Watch: George Wants You To Know “It’s OK To Be Takei”

Star Trek’s George Takei has released another video in support of civil rights, this time letting people in Tennessee (and everywhere) know that it is "OK to be Takei." Watch it below.


George Wants You To Know "It’s OK To Be Takei"


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i <3 takei!

,,,but I don’t wanna be Takei!!

I want to be Scotty instead. He drinks a lot. Lol.

Thank you for posting, Anthony. All humor aside, the visibility that George offers as a gay role model is an amazing service to millions of GLBT youths all over the world.

I met George on my birthday at a small convention in Miami Florida when I was 16. I wish I had known then. It was a scary and depressing time in my adolescence and if I had even just one role model, especially one as incredibly relevant to my life like George Takei, it would have been a source of strength and acceptance that I craved so badly back then.

But as they say, it truly does get better.

For once I am 100% behind Takei.

Takei Pride! (And I’m in TN!)

I hope George Takei is successful in getting the bill defeated. It’s time that gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered folks get equal rights and treatment.

I thought education was about teaching kids about the world and those who live in it. This is ridiculous censorship on the part of the Tennessee senate and, without knowing all the ins and outs of the Bill, I think it probably should be scrapped. Although GAYS (there – I have written the word in big letters!) may be in a minority, they are still part of our society and have needs and rights like everyone else, which should be respected. Gays, lesbians bisexuals and transgendered people make a positive contribution to society along with everybody else. Who says you can’t say “GAY”?


You know, Takei always struck me as a weird dude. Something about the way he speaks in old interviews and stuff, very disjointed and struggling to get to the point.

I have to wonder how much of this is due to having to conceal this secret about himself for so long, because now that he’s out he seems so much happier, it’s a joy to see.

#2 I don’t wanna be Takei either. Luckily, I don’t have to be.

Looks like these posts are being bumped around!

Oh! Someone’s tickling my—-HA HA!—feet! Hee Hee!

Well done, George.

I’m wearing my Takei apparel right now.

Complete side note and Bad Fan Idea # 51 — I’ve said no to cameos for years, but George looks so… distinguished… here. So if the role of Admiral Nogura is open…

You Go George! Gonna get me one of those t-shirts fo sho!

I just don’t like the queenie humour he uses.
I applaud him doing the PSA but this delivery is just more fodder for homophobes and the late night talk show circuit.
I wonder how Paramount feels about Takei using the starfleet emblem for what is obviously a political issue.

In Tennesee its a part of the Bible belt and there are very strong Christian beliefs in the state
They are simply trying to make their position known opposing homosexuality.
While I don’t support it personally I respect that they have a say.
Just as George does.

And don’t forget.

It’s “Tuh-Kay” not “Tuh-Ki”!

This is a cool slogan.

Does this mean The Flintstones theme song will be bleeped?

Bravo George. Just great and funny. There are some crazy laws being passed. In Ohio, it’s likely there will be a law that will allow you to take concealed guns into stadiums. That should make Bengals-Steelers games even more entertaining. Anyway, here’s Trekker Jon Stewart’s story on the Tennesse law and other issues gay.–we-re-queer–get-newsed-to-it?xrs=share_copy

Seth McFarland is rebooting “The Flintstones”. I doubt there will be much bleeping going on.

LOL. Awesome!

I think that this is a pretty clever campaign to create more buzz on the issue. The more that Tennessee lawmakers try to censor such discussions, the more motivated people are going to have them — if only to assert their rights of free speech. George’s message is just another tool for them to use to do so.

If “gay” topics are not discussed in the classroom because they are *actively* restricted, they certainly will be discussed outside the classroom by kids who, as they seek greater independence through their adolescent years, don’t want adults telling them what they can or cannot do.

Really don’t see how a “Don’t say Gay” law is going to help anyone, on either side of the argument.

Also, using the Trek symbol for Gay Rights?, I’m sorry, no. just, no…

If only our schools were as smart as our kids.

I back Takei up completely. I mean, I don’t think that teachers should force the subject of being Takei (haha) into their classrooms. But if it just happens to come up in relation to what their teaching kids about, then I think it’s fine.

Besides, kids talk about it among themselves pretty much 24/7. What’s the point of keeping it out of the classroom then?

But um…a rainbow Starfleet emblem? Uh…that’s goin’ a wee bit too far.

I guess George used the Starfleet symbol because had he not been cast on “Star Trek: The Original Series”, he wouldn’t have a platform on which to reach out to people. Though I don’t know why he went with the TNG emblem rather than the TOS one.

I agree with 21 and 23: I’d rather not have a “Star Trek” symbol politicized.

Good point, folks.

