Battlestar Galactica Online game. If Infinite Space is half as good as BSG Online is, I will be a very happy Trekkie Gamer.

Very nice indeed.

If the Okudas say it’s cool, I’m down. Love those two.

STO sucks
Star Trek Acadamy’s sucked
Star Trek bridge commander sucked
Star Trek Unity sucked
That Trek shooter on Voyager sucked
Other than Armada (which was kinda fun) they all sucked
I don’t care what Okudas say look at the track record of Trek games

Did that kid have SHAVED eyebrows?!

Will this be as good as “Starfleet Command?”

I’m glad it’s mostly free, unlike STO…

Maybe STO should have a free segment so more players can try it out on a casual basis…

Just thinking out loud!

Can’t wait for “Trek 12” in 2012! :D

Live Long and Be Groovy! :D

IT is Free!
Yeah wo hoo.
I can’t wait to give this free game a try.
I love star trek and I love free.

Please release this as an app, too!!!

Would love to play on my long commute to work each day!

It is “Free 2 Play” which means -> prepare to spend a lot of money in the microtransactions store to get the items you want. (nothing is for free as long as nobody works for free!)

the gameplay looks VERY simplistic (Star Trek D-A-C anyone?)

since when can the Galaxy Class only shoot forward torpedos !?

anyway if they have a good Story / Missions behind all of this then i can look over the poor ship graphics,
i dont care if it is “Browser” or “MMO” …or not, the Ships are awfully low res, it is 2011, that ship looks like a 1996 game… STO at least looks like a 2001 game

…when can we finally have a Star Trek Game with proper this gen visuals?

#20’s post sucked.