Update: TN Senate passed the bill. To be clear, the bill in question would prohibit teaching homosexuality to elementary and middle school age students. In those grades sexuality would only be mentioned in reference to reproduction, the arguement being that homosexuals cannot reproduce.

“the arguement being that homosexuals cannot reproduce”

Awful short argument, dontcha think, considering they can’t?

And where the hell is Paramount stepping in about the emblem being used? If a fanboy had posted a bunch of pictures from “Generations”, they’d have lawyers up his ass by now.

He’s most famous for Trek so it makes sense using the symbol.

I also don’t understand what the problem is about teaching students about homosexuality. If you’re talking about science then it doesn’t make that much sense to me since education on reproduction is important but why not teach students about gay rights in other lessons? I mean censoring it makes as much sense as censoring the word black from education.
If as 14 said it’s a homophobic/christian thing then maybe they think not teaching about it will make sure all their youth grow up to be straight haha.

“That’s so Takei” I loved that part.

I’d rather be Shatner!

This video is kind of Takei.

LMAO – what is up w/ that song at the end. Love it.

This video IS Takei.
Go away…………..please.

OK guys, i know this is political but kept it light, like the video itself. Lets not get into a heated religious or partisan debate that will just lead this thread to be closed

I never noticed the Star Trek emblem being used by him. He should not be using it. The emblem is not a symbol to be used by this or that faction with their own political agenda (no matter how correct it might be).

Once again, Takei appears to lack a certain discernment when it comes to taking and using what might not be necessarily his for the taking, in the context of the Star Trek franchise. This also applies to certain expressions that other iconic characters may have used at poignant times in that character’s life or, in this case, death.

Some say that imitation can be the greatest form of flattery but only if it is done well. Unfortunately, George Takei does not do it well.

While I can agree with his sentiment, I think his whiney behavior and the fact that he is more frequently in the news for picking at Shatner seriously impairs anyone’s ability to take him seriously.

(And yes, I always want to smack him when he does the Vulcan handsign since he didn’t play a flipping Vulcan.)

it’s just franchise association dude, chill

I hope it catches on. I’m sick and tired of having to hear the word “Gay” all the time. NOBODY says “Straight”, although it’s the majority, but we HAVE to hear “Gay” all the time. I DON’T WANT TO DISCUSS SEXUALITY anymore. It’s SOOO personal. When the topic is over, what will people talk about? Cutting toe nails? I support the idea that ST doesn’t mention gays because I hope people in the 23rd Century will know better than talk about personal stuff on the Bridge of a starship in the middle of a Klingon Attack. “Arm Photon torpedoes, Lt. Winright, but ONLY AFTER you enjoy an hour or two of sensuous delights with your same-sex spouse.” Just imagine, guys…

Unfortunately I think George Takei isn’t helping. I have seen a few videos of him by now and he just comes across as strange. When Quinto made that “It gets better” video, it comes across much more natural. Takei is always overplaying in his videos. No one who is against gays at the moment will rethink their opinions because of Takei. On the contrary they will be even more against it, when they see his videos.

#37 Who says that George Takei or anyone else wants what you suggest? You are being facetious.

Maybe the Tennessee legislature believes in the strong form of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis and thinks that if kids never learn the words for homosexuality, then they can’t even think about homosexuality. That’d be pretty much in line with their general grasp of science, I think.

Mr. Takei is a persevering man… no doubt!

:-) :-)

Takei does more harm than good with his over the top spots. Really… this for real?
Smallville Finale sucks.


You said that the last something was posted about Takei doing awesome things for gay rights.

…But I’m sure what you do is just as awesome, MJ. ;)

39. Facetious! YES! I was trying to think of a word to describe what 37 was being. All I had was “silly”. Thanks for that!

@35. Yes, me too. Seems he over uses the hand sign, gets annoying.

@38, no, probably won’t change their minds. I’ve been against it from the start, and no matter what Takei has to say, I won’t be change my stance.

I’m wondering what other people with the name Takei are thinking about it… because he is not the only “Takei” in the world, right? … LOL

:-) :-)

37. It’s so personal and yet on this planet people get beaten up over it, fired from their jobs over it, thrown out of their homes, prevented from adopting kids or marrying their loved ones, arrested, killed, rejected by their faiths, communities and families, told that civil rights that apply to everyone else don’t apply to them and have their rights determined by a public vote .. you’re right, it should be nobody else’s business… and yet it seems to be everyone’s business.

You don’t hear “straight” all the time because it’s assumed that everybody is… but people are “flaunting” their straightness, well, all the time — turn on The radio or the tv, go to a movie, just look out your window — as they should be.

George Takei is such a class act. Sometimes the gay rights people get to me by picking at every little thing, but Mr. Takei picks the right battles and fights them with dignity and humor. Good luck sir.

What a silly law.

This whole “gay rights” business is getting so damn takei lately. :-/